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Brown files for annulment

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CMU reports:

James Brown has filed for an annulment of his marriage to wife Tomi Rae as a police report revealed more about the altercation that led to the soul legend being arrested on domestic violence charges last week.

The police report alleges that the 70 year old singer pushed Mrs Brown to the floor during an argument at the couple’s South Carolina home. He then threatened to kill her while holding a chair over her. Reports say Tomi Rae had scratches and bruises on her right arm and hip when she arrived at Augusta hospital later that day.

Brown is denying the domestic violence allegations, and is filing for annulment on the grounds that Tomi Rae never divorced a previous husband. Brown’s lawyer, Jim Huff, told reporters that Tomi Rae never sought a divorce from Javed Ahmed, a man she had married in Houston in Feb 1997.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Bigamy? No, big of you.

  • Doc

    Thank God our president supports such sacred heterosexual unions as these! Not since brother Neil’s whoring in SE asia have we witnessed such sacred bonds worthy of a constitutional ammendment to make sure gay people are excluded!

  • gees, you’d think annulment would threaten the sanctity of marriage.

    well, maybe not…since it’s a sortof legal disappearing act.

    i hear that after the NoGaysAllowed ammendment they’re gonna propose the GoodWeather ammendment.