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A buckle is an old-fashioned American fruit dessert that supposedly originated in New England. To make a buckle, cake batter is baked in a single layer and berries are added to the batter. After it is baked, the top layer of the bake has a buckled appearance because it is pocked with berries, hence the name. Because they are not too sweet and involve fruit, buckles are a great choice for brunch or breakfast, as well as dessert. Blueberries are a common choice for buckles because the berries keep their shape in the batter, unlike softer raspberries, and do not burst, as cranberries do, for example. Buckles can have a streusel topping, but do not have to, and they can be served with whipped cream or ice cream. The cookbook Rustic Fruit Desserts features several buckle recipes, including an unusual tayberry buckle using oat flour.

Here is a recipe from one food blogger for a vegan blueberry buckle. Here’s a review of a Martha Stewart featuring raspberries.

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