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Brum not proud of Ozzy

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Officials in Ozzy Osbourne’s hometown of Birmingham weren’t impressed when a group of the singer’s fans suggested giving him ‘freedom of the city’ status. According to IC Birmingham so many members of Birmingham council have said they would vote against the move that it is almost pointless a vote taking place.

One councillor, John Hemmingway, told reporters: “Frankly the idea of Osbourne as a role model is laughable. If we want to give the honour to
musicians, UB40 would be a far better vote.”

Via: CMU

Wow, think the councillor wants to give it to UB40 because they are socialists? UB40 has had a career over covering other people’s music. Ozzy’s has had a longer career, sold more albums, written more successful songs, and done more creatively, than UB40. Who got asked to play the Queen’s jubilee party?

Maybe an incoming Tory government could pledge to give Ozzy a knighthood. It would do something for the metalhead vote, at least.

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  • your UB40 points not withstanding, don’t you think Ozzy’s sociopathic behavior over the years has SOMETHING to do with it??

  • Taloran

    And I completely agree with the politician’s comment “the idea of Osbourne as a role model is laughable”.

  • Eric Olsen

    Actually, his wife is closer to being a role model.

  • Ria

    Perhaps not a great role model in most ways – but as far as shedding the brummy accent goes – he’s the tops! Still…. the thought of ozzy with freedom of the city is a bit of a giggle….

  • as long as there’s no Alamo or doves there, they should be all set!

  • If Liverpool can have the John Lennon International Airport, then Birmingham deserves to have the Tony Iommi airport.

  • Eric Olsen

    But Tony is still alive, except for that little piece of his finger.

  • “Little piece of Tony Iommi’s finger International Airport” doesn’t quite have the same ring about it…

    Anyway, where’s the rule that someone has to be dead to have an airport named after them? Isn’t there a Ronald Reagan airport somewhere?

  • Eric Olsen

    I rest my case.

    But seriously, there are different rules in different jurisdictions for what can be named after whom, and for stamps in the U.S., for example, you have to be dead.

  • Taloran

    Peter Forsberg is on a Swedish stamp and he’s still alive despite what other NHL players try to do to him, and British stamps have the reigning monarch on them (which is probably why you have to be an ex-person* to be on a US stamp – we like to do everything different from the Limeys). The French named the Paris airport while De Gaulle was still kicking.
    I think “Fucking Osbourne International, uh, …, shit, Airport” has a nice ring to it.

    * apologies to John Cleese and the Monty Python guys

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  • andy

    your check is in the mail…

  • josh

    i think the ozzy osbourne airport is an excellent idea..ozzy and black sabbath are my favourite musicians.maybe the randy rhoads airport though.. that seems to fit better