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Brokeback Mountain Takes MTV’s “Best Movie Kiss” Award

Jake Gyllenhaal took home two well-deserved MTV Movie awards Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 – one for “Best movie kiss,” which he shared with Heath Ledger, and the other for “Best Performance.”

Based on the movie and Annie Proulx’s story, the scene played out like this:

The day was hot and clear in the morning, but by noon the clouds had pushed up out of the west, rolling a little sultry air before them. Ennis, wearing his best shirt, and clean jeans, had taken the day off, pacing with a beer back and forth, looking down into a pale with dust rear parking lot from his second floor window. Alma was saying something about taking his friend to the Knife and Fork for supper instead of cooking, it was so hot, if they could get a babysitter. But Ennis said more than likely he’d just go out with Jack and get drunk and that Jack wasn’t a restaurant type.

Nervous with anticipation, Ennis sat at the window playing with his lighter and chain-smoking, knowing, but not knowing why he wished Jack would hurry and arrive. Alma busied herself feeding the kids, trying to figure out what Ennis was so anxious about. She’d never seen her normally stoic husband act like this about anybody. Late in the afternoon, thunder growling, a new red and white Ford pickup rolled in and he saw Jack get out of it. A hot jolt scalded Ennis and he was out on the landing pulling the door closed behind him.

Jack looked up at him, grinning from ear to ear.

Ennis just glowed with joy. From the top of the landing he gushed out, “Jack Fucking Twist!” and bounded down the steps two at a time as Jack met him halfway across the lot in front of the girls’ new swing set.

They seized each other by the shoulders, hugged mightily, squeezing the breath out of each other, saying, “Son of a bitch, son of a bitch.” Ennis nervously looked around, weary of who might see, and grabbed him, pushing him backwards ten feet, throwing him against the back wall of the Laundromat at the foot of the neighbor’s stairs, within a little hidden staircase, at the foot of their own leading up in the opposite direction. As easily as the right key turns the lock tumblers, their mouths came together and hard, Jack’s teeth bringing blood, his hat falling to the ground, stubble rasping, wet saliva welling.

Jack’s trembling fingers gathered in Ennis’ shirt’s shoulders, grabbed them, pushing roughly, and pinned Ennis against the opposite privacy wall, crushing him against it, and returned the kiss.

In the flash of a moment, the years vanished, and their pent-up emotions spilled out as their lips locked and relocked repeatedly, each running their fingers through the other’s hair, and trying to climb into each other’s clothes. It was the goodbye kiss they’d wished they’d shared back then, but couldn’t.

Their bodies and breath trembled as they clutched each other more and more tightly. Above them the door opened and Alma looked out for a few seconds at Ennis’ straining shoulders, and the passion in Jack’s searching arms as they explored her husband’s body holding him so close. She went into a sort of shock at the sight of them holding a fiery kiss, not believing what she was seeing. It was something she never even had imagined or heard of.

Hurt shattered her, as she watched Ennis show a wanting for someone that he’d never even come close to showing for her. Shutting the door, she began crying, choking down blurred questions, and being unable to answer any of them.

Without knowing what had just happened above them, the two men clinched, pressing chest and groin and thigh and leg together, treading on each other’s toes until they pulled apart to breathe and Ennis, not big on endearments, said what he said to his horses and daughters, “Little darlin’.”

He looked carefully around the little wall hiding the stairwell where they hoped they were safe from view, and breathed a sigh of relief that no one had seen or heard. They exchanged a look that ended the passion and they immediately began straightening their clothes, combing their hair with their fingers to straighten it. Ennis bent over, picked up Jack’s hat, and as he handed it to him, gestured with his head up his own set of stairs to their apartment.

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  • Jet in Columbus

    Chantal #200 Thanks, that means a lot coming from you. See comment 192. I’m working on re-editing it and putting the whole thing together as a single body in order in a set of three or four articles.

    Anne Proulx told the whole story in 17 pages, I guess my version is longer because I “run off at the mouth” more.

    The final Chapterette is in the works.

    Hope you had a fun trip.

    If you go back through the comments it still looks like I’ve only entertained four or so people, though I assume there were more. I hope a few of you will drop me a line here.


  • Jet in Columbus

    Chantal, SteveS, Just Because, I hope you don’t mind…


    E-mail June 1, 2006,
    —-Friend, I know it’s an imposition but I could really use a big favor from you. Jack’ll be home from UCLA next month during summer break and he’s going to be really torn up on the six-month anniversary of both his father’s deaths. I see you’re on tour through the northwest and I was hoping you could stop by and help us cheer him up—I’d owe you big time buddy. By the way your horses are ready to be picked up… Steve—-

    Steve Essex had moved into the main house of the Twist Ranch to assume full time control over the operations after the owners had died. In 2002 Jack and Ennis had recruited the highly qualified veterinarian after he’d fled his job up in Montana because the local county child welfare threatened to take his young daughter because he lived with another man who was rumored to be gay. Aguirre and del Mar moved Essex’s family to Lightning Flat to take over the day-to-day operation of their horse-breeding program a month later.

    It was the best decision they’d ever made, because within months Steve had brought in all kinds of celebrities as customers, and Ennis and Jack specified in their updated will, that until the younger Jack graduated college, Essex would assume control of the ranch in the event of their deaths.

    June 23, 2006
    As the sun rose across the pasture, Lorene’s long shadow traced her steps to the main office. Jack had been home for two days and she figured she’d take him out to see a movie or something to take his mind off his fathers’ deaths six months ago today.

    As she entered the book-lined room through the back door, Steve looked up from his desk computer and smiled, a phone cradled on his shoulder. She used to tell him he reminded her of a 40-year-old Steve McQueen, especially the blue eyes. He was busy ordering something from a supply house, so she plopped herself down in Ennis’s old office chair and snapped on the computer.

    While she waited, her eyes wandered to a photo of Dad, Jack, Pop and herself. Young Jack had Ennis’ hair, eyes and mouth, and he had the Aguirre nose and chin. She’d often thought of having DNA testing done on her son to see who the real father turned out to be, but the three of them wouldn’t hear of it and by coincidence Ennis and Jack were both the same blood type.

    Steve got off the phone, and looked over at Lorene.
    She looked up towards the ceiling and asked him, “Is he?”
    Essex nodded.

    Lorene moved to get up and Steve stopped her with a look. “Let him grieve,” he said gently. “He’s got to work it out for himself.”

    Since coming home day-before-yesterday, young Jack had spent both nights sleeping upstairs in his fathers’ room, barely making a sound, only coming out for a snack or two, but keeping mostly to himself.
    Lorene tried to coax him once, but he wouldn’t’ go out to their grave…


    Bobby Twist had turned 42 a week ago. He’d inherited his grandfather’s “Newsome Farm Equipment Company”, but others ran it for him. He turned out to be a damned good salesman and represented his company well, but he didn’t have it inside for hard business deals like his mother did.

    He’d inherited his late father’s good looks and was a spitting image of him minus the mustache.
    He had one quirk though that no one could figure out, the result of a cruel joke that no one knew about that’d follow him the rest of his life. On his eighteenth birthday, his late grandfather L.D.’s lawyers presented him with a trust fund of almost two million dollars, and a package containing a single item that’d been kept in a bank safety deposit box for him and away from any snooping detectives.

    When it wasn’t mounted up on his office wall, he carried it with him whenever he traveled as a good-luck charm; a souvenir of his barely remembered father. It’d give people pause when they’d find it going though airport baggage checks or some hotel maid would see it sitting on a dresser and call security on him.

    L.D. told him it was the last thing his father Jack was holding when he was killed by that exploding tire, and Bobby treasured that tire iron.

    Little did he know, but it was one of the murder weapons that’d killed his father.

    Deke Newsome looked up from Hell every day and laughed…


    The clock radio said 9:14 AM when young Jack woke up.
    He’d fallen asleep in his clothes again in his fathers’ giant bed that barely fit in the 18×20 room. By the morning light streaming through the windows, he found himself surrounded by his own images on every wall. It was a testament to the strong love of both his doting dads that their room would be decorated like this. Everywhere were baby pictures, school photos, images of him in uniform on his high school football team, photos of he and his girlfriend just before they left for the senior prom. Between the two tall dresser mirrors were the framed letter from UCLA accepting his application and a Joining Certificate from the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco from Jack and Ennis’ marraige.

    He bowed his head sadly, stripped, took a shower and shaved.

    Returning to their bedroom, he put on fresh jeans from his still unpacked suitcase and a gray sweatshirt.

    On the twin side-by-side dressers were photos of his fathers kissing, holding hands, posing in front of this or that prize-winning horse with all kinds of celebrities and politicians. There was also a faded black and white snapshot of the elder Jack Twist from when he was a bull rider.

    He sat down on the edge of the mattress and remembered crawling often into this bed between them during a scary lightning storm, or because he was lonely.
    On the left dresser was a cream colored hat, old and battered. Dad had worn it since he could remember.

    Jack had never been comfortable being called Jet; which is what his initials spelled, so Ennis became Dad; Jack became Pop, and Jack the 2nd was just plain Jack when they were at home on this huge ranch.

    He smiled at the portable CD player next to the window. He’d fought long and hard to drag his fathers into the 21st century, and when they finally bought the thing Dad would only play Patsy Cline, or Willie Nelson, and Pop favored Bob Dylan and the Doors.

    He bent forward double and wept.

    Outside the sound of a loud diesel truck pulled up under the window. Jack got up and peered down to find an oversized horse trailer pulled by a big crew cab truck. A grizzled old man in a cowboy hat got out along with three other men. Steve came out to greet them and shook hands.

    Jack leafed through the CDs and popped in one at random and Patsy Cline began singing “Crazy”.

    A minute later there was a knock at the door and Jack opened it to discover Willie Nelson standing there, his hat in his hand.

    Jack’s jaw dropped as Willie said, “I come up to pick up some horses we bought from your daddies, and I figured I’d pay my respects. May I come in?”

    Young Twist just stood there surprised. In his childhood he’d met a lot of celebrities who bought and sold to his fathers, so he wasn’t all that awed.

    Jack went over to switch the CD player off and Nelson protested, “No leave it on, just turn it down a little bit.”
    As we walked over to it, Willie added, “I wrote that song for her.”

    Jack looked backed puzzled as Patsy sang the final “And I’m crazy for lovvvvvvvvin’… Youuuuuuuuuuuuu.”

    As the final chords sounded, Willie smiled and said; “Now you can turn it off.”

    They both chuckled together.

    In the silence the singer looked around the room and spied an old beaten and battered folk guitar on the wall. He walked over to the right side of the bed next to the window and asked, “May I?”

    Jack nodded and Willie pulled it down from its nail hanging by the shoulder strap.

    It was one of Nelson’s favorites. “My god the memories this thing brings back.”

    Ennis had bid $10,000 for it at a charity auction to benefit Farm Aid in 1995. Willie had scrawled across the honey colored wood, “Ennis let your babies grow up to be a cowboys!” and scrawled his signature.

    He sat on the bed and strummed it a couple of times and his eyebrows jumped. “It’s still in tune!”

    Jack sat next to him and smiled, “Pop Jack taught me how to tune a guitar before I knew more than a couple of sentences.”

    Burning tears welled up in his eyes as he bent forward again.

    Willie’s comforting arm went around his shoulders as Jack choked out his grief. When it subsided the singer stood up and frowned at something up on a little shelf next to where the guitar hung.

    Pulling it down, he asked, “What happened to this poor thing”

    Jack looked up and grinned. “That was my father Jack Twist’s harmonica,” he replied. “According to Dad it got stepped on by a horse a long time ago. Dad gave it to me for my 10th birthday.”

    Nelson looked at him skeptically and remarked, “You know I think I need a score card to keep track of how many daddies you got!”

    A truck horn blew outside and Willie slung the guitar over his shoulder and onto his back and nodded his head out the door, “Come on; I wanna show you somethin’”. As Jack tossed the harmonica back on the bed, he corrected, “No, bring that with you son?”

    Outside next to the trailer two completely different horses stood waiting to be loaded.

    Willie led Jack up to a sleek black mare, her healthy coat shining in the sun like a polished jewel. Willie pulled an apple out of his jacket pocket and fed it to her. To Jack he said, “This here’s Chantal.”

    The mare nodded her head up and down recognizing her name and Willie have her an affectionate pat on the neck. “I was on business in Columbus Ohio one day and this stunningly beautiful woman walked up to a bank teller, so I sent my assistant over to find out her name. She’ll never know I saw her, and I’m damned sure not gonna forget her. The moment I saw this horse, I had a name for her.”

    Dwarfing her to the left was a massive and tall Clydesdale right out of a Budweiser commercial. Pointing up to him, Willie smiled, “This ol’ boy is named “Stoned”, because every time I look at him, I think I’ve been smokin’ too much.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo of a powerful horse running in a blur past the camera. “I bought him from your daddies last year and we’re hopin’ he takes the Triple Crown next year.”

    Jack studied it and asked, “What’s his name?”

    Willie grinned and replied, “Well, I bought in on a whim, so we named him ‘Just Because’.”

    From behind a curtain in the living room Steve and Lorene watched her son wearing his father’s cowboy hat and laughing, and knew things would be better now.

    An hour of leisurely walking and casual conversation down the lane brought Nelson and young Twist up to the big granite head stone of Jack’s fathers’ graves. It stood three feet tall was a foot front to back and was five feet wide. It was sort of midway between the lane and the wall of the horse barn about 20 feet from the asphalt ribbon.

    Pulling the guitar off his back, Willie set it gently down on the monument and asked, “Kinda an odd place to put a grave ain’t it?”

    When he didn’t get an answer, Nelson turned to find Jack’s face in pain.

    Twist sniffed a few times and led him to the back of it. In the middle read “JACK TWIST 1944-1983.
    Resting his hand on the warm stone he explained, “According to dad, this was the place my “father” was murdered.”

    Willie swallowed hard, “Wow.”

    Jack sat down with his back to the left side of the head stone facing the lane, crossed his legs and began pulling out little strands of grass, playing with them, occasionally smelling one, and then pulling out others. With a groan Willie sat down opposite him and waited.

    Jack explained, “Jack Twist was Dad’s first lover, and Pop’s first crush. It was their last wish to buried on this very spot.”

    Nelson Frowned, “Where’s papa Twist buried; here?”
    Jack wiped a tear and replied, “He was cremated before I was born and they scattered his ashes together on Brokeback Mountain south of here.”
    Willie frowned and then understood.

    Jack explained, “My fathers and me used to go camping up on the mountain a lot and we’d sit around singing songs and laughing. Dad liked your stuff, and Pop favored Bob Dylan.”

    The singer smiled as Jack pulled out his “father’s” harmonica and began playing a tune.

    Willie reached up for his guitar and silently started strumming the tune along with Jack.

    When the chorus ended, they began singing the first verse together.
    “Heeeeeeee was a friend of mine,
    Heeeee was a friend of mine,
    Ever’ time I think of him,
    I just can’t keep from crying……

    The end

  • SteveS

    Jet, I still need to catch up with this, but when these threads get lengthy, havoc ensures here.

    As it is now, I’m typing blindly as my text box is covered in the story.

    Is there any way you can put these in order maybe on your own blog and I can read it there?

  • Jet in Columbus

    SteveS, Yes, I’ve been working on that very thing. So many people have e-mailed me on this subject that I’m planning to put it together as a 4 part article.

    I still have to determine if Blogcritics will let me post the x-rated stuff, as the article policy may be different from the comments policy. so I’ll have to see.

    Stay tuned.

    By the way I named a character after you, his name is Steve Essex

  • Jet in Columbus

    SteveS,Chantal,Silas,JustBecause, I’ve begun the publishing process of putting it all in order under a new 4-part article. the final chapterette is in comment 202.

    I’m going back and editing the whole thing in order to tighten up the storyline and correct errors and I home you’ll be pleased that I named certain characters after you because of your encouragement.

    As I’ve said Part 1 is pending as I’m writing this and Part 2 may be along in a few days if all goes well.

  • chantal stone

    Aww Jet, I’m speechless. This chapter was incredible. So sad and full of emotion. You’re such a talented writer.

    And thanks for using my name–I’m flattered and honored.

    This is really an amazing story.

  • Jet in Columbus

    Thanks Chantal, Sadly I’ve got to report that in order to post all this in order I’ll have to do it on my own personal blog, as I can’t do it here. No bitterness involved, as I was told, it’s more fan fiction and that’s not what blogcritics is about, Completely understandable.

    So watch my URL and I’ll be slowly building it up in the next week or so.

  • Jet in Columbus

    I’ve edited, proofread, corrected and published the story scattered in this article into one continous story on my own personal blog. Here’s the link. So far I’ve got up to the point where they had to come down from the mountain with probably more by the time you read this. I’ve gone ahead and enhanced the story a little to make it more readable too, with connections to the chapters after the story ended in the movie that I created.

    Annnnnnnd with much bigger pictures than can be posted here!

  • Jet in Columbus

    Okay, as of 3;32AM I’ve edited, rewritten and posted up to when Ennis returns Jack’s post card, just follow the link in Comment 208 and it’ll take you right to it…

  • Jet in Columbus

    Okay, it’s done up to the scene where Ennis tells Jack only every 4 years including the unsensored scene at the motel after the famous kiss. Just follow the link in comment 208

    More to follow…

  • just because

    OMG – I sneaked a peak and it looks amazing, with the pics scattered & the white on black, not to mention the previously edited parts inserted. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stand it :) I’m trying to hold out til it’s all there so I can just read & read but my willpower is fading fast…

  • Jet in Columbus

    Thanks “Just” There are even more pictures now and I’ve been “back filling” the story to accomodate the new characters I created for the last chapters after Ennis closes that door so be patient, by the way, something’s named after you near the end…


  • Jet in Columbus

    I’ve posted about 2 dozen pictures to go with the expanded story and I’m still deciding if Lorene has anything to do with Jack’s death or not, so give me time.

    Let me know what you think-did she have a hand in it or not. I’ve added a private detective about thanksgiving because she thinks he’s having an affair with another woman instead of camping with Ennis, but the P.I. confirms that where he goes. Now the question is does he figure it out or not and if Lorene takes action on it or not.

    The photos are all being custom made and it takes a while to enhance and sharpen them, then place them in just the right place.

    I’ve edited and posted up to the point where they break up and Jack’s about to be killed.

    You’ll love the photos, just follow the link in #208

    More when I can…

  • just because

    Hey, I was just about to post & say I loved the photos – they fit so well, even though I haven’t done a full read, just checked out the parts around them & saw they really complemented the text. I am saving up for the full read! So you named something after me huh? Guess I could have had an easier cyber name!! Do you know where jb comes from? You might it if you are into music but I don’t think your tastes extend into this area from what I can gather (been snooping around hehe).
    Now I personally don’t think Lorene would have been involved with Jack’s death as I think she did have some genuine affection for him, love to start with so I don’t think she would go that far no matter how wronged she may feel. On the other hand, bearing in mind the era she might just flip as it would be such a stigma. Just see what feels right for you after mulling it over for a bit.
    cheers, jb :)

  • Jet in Columbus

    JB if you click on the pictures, they expand to even bigger ones showing more detail. Took a while to rig it, but it’s worth it. That’s what’s taking so long!

    I’m working on it I’m working on it.

  • chantal stone

    Jet, I just saw your blog and it LOOKS FABULOUS…..the Brokeback story along with the pics are great…..good job!

  • Jet in Columbus

    Chantal #216 Thanks, I really wish I could’ve posted this on BlogCritics, but two factors were against me.

    1. Apparently the editors consider it fan fiction-and I agree it is, so it really doesn’t belong here-and I agree.

    2. The huge pictures I have posted on my blog would never make it onto here-which is a shame.

    I’m up to the chapter just after where the movie ends and I take over, so It’ll all be posted soon.

    I’m appalled at all my spelling errors I’m finding.

    Anyone else that’s interested, click on the link in comment 208

    More when I can

  • Jet in Columbus

    Okay all of this has been reassembled into one continuous novel, complete with big photos, just finished this morning.

    Anyone interested can read it by following my link in comment 208…


  • just because

    Way to go Jet! Thanks for naming the ***** after me – I was psyched when I checked out the ending & found that out. Perfect timing too, ready for the weekend and my mega-read of the whole thing. Btw I have rec’d this to a BBM site I visit and then saw someone who picked it up there rec it on another site so there will no doubt be a few other readers whether they make themselves known or not.
    Hope you have a great w/e now you have finished your epic!

  • Jet in Columbus

    Thanks Just Because #219. With a handle like yours that’s about the only thing I could name after you. I hope you enjoy it, Thanks… Jet

    PS, as you know Mrs. Twist never appeared in Ennis’ trailer, for the sake of the story I had to manufacture that photo from scratch-took all day!

  • Jet in Columbus

    PS J.B. Can you list some of those sites you mentioned on my personal blog for me?

  • Jet in Columbus

    Update: Chapt 28 was revised this morning, making a happier ending. Dave Nalle has joined the cast as Prof. David Nails-a Political Science Professor in Austin who marries Lorene, then retires and opens a Dodge truck dealership.

    Follow the link in Comment 208

  • Jet in Columbus

    Because of some technical problems, I've had to move the novel, the new link for it is:
    Brokeback Mountain: After the Shirts-After the tears

    Thanks for all your comments so far

  • Jet in Columbus

    Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal have been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! Go Brokeback Mountain!

  • Jet in Columbus

    Who will Jake Gyllenhaal be publicly photographed kissing first? Cyclist Lance Armstrong is 3/1, Mathew McConaugheyis 2/1 and Natalie Portman is 1/3. Gyllenhaal did play an alternative lifestyle cowboy in the movie Brokeback Mountain.

    Armstrong, of course recently broke up with singer Sheryl Crowe. Gyllenhaal has been seen in the company of Armstrong quite often, so naturally the gossip begins.

    After all, they were being buddy bud at the Tour De France. Less gossipy word is that Gyllenhaal would love to play the cancer survivor Armstrong in a movie and that fact led to the friendship.

    Reports say a Sony biopic on the life of Armstrong is already a done deal.

    Obviously Armstrong’s endorsement would carry significant weight. Portman, who we think is going to win, is the former and now reports say, on-again sweetheart of Gyllenhaal.

    McConaughey was host of the cookout in which Portman and Gyllenhaal were seen back together.

    Do not totally discount Armstrong receiving the kiss. Afterall, they have joked about the rumors including on the ESPY Awards, so a little toungue in cheek—so to speak of course—kiss for the papparazzi would surprise nobody.

    Perhaps your next winning online wager will be sealed with a kiss.

    This article was written by Joe Duffy, sports writer for

    Originally published on July 26 2006 –

  • Jet in Columbus

    Lance! What’s going on here? It turns out Lance Armstrongs living with Matthew “Sexiest man alive” McConaughey at his beach house. At the ESPY Lance joked with Jake to only have eyes for Him, also mentioning in his remarkds that Jake preferred it in the rear!!!!!!!!!

  • Jet in Columbus

    HBO will be showing BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
    Sunday Nov 26 7:30PM
    Monday Nov 27 2:40PM
    Wed Nov 29 7:30pM
    Thurs Nov 30 4:15AM
    All times are Eastern Time zone

  • Jet in Columbus

    Goodboye Heath… That’s one kiss I’ll never forget seeing, nor will Jake…

  • Jet in Columbus

    Dear God, I saw this coming…

    Anti-gay minister Fred Phelps has vowed to protest at the funeral of actor Heath Ledger, who was tragically found dead on Tuesday of unknown causes. Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church is legendary for their hatred of gays and protests at the funerals of gay-bashing victims and soldiers in the U.S. military.

    “God hates fag-enablers,” the Westboro Baptist Church proclaimed in a news release issued yesterday, concluding with: “Heath Ledger is now in Hell and has begun serving his eternal sentence—beside which, nothing else about Heath Ledger is relevant or consequential.”

    Ledger was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005 for his role as a gay cowboy in the Ang Lee directed film Brokeback Mountain, based on a short story by E. Annie Proulx.

    “Heath Ledger thought it was great fun defying God Almighty and his plain word,” the statement from Westboro read. “God hates the sordid tacky, bucket of slime seasoned with vomit known as Brokeback Mountain—and He hates all persons having anything whatsoever to do with it.”

    In a statement released on Tuesday, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said: “Heath Ledger will forever be remembered for his groundbreaking role as Ennis del Mar in Brokeback Mountain. His powerful portrayal changed hearts and minds in immeasurable ways. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.”

    Ledger was found dead on Tuesday in a Manhattan apartment. Pills scattered around the bed where his naked body was discovered have led authorities to speculate his death might be drug related. An autopsy performed on Wednesday morning, however, said results were inconclusive and further tests would have to be done. An official cause of death will not be determined for 10 to 14 days. reports the actor was suffering from pneumonia prior to his death.

    Shirley Phelps-Roper stated Westboro Baptist Church members will protest memorial services in the United States, not those held in his homeland of Australia, according to Fox News. The church also plans to protest at the Academy Awards this year.

    To date, the Topeka-based church has participated in over 30,000 anti-gay protests across the U.S., according to their web site. The church hosts a variety of derogatory web sites, including and Westboro Baptist Church was recently ordered to pay $11 million to the father of a slain U.S. soldier for picketing at his son’s funeral, according to

  • Leslie Bohn

    Of course Phelps is on the case. He’s a sadistic deranged lunatic criminal. I propose we pay no attention to his hatred. (I’m not being critical of you for pointing it out, Jet; I appreciate it. I’m suggesting we not linger on this rotted piece of dog shit.)

  • Jet in Columbus

    Thanks Leslie, Unfortunately Phelps is like an evil genious who knows just what buttons he can push and legally get away with it.

  • Jet in Columbus

    Please discard all of the above links. Now that the tribute website and Novel are complete, they reside in their new permanent home…

    Click here

  • Jet Gardner

    I’ve recently been surprised at the amount of attention this article has been getting lately, so I’d like everyone to know that I’ve written a free on-line novel of Brokeback Mountain that includes two prequel chapters that detail Ennis and Jack’s lives from their births through where the movie takes up… and 8 sequel chapters that detail Ennis’ life after Jack’s death all the way to his own death in 2006.

    Questions addressed are:

    Why did Ennis’ father beat his wife after the birth of their first child?

    Why would Ennis’ father Kyle put up his ranch as colateral to finance Earl and Rich’s business?

    How was Ennis’ father involved in Earl & Rich’s murders?

    How was Ennis involved in his parents death on Dead Horse Road?

    Who did Jack spend that first summer of ’62 on Brokeback with?

    Read and completely understand first-hand Ennis’ thoughts on Brokeback Mountain in 1963.

    What did two cherry trees have to do with Jack’s murder?

    Who really had Jack Twist’s ashes and what ultimately happened to them?

    What happened to almost 3/4 of a million dollars that Jack embezzled from Lureen’s father’s business over 20 years?

    Who killed Jack Twist and why… and who unexpectedly witnessed it?

    Who accused Ennis of Jack’s murder and who tried to kill him before he went to trial for it?

    Who found Jack’s obituary in foreman Joe Aguirre’s office trailer?

    Who saw Ennis drive Jack’s Silverado into the mountains six months after Twist’s death?

    What would compell Ennis to burn down Jack’s parent’s house?

    Who burned down Ennis’ house causing him to move into the trailer?

    Who hired a private detective to follow Jack?

    Did Ennis ever let himself love someone the way he loved Jack?

    How did Ennis die at the base of Brokeback Mountain in January of 2006?

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