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Brokeback Mountain Sells 1.4 Million Copies on Its First Day

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According to many reports, the DVD of Brokeback Mountain sold over 1.4 million copies Tuesday, April 4th (its opening day). This, despite predictions that Americans wouldn’t want to own it, and despite protests, threatened boycotts, and harassment of Wal-Mart and other major retailers.

The American Family Association (AFA) began flooding major retailers with complaints in advance of Tuesday’s roll out of the DVD. By trying to clog the phone lines of major chains such as Wal-Mart, the AFA attempted to give them the impression that the entire country was up in arms and outraged that anyone would think of “selling such filth!”

The spokesman who appeared on CNN even admitted that he hadn’t seen the movie or DVD.

Wal-Mart, it’s said, was targeted in particular because the Chronicles of Narnia came out the same day and the chain decided on posters of Brokeback Mountain instead. The AFA implies Wal-Mart had caved to a “homosexual agenda” with posters of Brokeback Mountain at their front doors and that it exposes young children to what they think is obscene (the poster of the movie is the same one already seen everywhere and on the covers of the DVDs).

Wal-mart seems to be taking the stand of ignoring them, and well they should; after all, the AFA is the same group that tried to get Christians to boycott Disney, of all companies, for holding sold-out “gay days” at their theme parks in an effort to make gay couples feel more welcome. Additionally, the AFA doesn’t like that Disney doesn’t discriminate in hiring.

The AFA has, and still is, attempting to get Christians to boycott Ford Motor Company for advertising in gay-related news magazines such as The Advocate and other “non-porn” publications. They have also attempted a boycott of Kraft Foods because they sponsored the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago.

In each case, the companies involved shrugged off these threats and have claimed the boycotts had almost negligible effects on their bottom lines.

This, in my opinion, is just another case of the Christian Right attempting to tell adults what they are allowed to think, do, and buy. If you haven’t yet, I recommend you pick up a copy of Brokeback Mountain either online, by clicking one of the icons below, or heading right out to Wal-mart to see if we can outbuy “Chronicles.”

But of course that’s only my opinion

PS. click HERE, to go to my review of the BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN DVD. Thanks, and enjoy.

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  • Posted April Six, all comments welcome

  • RedTard

    I think the protests are silly and counterproductive. I know I wouldn’t have watched it if not for the controversy.

  • Well-written article.

    BTW, you don’t need to ‘ask for comments’ – you’ll get them if they happen:)

  • Thanks Red & Aaman, I’m still new to this. I appreciate the encouragment, and I promise I’ll get the hang of this eventually.

    Thanks again

  • MCH

    My son is gay, and I was interested in seeing “Brokeback” to get a perspective of that lifestyle. I thought it was a good movie, and I came away with a new understanding of the obstacles of gay relationships.

    Although as a Montanan, I didn’t understand why they had someone (Heath Ledger) supposedly from neighboring Wyoming speaking with a southern accent.

  • anon

    Not a personal attack — but you have a typo in your title.

  • Scott Butki

    I was just about to email an editor about that.

  • This, in my opinion, is just another case of the Christian Right attempting to tell adults what they are allowed to think, do, and buy.

    It’s very frustrating. Being gay is not illegal in this country. Yet the Christian Right continually attacks anything that is tolerant and accepting or indifferent towards different orientations. I can understand if they said ‘it’s not right for me personally’, but they don’t stop there. It’s like they want gay people and gay families, including the children, to grow up in a world where there is NOTHING positive for us.

    Nothing could be more evil and opposed to the principles of Jesus. I only hope I live to see the day when the true followers of Jesus (he was a liberal, you know..hung out with sinners and rejected the hoarding of wealth and all that) stand up and say ‘quit oppressing people in the name of my religion’. I hope to see that day.

  • Thank you Anon and Scott for watching out for me, I appreciate that!

  • Steve, thank you sir. That got me right in the heart. Sometimes I wish I had the “choice” they keep saying I made, but I don’t, and never will.

    The only thing different about me is who I sleep with, I hurt, I bleed, I care, I cuss out traffic, and worship just like everyone else.

    I try not to let it hurt me when people who don’t know me just assume the moment they “find out” that I’m some perverted, child molester, who can’t think of anything else but sex.

    Thanks again.

  • Ryan

    The AFA are a mean spirited group who want to harm gay people and discriminate against them.

    No one accused the makers of “Memoirs of A Gesiha” of promoting the “asian agenda” or the “prostitute agenda” becuase it would be proposterous.

    Brokeback Mountain shows you what can happen to gay people who are relentlessly hounded, attacked and belittled by bigots like the ones running the AFA. All this group are really doing is giving the film more publicity.

  • Thank Ryan, I touched on that in my review of the DVD on another string here.
    I appreciate your input

  • Sheham Reaal

    Just rented brakefagette hill. Me sun now wish he-be gayo. Him watch dad in camel barn. Him ass what me do. say milking se camels. Thaen he se can me fucken chicken. Se nada. go two goat barn. menny fine goat butts. him liken big bules also. me tink me sun became goat. NADA me meen him no goat me sun want fuck them goat. Me nut sure. GOOde vediedo move.

    [Funny guy, sr, funny guy. Comments Editor]]

  • I always suspected that arabs were into bestiality, I guess this confirms it.

  • Arch Conservative

    Jet never misses an oppourtunity ot take a shot at Christians.

    Jet claims that Christians are trying to tell everyone what they are allowed to think.

    How is this any different from leftists telling parents that thier children must be exposed to classes that teach about the homosexual lifestyle in the public school system wether the parents desire this or not?

    Your side is no better Jet. You insist that everyone must believe homosexuality is normal, acceptable and must be celebrated.

    Your side slanders anyone who doesn’t want to see this movie regardless of wether or not they have tried to keep others from seeing this movie.

    Your side seems to think they can tell people what they are allowed to think just as much as the Christians you despise so much.

  • Tell me something Arch, when will you ever learn how to spell the word “Their”?

    You need to read my latest attack on christian fundamentalists, it’s a doozie, and I be you can’t wait to call me a liberal!!!!

    OOOO call me a leftist pig too!!!

    Love Jet

  • Don’t get sucked in, Mr. Jet. You know that #15 is all BS. Many won’t fall for those ridiculous generalizations. Most of us know that there ARE Christians with brains and that people have every right not to see a film they don’t wish to see. Smart and tasteful people are on all sides of the divide. Most realize that the left isn’t trying to force anyone to see or think anything and that the left isn’t the side that wants to hurt other people under law. That side would be the right – and not all on the right want to hurt other people under law or, if they saw BBM, necessarily hated it. And even if they hated or disapproved of it and spoke against it, most people consider that more than cool. We know people are allowed to chose not to see it and, whatever Mr. ArchConservative spews, we are OK with people having the right to decide for themselves. In fact, we insist that having people decide for themselves is the best way to go.

    So please don’t allow Mr. ArchConservative turn your review into a pointless argument. Ignore #15 and reserve your energy for pursuits that have a hope of productivity, that’s my sincere advice to you. If you decide that you want to take on Mr. ArchConservative’s rantings, I wish you all the best, but I’ll be rooting for you from a safe distance.

  • Arch Conservative

    Leftist pig?

    I prefer moonbat, or Kool-aid drinking commie.

    You may find it hard to believe but I actually agree with you about the Bareback Mountain DVD. Although I have no interest in seeing it, I do not believe that it should be banned and think that the people calling for it to be banned are dumbasses.

    However you whole post had a “third grade see I told you so mentality.” “See I told you all Chrisitans are whack jobs and most AMericans don’t share their beliefs and this 1.5 Mill figure proves it.”

    Buttf(*K mountain sold 1.5 million copies… So what? Does that mean something significant? It tanked at the box office. Passion of the Christ sold 4 million copies in it’s first day. So what?
    I like bacon in my potato salad bitch………
    So what?

  • At the moment Brokeback Mountain has done 189 Million worldwide, and growing as it’s hitting theaters in Europe and South America.

    For a movie made on $14 million, I’d hardly call it tanking.

    I love it when you call me names, it just proves you don’t have any sensible things to say.

    I write you off often as a punkish 5 year old who’s gained a talent for saying something cute every so often, but usually is just annoying.

    …but of course that’s only my opinion

  • Don’t worry too much about the AFA and the rest of the “religious right.” They have been losing the so-called “culture war” for decades and they know it, which is the most likely reason why so many of them appear to be so hostile, outraged and angry.

    1.4 million copies of the Brokeback Mountain DVD being sold on the very first day of release, despite the efforts of the AFA and similar organizations, means that the religious right has been defeated in yet another culture war skirmish.

  • That’s true Margaret, but everyone has their own slant on things and filters they look through.

    the Arch Con artist is one of them.

    …but that’s only my opinion

  • FACT: BBM grossed nearly $83 million domestic as of 2 April 2006. Overseas receipts so far amount to $87.5M

    TOTAL: $170,356,991

    Production costs totaled $14M.

    Yes, that is less than The Passion of the Christ‘s total two-year take of $611,899,420, but so what? Yes, the Passion earned what BBM earned over five months during its first weekend (an extended period that ran from wednesday through sunday and was filled with special “church” screenings where buses transported thousands and thousands of “the faithful” to theaters so that they could worship Mel Gibson’s vision and show the power of Christian moviegoeers – and let’s not forget that much of the film’s advertising was provided gratis by pulput pounders from sea to shining sea to crowds of obedient sheep; I know someone who said her pastor told her congregation that they had a duty to support Gibson’s film and make it successful – and she said most, including herself, obeyed). With all that help and promotion and I guess some help from the deity upstairs, Gibson’s flick ought to have performed better, IMO.

    One hundred and seventy million dollars: If that’s a flop, I want one of those. Anyone who uses the word “tanked” to describe BBM’s box-office performance is either stupid, misinformed or a liar – and likely is part of the plot to reclaim America for Christ.

  • As a gay film maker I was interested in the various comments. However, I live in Australia, where a distinct majority of our populace are not the slightest bit interested in one’s sexual orientation. There won’t be any protests at Big W or Target, I can assure you.

  • Dear John 23

    If I didn’t love America as much as I do, even though it doesn’t appear to love me back, I’d move to Australia.

    Bravo to your Country

    But rather than do that, and take the coward’s way out, I’ll sit here writing blogs and hope I’ve changed a few minds.

    You might like the other string I just published about bigotry and Fundamentalists.

    Thanks so much for caring to put your thoughts down here.


  • Arch Conservative

    Bigot: noun A conservative winning an argument with a liberal.

  • Jet never misses an oppourtunity ot take a shot at Christians.

    That’s his right. Christians are spending millions of dollars combatting any positive reference of gay people. They are working to put condemnation of gay people in the school system, on the job, from the federal government, they are boycotting movies, they never miss the opportunity to condemn gay people, I really think jumping all over one guys’s blog post for the same principle is a little like the bully kicking on the weaker one, don’t you think?

    Jet claims that Christians are trying to tell everyone what they are allowed to think.

    Many are. They don’t want us to watch The Book of David, so they have it cancelled. They don’t want us to watch Brokeback Mountain so they call for boycotts. They don’t want us to watch desperate housewives so they call for pressure, the list goes on, there is verifiable proof that christians are trying to put their stamp on everything we read see or believe in. That’s more than just the claim of Jet we can see it in action around us.

    How is this any different from leftists telling parents that thier children must be exposed to classes that teach about the homosexual lifestyle in the public school system wether the parents desire this or not?

    This claim is so outlandish you MUST elaborate. What is ‘teaching about the homosexual lifestyle’? I’m gay. I raise a child. I pay taxes and am a legal, law-abiding citizen of this country. I am not a criminal. I work out of the home. I do dishes and laundry. This lifestyle? WHAT lifestyle is being taught by the school system?

    The fact is that it is not a crime to be gay. It doesn’t matter what the parents want, the school system cannot teach that some legal citizens are better than others. You need to keep that bigotry in the home, you cannot foster it against other citizens whose taxes support said school system. Go to Afghanistan for that.

    You insist that everyone must believe homosexuality is normal, acceptable and must be celebrated.

    Nonsense. our side has said time and time again that you can believe whatever you want. Just like nobody tries to tell the racist he can’t be racist, you can be a phobe to your hearts content. But you cannot structure a society that way. Not an American society. You can structure your household that way, but that is all.

  • Liberal: noun anyone winning an argument with a conservative.

    I still don’t see anything intelligent coming from you arch con. Show us you have a brain!

  • SteveS

    Comment 26 is damned beautiful.

    It thank you

  • StinkeyD

    Interesting stuff. Can’t say much about buttback mountin. Living on this hear farm without power I fire my PC up with manure and white lighting. It also is fuel for my momas and daddys car. Spend most time out in the barn with my cows. I have needs like me cows do. Well thanks and I see buttback soon. StinkeyD.

  • Uh huh

  • I just need to say that I am a Christian and I am not homophobic. In fact, two of my best friends are gay, and my life is better because they are in it.

    I hate that so many Christians are so incredibly homophobic, intolerant, and hateful to gays, their families, and those who support them. It makes me sad to be associated with people who feel that way, when what is in my heart is quite the opposite. I’m not like the fundamentalists just because I love Jesus. I am pro-choice, anti-death penalty, and PRO gay marriage.

    I call myself a Christian because I follow the teachings of Jesus, who taught us to love one another, to spread peace and charity, to take care of one another, and not to judge. I believe that the Bible has been misinterpreted and manipulated to suit political agenda and/or the prejudices of men.

    With the state that our world is in, I highly doubt that God cares if two men or two women are together…..love is love. And as hard as it is to find healthy, loving, committed relationships these days, whats wrong with finding those things between two people of the same sex?

    I take my children to church almost every Sunday because I want them to learn the basic beliefs and principles of the Christian faith, but I also make certain that they learn the most important lessons from me: love, tolerance and acceptance. And thankfully, my kids can now see a family with two mothers or two fathers and not see any difference between us and them. What they see is a family, the way it should be.

    I’m sorry that so many Christians are hateful bigots in the name of God, but I really want everyone to know that we aren’t all like that. There are many of us who practice what Jesus preached: to love one another—with no exception.

  • You’re right; why should the word “Christian” equate the words “Judgemental, or narrow minded?”

    You know, Chantal, you bring up a very good point, that I make in my bigotry of fundamentalists post, because I find myself doing what I hate being done to me! I lump everyone who professes to be Christian in with all the Fundamentalists, and damn it that’s not fair.

    I think it’s because the radical right wing religous fundamentalists’ voices are the loudest, so we tend to pay attention to them. By them drowning out the voices of the majority of loving and caring Christians, they put their brand on the whole definition of the word, and that’s not fair to people like you.

    Just as most people hear the word “gay” and think “child molester” or “pervert”

    Or most people hear the word “homosexual” and all they hear is the word “sex”.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

  • “….Or most people hear the word ‘homosexual’ and all they hear is the word ‘sex’.”

    That’s a good point, Jet. It’s called stereotyping, and at some level we’re all guilty of it. That’s why I am sometimes so vocal about my beliefs with people at work, at church, socially, etc. I know that the majority of what I believe is quite the opposite of what I may be stereotypically perceived to believe.

    And I want people to see that not everyone fits into the same box.

    Every once in a while I get lucky, and help someone to open their eyes.

  • I consider myself lucky that you chose my post to air your views.

    thank you

  • Gracey

    So, are your saying the .0046 of the U.S. population is gay? Is that about 2%? That’s a powerful group of activists you have there, considering the general consensus is that every other person in the U.S. is homosexual. Very powerful indeed. Hell’s angels are only 1% and have been known as “1 percenters” for many years. The Gays ought to have patches and t-shirts made stating 2-percenter’s…. should I apply for the copywrite on that?

  • I don’t know where you got your figures, the religous right clamms it’s only two percent, but it’s been shown in a lot of studies that it’s closer to 10 percent.

    I mean it’t not like we bus the same 100,000 marchers to each gay parade nationwide, and why is gay porn such a lucrative business is we’re only less than 2 percent?

    Of course I’m assuming you’re serious too.
    which somehow I doubt…

  • StinkyD

    Is this some kinda fagget or howw u say homeesexuall queer thing im on. just want two tell about madeline and buster my friends in my barn. will send pickurs of fine behinee u ever did sea. tell me if im at my freind buba mail. HE like quear fagy things.

  • While I welcome all commentors, I’d love it if you could find a spell checker.

    but you’re very sweet to leave your little message sweet heart, and I look forwart to them thar pickurs you all.

  • MCH

    Is StinkyD one of Archie’s illegimate sons?

  • MCH

    oops…illegitimate…is that right? i guess i don’t know how to spell it…

  • I sorta suspected that, about Stinky I mean. Sort of explains why he’s to shy to use his real name.

    If I had a dollar for every word I missspeled I’r realli be richh.

    Thanks my friend

  • Gracey

    Porn is porn. People in alternate lifestyles may or may not purchase porn. Porn had allowed such media as VHS and DVD to florish. It is common knowledge that the porn industry made those to forms of media as marketable as they were/are. I guess I don’t understand your reference to porn, what kind of point are you trying to make. A media blitz or PR campaign is just that… PR. Marketing. Made to sensationalize whatever product is being brought to market. Porn being what it is… has a market, but it is not a slice of the total market. I personnally do not advocate, nor do I purchase porn. There are people I know who are very pornographic, purchase it, surf it, look at it at work, receive a warning from their employers, continue to view it at the work place, and get fired… they need theropy and a prescription. Some people can drink socially once a month, others guzzle daily… same with porn. Is porn an acquired taste, or a substance prone to abuse?

    Why did you make that statement?

  • Because the statement was made that gays only constitute less tan 2 percent of the population, and my response was if we’re that small of a population, why is the gay porn business doing so well?

  • my guess is that the gay population in America is closer to 15-20% (if not more, considering the fluidity of sexuality)…..America has a HUGE closet.

    and Jet…re. to comment #34…you’re welcome, and thank-you

  • My thought is that sexuality can be put on a scale of 1 to 10 and very few people are 1’s and very few are 10’s. There are a lot of 2’s, 3’s, 6’s, etc. and you can even fluctuate a few numbers in your life, but not a whole lot.

    When someone says that gays constitute 2 percent of the population, I would like to know how they know that, given that the majority in certain areas are probably still in the closet and won’t even answer an anonymous questionnaire correctly out of fear of it being traced back to them. Many are in heterosexual marriages. Not all are in urban cities like SF or West Hollywood where they can be more easily counted. Many are in Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska and don’t go to bars or other facets where they identify with community. There is no way to count us.

    Additionally, it doesn’t matter if I am the only gay person on the planet, I’m still entitled to my equality so numbers don’t matter at the end of the day.

  • “My thought is that sexuality can be put on a scale of 1 to 10 and very few people are 1’s and very few are 10’s…”

    SteveS, I’ve used that EXACT analogy numerous times, and it’s so true. In fact, when I do share my thoughts on that, most people admit to either being around a 3..or a 7. In my perfect world the word’s “hetero-” or “homo-” would not exist. It’s completely irrelevant.

  • Gracey

    Stats never lie….

    Okay, I’ll admit it. I took the recorded sales of Brokeback, divided by the estimated population of the United States to come up with my .0046 figure. Oddly enough it was the same figure used by other entities within and outside of government.

    So I have to ask, how are the 10 and 20 percent figures computed. Gut feeling? Intuition? What?

    Stats require some observation. Guts and Intuition, and “thought” don’t count, are not measureable, too squishy what ever. I wasn’t trying to make a point, but it’s uncanny how the results played out in regards to the published stats on the subject.

  • Gracey

    Jet, In comment #43 you stated that “Gay porn is doing so well” In relation to what? Other porn? Or should we break it down further.

    In regards to Straight porn? Or are you lumping

    Male gay porn
    Lesbian porn
    Bi porn

    into one broad based category?

    Are the pornographic celeb’s really gay? Or just acting?

    Are males more likely to purchase male gay porn or Lesbian porn, or bi porn?

    Would males purchasing lesbian porn skew your data? In that they are having a sandwich fantasy. What?

  • regarding comment 47. Coming up with that number, you are assuming that every gay person bought the brokeback DVD and are coming up with the number that way?

    I haven’t seen the movie yet and haven’t bought the video, although I plan too as soon as we can afford it, probably a few more weeks.

    As far as trying to identify people and count the number of gay people, does anybody even know what the definition of gay is? Is the consensus the same for everybody? I identify as gay and might be in a relationship with another guy now, but I’ve been in a relationship with a woman before, loved her and was monogamous with her, but still identified as gay. Would I have been counted then, when I was in that relationship? I know a lot of people who say they aren’t gay, they’re queer. There’s NO way to count!

    And why does it matter? There are a lot of us gay (and straight) people who don’t care about porn at all, that’s not a discerning factor.

  • Very well written story.

    Someone has to do something about the freaks at the AFA. They gotta GO!



  • Re 45 & 46
    You’re both right. I knew a girl once who was so heterosexual, she couldn’t stand to be around women at all and hung out in gay bars, so she could have a good time with only men in the room.

    If you were COMPLETELY straight, you’d never find anything at all attractive either intellectually or sexually with the same sex, and thus would have no casual straight friends at all.

    Of course most men would never admit that, but straight men do admire other straight men’s physiques or athlenicity without there being a sexual attraction. Otherwise no one would be watching all those baseball, football, or basketball games but butch lesbians. (no slight intended girls)

    Every boy or girl has a same-sex crush when they’re entering puberty, it’s normal and natural, but they get over it quickly. The problem is that they remember that into their adulthood and if they’re really insecure, they spend a lot of time thinking someone might awaken that in them and fear being “changed”

  • SteveS, thanks for your insight, though you missed one elusive but obvious little thing. She’s basing her percentages on ONLY the first day’s sales of the DVD! so of course the percentile is going to be small.

    You’re right about another thing too, by using her argument, she’s trying to distract away from the fact that there are so many of us, regardless of the number, and by putting a low percentage in her argument, she’s trying to diminish us.

    Your comment 49 was very well put, thanks

  • Johnny thanks for the compliment, it’s very much appreciated. You might enjoy my review of the DVD too, entitled Jet’s DVD review” Brokeback Mountain on DVD” on this site.

    I’d heard they were trying to get an unnamed mountin in Vermont named Brokeback.

    Thanks for the post

  • PS. Johnny, or anyone else interestd, if you can’t find it, and I’ve done this right (hopefully) if you click here, you should be able to get to my review of the DVD. If not, just click on my URL and it’s also on my own blogsite, with my ugly face on it too.


  • Gracey

    Comment #49, Steve, I am assuming nothing.

    Jet, would you care to answer my question in #48?

  • Gracey…If you insist on getting off topic…

    Erotic material sales including hard sales (forgive the pun) of materials such as magazines, vidoeos of all types, and on-lone pay per view downloads for the year 2005 totalled (reported that is) $8.9 billion.

    Of that (lumping a hell of a lot of catagories together)…
    “Straight” was $3.1 Billion
    “bi-sexual” was 2.2
    “Gay” was $3 billion
    “Other” comprised the rest
    These figures DON’T include the HUGE market of pay per view directly to hotel rooms, via internal in-house servers, which are charged but aren’t tracked individually by catagory, but total roughly another 2-4 billion.

    Are the pornographic celeb’s really gay? Or just acting?
    At one time I was involved in this as a photographer, videographer, and minor producer, before our company was absorbed in a “hostile takeover“. Then I became a professional artist and delivered pizzas during the lean times.
    The “Straight” industry doesn’t pay their male actors very much at all, after all, straight guys don’t much care what the men in their x-rated entertainment look like, as long as they’re not blocking the camera on the women. The Gay industry on the other hand, pays very handsomely for “hunks“, so there is a catagory called “Gay for Pay” in which straight actors will perform (up to a limit) for quite a bit of money, and they do very well. Well-built men doing solo features (posing or masturbating) for a camera sell very well in the gay market and they don’t have to have contact with another male at all. What would you be willing to do for 15 minutes for say $25,000…usually tax free?

    Are males more likely to purchase male gay porn or Lesbian porn, or bi porn?
    Straight men are very likely to purchase lesbian porn in any form, and bisexual porn specifically. Nearly every straight young man I’ve ever interviewed, states one of his life-long fantasies is to “get it on” with two or more women, and to have them perform on eachother while he joins in.
    As for straight men buying gay porn. Oddly enough while they’re not likely to, a lot do, because they discover that their girlfriends get turned on while watching it, and if it gets her in the mood, what’s the harm in having only one feature in the house (well hidden of course) for her.

    Would males purchasing lesbian porn skew your data? In that they are having a sandwich fantasy
    Of course it would, sex shops don’t write down the sex of every purchaser!

    Now… can we get back to the regularly scheduled program?

    Maybe some people who’ve actually read my article, instead of reacting to the comments posted might like to have a forum.


  • Earl

    If I’m not mistaken Jet, your comment in 36 started the ramble.

    “I mean it’t not like we bus the same 100,000 marchers to each gay parade nationwide, and why is gay porn such a lucrative business is we’re only less than 2 percent?” — Jet in Columbus.

    Say… you ARE new to this.

  • Guilty as charged Earl, thank you.
    I like admitting I’m wrong, but I’m more interested in your views and opinions.

    Thanks for putting me straight (as it were)

  • Scott Butki

    Good story.
    Interesting comments.
    I’m starting to notice any story mentioning this movie gets more comments than most movies.

  • And for good reason.
    Thanks…Did you check out my review of the DVD?

  • Scott Butki

    I’ll do that shortly

  • Thanks, I’d value your opinion.

    Here’s a link for you…


  • So far Brokeback’s the number 1 seller over Chronicles, but the “week” doesn’t end until next tuesday (when DVDs all go on sale, but I’ll keep you informed.


  • Okay David, I read your review etc, why didn’t you just say you wanted me to read it instead of just ploping it down in the middle of mine with no explanation of what it was?

    I would’ve recommended it, now go to #62 and read mine, after all fair is fair, and you’ll notice I didn’t return the favor and stick mine on yours


  • David, just what was the purpose of that? Forgive the pun, but I got “sucked” into it on the first couple paragraphs, but I’m not sure whether you’re trying to say you liked the movie, or trying to condemn me for not being celebate like you, and trying to get me and the rest of us to read you scripture verses, “be saved”, and turn straight, or at least say “Ungay”.

    Fill me in?

    All viewpoints are welcome here, but not if they’re carried in by stealth.

    Instead of just luring the curious into clicking on you link, do me the courtesy to at least explaining it, so people know what they’re getting themselves into.

  • Jet, I could have saved you the trouble.

  • Pray tell how?

  • I could have warned you about David’s article. I was watching Brokeback Mountain…AGAIN

  • What a coincodence, that’s why I was gone for a while, so was I!

    Any way I can get that link and all the related comments removed?

  • i have no idea…sorry

  • My whole day’s gone like that, thanks anyway.
    Again, thanks for how sweet you’ve been and Patient too.


  • you’re welcome 😉

  • I am Deeply Offended by Brokeback Mountain. I haven’t seen it, of course, being a decent American and all- but I am outraged nonetheless.

    [Insert indignant sputter]

    It is very wrong to have this kind of display of the Homosexual Agenda at our Wal-Marts. Now all of our wholesome children, the Brads and Janets of the world, will see this movie or the cover of the DVD and become gay homosexuals.

  • Al, for heaven’s sake, remember to put the word “Satire” before your comments. Someone might take you seriously!

    …but of course that’s only my opinion

    See Chantal, see?

  • yeah, I see

  • But Jet, if’n somebody was thick enough not to get this very broad, simple satirical shtick, they probably wouldn’t understand the word “satire.”

  • But Al!!! if someone was thick enough not to see that I was pulling the leg of a friendly adversary it’s time for me to start labeling my jokes again 🙂

    If your erection lasts more than 4 hours, consult your family physician immediately my friend.


  • JP

    Protests by the right of movies generally just bring more attention to the release of a film and help its sales. Same thing happened with “Last Temptation.”

    God forbid, we consider what might’ve gone through Jesus’ head during his last moments. Or that we consider the issues homosexuals face in their daily lives.

  • Very true JP, and very profound.

  • I know I’m going to regret asking this, but what the hell is a “Ping” and how is one performed?

    Now I’m being serious, Okay?

  • Pinging the site creates a link to it and any article you may write. Say if I wanted to reference this article on my own blog and talk about it and all it’s comments, I can ‘ping’ it and there will be a link to it so people can see what I’m talking about in my own article. I’m assuming that’s what your talking about and not the gaydar in our heads that ‘ping’ like a submarine sonar.

  • Thanks, that kindasorta answered both questions!

    I Apprecieat, uh I apreciate, uh I upreseat

    Thanks, I’m grateful

  • John in Idaho

    I just want to say “thank you Brokeback Mountain” and thank you Jet and Chantel for your true “human” honesty. We can all label each other, but the true label is “human beings”. We can say we are gay, straight, black, white, etc. but the one thing we all truly are in God’s eyes are human beings. God created human beings with differences. And I think that as long as we love and respect each other as “human beings” that will be the true judgement. If we all did this, the world would be a much better place, without all the drive by shootings, killings, bombings, etc. Love thy neighbor. Amen to God for his love of people. And shame for all the hatred and discrimination. Only the Devil follows that! Thanks for your time, Jet.

  • Thank you John in Idaho.
    Feel free to share anytime.

    There’s a link at the end of my article to my review of the movie/DVD you might enjoy too…


  • John in Idaho

    I read it. I was extremely wonderful! I saw this movie 6 times, and everytime, it left me extremely emotional. It is the only movie that has done that to me. I appreciate all the positivity you gave it and hope someday the world will be rid of “homophobia”. And “Chantel” you are a true human being with a heart. God Bless You! And to you Jet.

  • Only 6 times eh? What an light weight, I saw it 11. Ps the picture on my URL will terrify you.

    Thanks again

  • John in Idaho

    Why should it? It looks like a true honest face to me. Wow, ll times. That’s great!! I wanted to see it more, but some of my friends wouldn’t let me. I will with the DVD though. It definitly was robbed of the academy award for “Best Picture” though. Oh well, it is for me and always will be.

  • John in Idaho…..

    Thanks for your kind words. BBM moves me to tears every time I see it. I can’t even fully comprehend why, but that movie has touched me in a way that no other movie has. The pain in the film is just so palpable for me.

    Don’t get me started because I’ll only end up watching the movie again tonight, and I have to be up at 4am!!

  • Chantal, it’s the love that you could’ve had, but lost the chance.

    For me personally, it was that a lover died a long time ago, and the only thing his parents didn’t loot from our home was one blue plaid shirt that I found later.

    for obvious reasons I break down at that scene.


  • Well in my case, I’m married to the true love of my life…so the thought of not being able to truly be with him the way I NEED to be, the same way that Jack NEEDED Ennis, that’s true pain to me.

    Also, just the whole idea of having to live a lie the way they both did. Of course they had brief moments of happiness with their wives, and Ennis was obviously a dedicated father….but just the idea that knowing you can never really be happy and live your life openly and honestly…..having to go through day to day stuff, always thinking about that other person hundreds of miles away, and not being able to see him and be with him.

    The ending of the film was so painful for me, I had to remind myself that it’s only a movie…a story. But the reality is that people go through this exact thing all the time, and that’s what I find so unbearable.

  • Sweetie, I’d thank you for the thoughts, but RogerMDill just bitched me out for writing too much on my own posts.


  • LOL I saw that…I wouldn’t worry too much about it 🙂

  • Hey Roger {:-p~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • StinkeyD

    Well Duh. San Fran bought 1.2 million. Found this on the AP today. Go figure. OK. Now Im watching CNN. Im wrong. It’s 2.6 million. San Fran bought them all. Cancel that. Not all San Fran. This is the % in the gay bay area. Oakland % 8098500289850802028085080285086087218-96-82. Will translate . What, space craft landing on th 58205808502850.

  • Wow! think of all that disposable income going back into the economy. If we’re not careful we might make Bush look good!

  • Arch, in #18 you mentioned a potato salad bitch. What is that and why do you like bacon on her?

  • Scott Butki

    Wow! think of all that disposable income going back into the economy. If we’re not careful we might make Bush look good!”

    Well, we can’t have that.

    I don’t get the potato salad comment.

  • Damn Scott 98, I’m just going to have to start labeling my jokes again aren’t I? Arch said in comment 18 “I like bacon in my potato salad bitch………”
    and I was making a joke in comment 97, a ha ha. You should have disolved into a puddle of hysterical giggles by now.


    No matter what Bush does to the economy it’s going to look good to certain people.

    I forget, what was the deficit when he took office?

  • Scott Butki

    Less, I’m guessing

  • StinkeyD

    Joe, For sure you nailed this one. Question the 7 billion. Not sure about the stats. Resolution 239 will not accept any amount over legal standards. IRS standards for disposable net worth is not in that section. Lets figure at the current rate. Breaken butt does not compare or afford most tax exemp faageties with horse-mounting which always shared a loss in reverse. FDR commented years ago that goverment may not share the fruits of labor. That’s why all those previous fruits mount horses in the city by the bay. FDR felt his heart was left in San Fran. A proper search will disclose most mountains broken, horses abused, and mounting pressure on pressure washing date. Consider Michael Jackson and the Cola Cola deal. For certain Never Land will accept this offer. Hope this helps Joe.

  • Call me naive, but will someone please explain to me what the hell @101 means, and what it has to do with this discussion?

  • Jet, people who are of an intolerant nature, try to cram specific keywords into gay related threads. They always try to tie specific but unrelated topics together.

    That’s my guess.

    It’s either that or Cleetus actually figured out how to download PeoplePC in his shack.

  • Is that thing spam? Should an editor delete it? Or is it just a sign of mental breakdown?


  • Dave Nalle, I have no clue who Joe is, and the comment makes no sense as to what this string is about. If it is deleted, please include the reactions to it also.

    SteveS… Cleetus?

  • Scott Butki

    I do believe that is spam.

  • spam with no link?

    SteveS… Cleetus?

    Jet, nevermind.

  • SteveS, I’m not as feebleminded as you might surmize and I thought it’d be nice to be included in on the obviously “inside” joke, that’s all. It went over my head because I don’t know whether “Stinky D”‘s name is Cleetus, or were you just refering to him as a redneck?

  • Jet, I don’t think you are feebleminded at all. Cleetus was just a name out of the air, I was just referring to him as a redneck. I said nevermind because sometimes if you have to explain a joke, it’s just a waste of blogspace. Not all my jokes are that good. There’s no ‘inside’ to that joke.

  • Steve 109: I apologize. I had a {personal attack deleter} on another string who was bound and determing to get my goat, and I took it out on you. Sorry.

    I need some more of Nancy’s teflon spray.

    I just love being my own sensor

  • My friends, my sister just called me to tell me my father passed away at 6:30 this evening, so I’ll leave you to fight this out on your own for about a week.

    More when I can

  • weakheart

    Truly sorry Jet. When you said I’ll leave you to fight this out on your own the first thing my thoughts turned to was Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-Kelt. That was Chief Joseph’s name. The Chief of the Nez Perce. Chief Joseph said (I WILL FIGHT NO MORE FOREVER.) So much wisdom in those words. Maybe this is what I should do. Jet, with sincerity and respect Im sorry for your loss. May God bless you and your family.

    From a f—–.

  • #Weakheart #112, thanks for the thoughts. Hmmmm I’m part indian, maybe that’s where I got it.


  • Well imagine that, Brokeback Mountain’s still holding firm at #3 on Amazon’s top ten DVD list!

  • Is that really surprising? The cinematography alone makes this movie an instant classic. And while I’m at it, the Fundies will have us all really believe that Wal-Mart is pro-Family and the bastion of Christian values. Tell that to all the poor people who keep spending their money in these temples to the dollar. The “bargains” they purchase last far less than items they would buy at Target for a couple of bucks more. The dumber we Americans become, the larger Wal-Mart gets.

  • Thank you Silas #115. From reading some of the posts it appears you’ve been gone awhile, I’m glad I played a small part of bringing you back.

    Some of us have no choice but to shop at WalMart when every penny counts.

    As for the movie, I was happy to point some business their way for defying the fundies.

    Thanks for contributing

  • I’m happy to report that Brokeback Mountian director Ang Lee has been named to Time Magazines list of 100 most influential people!

  • box office ticket sales have grossed over $165 Million, and DVD sales of $83 Million, so far… Pretty good for a little art hours film!

  • NEWS FLASH! “Best Kiss” trophy at the MTV movie awards goes to Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger for “Brokeback Mountain”!!!!

    Predictions are that oddsmakers are already taking bets of that headline coming true with odds of 1 to 6.67

    Dude! that would be soooooooo cool!

  • Because of some technical problems, I’ve had to move the novel, the new link for it is: Brokeback Mountain: After the Shirts-After the tears

    Thanks for all your comments so far

  • Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal have been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! Go Brokeback Mountain!

  • NEW YORK (Reuters) – Actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Tuesday, possibly of a drug overdose, New York City police said.

    The Australian-born Ledger, 28, who was nominated for an Oscar two years ago for “Brokeback Mountain,” was found dead by a housekeeper at his apartment in the trendy SoHo neighborhood, police spokesman Paul Browne said.

    “We are investigating the possibility of an overdose,” Browne said.

    The housekeeper found Ledger at 3:26 p.m. EST, naked and unresponsive, and tried to wake him for his appointment to have a massage, Browne said.

    “There were pills within the vicinity of the bed,” Browne said, adding that he believed they were sleeping pills.

    No cause of death was determined.

    Ledger was nominated for an Academy Award as best lead actor for his role as a gay cowboy in 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain,” but the Oscar went to Philip Seymour Hoffman for his role as Truman Capote. However, Ledger did win a New York Film Critics Circle award for the role.

    The handsome star last year broke up with his longtime companion, actress Michelle Williams, who played his wife in “Brokeback” and was the real-life mother of the actor’s 2-year-old daughter, Matilda.

    Ledger had already been tabloid and paparazzi fodder for his relationship with actress Naomi Watts, though that relation had ended by the time filming on “Brokeback” began.

    He then became involved with Williams and the two had Matilda by the time of the film’s release.


    The couple tried to keep a low profile by living in Brooklyn but still appeared often in the gossip pages. He moved to Manhattan after the breakup.

    He also once dated model Christina Cauchi and actresses Heather Graham and Lisa Zane.

    Ledger’s other film credits included “The Patriot,” “Monster’s Ball” and the title role in “Casanova.”

    He stars in the currently playing “I’m Not There,” one of several actors playing a role representing Bob Dylan, and was due to appear this year as The Joker in the next Batman film, “The Dark Knight.”

    Ledger was already well known in his native Australia when he was introduced to American audiences as the young star of the television series “Roar” in 1997 and quickly became one of Hollywood’s most prominent leading men.

    He appeared in the festival-screened “Two Hands” in 1998 and the teen comedy “10 Things I Hate About You” in 1999, which led to greater exposure as Mel Gibson’s son in 2000’s “The Patriot,” a Revolutionary War saga.

    But he received his greatest acclaim in director Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain” as Ennis Del Mar, a ranch hand who carries on a homosexual affair with a fellow cowboy played by Jake Gyllenhaal. The character continues to live a closeted life with a wife, played by Williams, and children.

    The film won numerous awards but was upset by “Crash” for the Oscar for best picture.

    After the phenomenal success of “Brokeback Mountain,” it was announced that Ledger would appear as The Joker opposite Christian Bale’s Batman in “The Dark Knight,” which completed filming and was due to be released later this year.

    (Additional reporting by Steve Gorman in Los Angeles)


  • To Brokeback Mountain ~ The Complete Long-Version
    Novel 1943-2006, click ~>here<~