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Britney Stalker Sues for “Extreme Emotional Distress”

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He deserves “extreme facial distress.”

Let’s see if I have this straight: freak stalks Britney, Britney gets restraining order, freak sues Spears because her bodyguards brandished a gun at him causing “extreme emotional distress.” And they say the Japanese aren’t litigious:

    Masahiko Shizawa, a 43-year-old software entrepreneur from Yokohama, says Spears’ guards confronted him on a public street at gunpoint and demanded that he leave the area.

    ….At an Oct. 7 hearing, a state judge ordered Shizawa not to contact the entertainer and to stay at least 300 yards from her for three years. According to testimony from that hearing, Shizawa was placed on the federal “no-fly list” as a potential threat to Spears.

    In granting her request for a temporary restraining order, Judge Alan Haber determined that Shizawa “engaged in a pattern of harassment and stalking” Spears for more than a year. [Reyters]

And now this walking nightmare is suing HER? I would say if he was anywhere in the same COUNTRY as Spears he was fair game for being threatened and chased away. The bodyguards were doing their job protecting Britney from a clearly unhinged stalker – her safety was rightly their primary concern. Another reprort says Shizawa is in Japan – he should stay there.

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  • A world that allows such embecile acts of stupidity is growing sadder by the minute. Whoever decided that it was ok to sue whoever, whenever and about whatever you want for should be sued.

  • Perhaps the distress was inflicted by Britney’s decision to market herself as a “ho.”

  • Taloran

    The sad part is, with our current state of judicial affairs, he might just win.

  • Natalie, I’m surprised at you. Saying “the distress was inflicted by Britney’s decision to market herself as a ‘ho'” is no different than saying “It’s her fault she got raped — look at how she dressed.”

  • I was making a joke about this ludicrous lawsuit. And that wasn’t a comment about her life, anyway, merely about her marketing plan.

  • Taloran

    Since the distress to which Natalie refers was inflicted on poor Mr. Shizawa, and Natalie suggests that it wasn’t the gun but the sluttiness of Ms. Spears that caused it, I think it is very different from saying “It’s her fault she got raped — look at how she dressed.” The statement “It’s her fault…” suggests that the woman is somehow responsible for another causing grief and pain to her. Natalie’s statement makes an even greater mockery of Mr. Shizawa than he makes of himself.

    I thought it was hilarious, Nat!

  • There’s no difference at all — but if Natalie says she was joking, fine.

  • I was indeed joking at Mr. Shizawa’s expense. Glad you understood it, Tal.

    Rodney, it is totally different. I am sorry you didn’t get it.

  • BB

    Hey guys leave Natalie alone. She’s the nicest person around this part of the neighbourhood. In case you haven’t heard – it’s called sarcasm. It’s also called jealousy because we can’t look as good as her. (Just kidding 😉

  • shocking

    I didn’t know that Japaneses were that retarded and brainless.
    Cheap person from cheap nation in love with a celebrity?
    How sad he is