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Brock Lesnar Ends The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak

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Brock Lesnar made history at the Mercedes Benz Superdome by ending The Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak. The outcome of the match was totally unexpected and shocked the entire WWE Universe. The Undertaker was previously undefeated in 21 WrestleManias.

The Undertaker made an awesome entrance by bringing out 21 caskets which represented the 21 victims he laid down at all those WrestleMania matches. The 22nd casket had the name of Brock Lesnar on it.

Brock LesnarThe match lasted for over half an hour, but was not up to the mark. Undertaker is known for putting up good matches at WrestleMania, but certainly this match against Lesnar felt far behind previous ones. There was not much energy in it and it seemed like a normal singles match.

It took Lesnar three f-5 finishers to end the Taker’s streak. As the referee counted to three, the entire crowd stood in silence and could not believe what they just witnessed. There was a pin-drop silence in the arena for a few minutes. Emotions were clearly seen on the faces of the fans present at attendance. Paul Heyman, Lesnar’s manager, was also surprised and congratulated his client on his grand achievement.

Although Lesnar’s achievement was no less than earning all the WWE Championship belts altogether, there was not much celebration by Lesnar (perhaps out of respect to who he had just defeated). As Heyman made his way back to the locker room along with his client, the entire arena stood on its feet and cheered for The Undertaker, who was still down in the middle of the ring at the time.

As the Taker began to recover, the crowd chanted “Thank you Taker.” Tears were seen on many of the fan faces. Taker then stood on his feet and took one last look at the crowd as he slowly made his way out of the ring.

After WrestleMania, a news article by Huzlers.com went viral which claimed (without verification) that Undertaker losing at Mania was a mistake and further stated that Lesnar deliberately changed the script. The article also states that WWE owner Vince McMahon is furious and will fire Lesnar for his actions. As of now, again, the claims made by the article are not verified and appear to be mere rumors.

WM30_Photo_287Now the question remains whether this was the last appearance of the Undertaker. Many fans were hoping to see Taker face the legendary Sting in a WrestleMania match, but as of now there aren’t many chances of that match happening. Fans may have to wait for a Monday Night Raw episode for the confirmation on Taker’s possible retirement.

Undertaker’s legendary streak started at WrestleMania VII where he defeated Jimmy Snuka. His last victim was CM Punk, who he faced last WrestleMania in New Jersey.

Below is the list of all opponents The Undertaker has faced at WrestleMania:

Streak WrestleMania Opponent
1-0 WrestleMania    7 Jimmy Snuka
2-0 WrestleMania    8 Jake “The Snake” Roberts
3-0 WrestleMania    9 Giant Gonzales
4-0 WrestleMania  11 King Kong Bundy
5-0 WrestleMania  12 Diesel
6-0 WrestleMania  13 Sycho Sid
7-0 WrestleMania  14 Kane
8-0 WrestleMania  15 Big Boss Man
9-0 WrestleMania  17 Triple H
10-0 WrestleMania  18 Ric Flair
11-0 WrestleMania  19 Big Show & A-Train
12-0 WrestleMania  20 Kane
13-0 WrestleMania  21 Randy Orton
14-0 WrestleMania  22 Mark Henry
15-0 WrestleMania  23 Batista
16-0 WrestleMania  24 Edge
17-0 WrestleMania  25 Shawn Michaels
18-0 WrestleMania  26 Shawn Michaels
19-0 WrestleMania  27 Triple H
20-0 WrestleMania  28 Triple H
21-0 WrestleMania  29 CM Punk
21-1 WrestleMania  30 Brock Lesnar

Photo Credits: WWE.com

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