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Britney Spears Home Video Released On YouTube

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Here's a brief history of celebrity home video:

1998: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee video tape their honeymoon. Much nudity, boat sex and automobile blow jobs ensue.

2004: Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon have a full frontal sexcapade in motel room.

2005: Abi Titmuss finds fame in a ménage à trois with boyfriend John Leslie and an unnamed woman.

2006: Britney Spears clad in ball cap, tank top and sweat pants complains that she’s ugly, eats take-out and belches profusely.

What is wrong with this picture?

Britney Spears in Home MovieAll across the Internet rolls a leaked home video from casa de Spears from 2004. In the unscripted slice-o-life video, Spears complains that she is ugly, waxes poetic about the price of fame, and philosophizes about time travel.

Spears' husband Kevin Ferderline consoles poor, ugly Britney by explaining that the fact that her jaw hurts does not, in fact, make her ugly. He then shows his true managerial skills by suggesting they make an entire video of her belching capabilities.

Britney dropping babyThe couple argue over an unnamed movie and Ferderline’s ability to have actually watched said movie. Poor Britney can’t fathom that the picture could have possibly been out long enough for hubbie to have watched it. K-Fed assures her it has and that he possibly has a copy on the bus. The two then have a heart to heart over the trouble with fame and a grueling tour schedule.

"I feel like I've been missing out on life," Spears says while letting out another monster burp. "Like things and things going on. Like I feel like I'm behind or something."

The video concludes with a discussion on the movie Back to the Future.

"Is that possible, to time travel? … Yes, it is, Kevin," she says. "I think people can do that."

Britney driving with baby in towBritney appears tired and spaced out throughout the video, causing many to speculate that she may be stoned. The video comes a few months after another controversy surrounding the singer. In early 2006 she was caught driving with her infant child unrestrained and in her lap while zipping past the paparazzi. Since her marriage to dancer Ferderline in 2004, Spears image has taken several nose dives.

Britney, your career is over. The next time you release a video to the Internet, at least have the courtesy to be naked in it.

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  • heather montgomery

    why is every one in her buissness maybe she dont care what all you people think ,not one of us know her so why you all in her buissness.

  • William Harris

    Hi Britney how are you i, was in los angeles looking for work includng New York, i, am the onley close friend you’ve got over there in your hometown, i, like to meet new old, it doe’s not really matter what i, look like i, am a person a human trying to get back home of california, my career is about to get started again after my long training issues, i, maybe worth $1, to 4 billion, dollars, due my new creations at many training centres, a brand new box office of movies would be created to our own, lol, well, that’s me, byeeeeee for now……

  • khayalethu

    i think brit is a sexiest lady ever



  • Fabian

    “Britney, your career is over.”… Not!

  • Veronika

    I love Britney Spears!She really best!!!

  • Abi_Baybee

    Omg U chat bare Mate… Just Coz U Wish U Cud Be Lik Her U Queer Boy… At The end of the day yeah shes bin a diked yeah shes done shit that shes propz not proud off but yeah she had sorteed her self out for the sake of her kids… her carrer is far from over n chat shit…

  • Glyn

    Hey Britney, well, despite others remarks of complete crap i think you are totally georgeous looking lady!. I would love to write to you and get an email back but i guess thats not going to happen with your work load and everything but im just saying hi ok and good luck beautifull!!!. xxx loads of kisses Glyn

  • holly mairy combs

    this is holly from downy i think britny shoud keep her kids

  • Roy Roger Hagen

    This is Roy from Norway 🙂
    I feel sorry for Britney Spears.
    Why=She´s suffering, we all should see that!
    I love you Britney, please get well soon 😉

  • Denise M

    Everyone needs to just mind their business,she is human just like the rest of us.The most important thing right now is that she gets better for herself and the babies,screw Kevin,the media and paparazzi. I know what it feels to have all that pressure, I too am a young mother and I am battling substance abuse but I love my kids and I want the best for them.Just like her,but she is just overwhelmed with everyone in her business, hell I would go nuts to even if I had all that cash.
    Good Luck Girl to you and your babies!!!!!

  • yvetta

    britney spears if u read this please go get help your a wonderful person. stop getting invouled with low lives they just want to use u .i would love to help u [Personal contact info deleted], i dont want anything back just to see you get your life back.

  • chris cecil

    sut up people!she lost her kids to a fage!i think ya are just trying todrive here aver a clif! she needs space OK!
    good luck hot hot hotty britney!

  • chris cecil

    Britney i have loved you and your songs ever sence i was 3.i have been a fan for so long and i want to get to know you a lot better no sex becaes i an 11 going on 12. but when i an older sure if you are single.i hate what these retards have do to you! thay make you look like a slut!in a cuple monthes i will e-mail you if you give me your e-mail adres. i love you so much and i will drean about you![ps a good dream] later!

  • frank burns

    Britney I dreamed about you last night; you lost custody, your career was over, but don’t worry, becasue we were in bed together and very happy

  • Francis

    Britney i hope that you get your kids back.
    and also that you get the space that you need.
    I know that you are a good person,
    you just need some space and time for your self.
    Good look!!!
    and god blass you!!!!

  • britney was just playing games. kev is a big ps3 player, apparently she couldnt get him off of his new console. she said he prefered his online playmates to her. GO BRITNEY!

  • cool_me!labhadzz

    a lot of people still loveS u!! and im 1 of them!

  • cool_me!

    your still my IDOL britney…

  • hi iam lesbian plzz i wanna kiss ur hot lips iam witing for ur rspnse ok britney love u and wanna lick u ok byee and a sweet kiss from seema

  • i want you!!!!

    plz fuck me ur a pg brritney needs a guy like me

  • plz fuck me

    plz plz plz plz plz give me ur phone number im not like those other guys [Personal contact info deleted] im a tall rich romantic so plz giv me ur phone number or call me!!!!!! also i want to fuck you

  • go britney

  • britney you can do it

  • steffi

    i think she us ace no matter wat she does she is so fnny i av met her and she is so swnd i love her to bits as a pop star i thin she has had a good life buit she as giv it up a lik but aniways i am off nigga in amerivcs inabizzle x

  • sss

    i love brit she is the bomb and keeps it real!us real fans support you brit we got your back girl!dont let all these haters get to you keep your head up!

  • neutron

    LOL, im pretty sure everyone’s point is, if she acts this way, and does drugs, she is in no way capable of taking care of a hamster, let alone two kids.
    are you people crazy? do you really consider this behavior normal? i think not, she’s shaking uncontrolably, repeating herself, looking all around CRAZY, but you guys say theres nothing wrong? lmfao, britney’s not the only one on drugs

  • stephh

    Stop saying stuff lyk that about herr you people!! I think britney is great, A great singer actor and mother so shut up and get a life you are just jelouse.

  • Britney is great wooman!

  • That’s hot! I should make a remix out of this!!!

  • marry

    I agree.

  • Dinosuar

    Stop making fun of Britney. Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean you should make fun of her. She is just being herself at home. She is already having a hard time with traveling, making musics and entertaining fans. You people are jealous because she is rich and famous. She made millions on first album.

  • polly

    Its sad how we have to make a mockery of others lives especially the rich and famous, must be to make ourselves feel better about our lives. Turth is, most of us would act exactly the same at some point if we were in her position. But hey by all means if it makes you feel better about yourself to criticize britney, go ahead. And for those that belive she is a bad role model remember she’s not the one that promotes this kind of stuff and the baby driving incident it the journalists. So maybe they should be the ones criticized.

  • andy

    Wow big deal, they are a regular young couple relaxing and chilling out – while probably stoned or after a few beers. Big deal, what does anyone expect? Do you really think pop stars live their lives like they appear in pop videos?

  • stupid girl

    if this was a non selebretie video the reactions woulde’t have been this strong. Give the girl a brake and let her be a bit silley and stuped!!! In other cases that’s just what we like to se!! That will say if youre not famouse…

  • Jami

    Sportsnob…i agree with the snob part…she did nothing to you its not your job to say her career is over especially when its not

  • ME!

    who really cares, honestly. god. we all have our own lives.

  • Britney, your career is over. The next time you release a video to the Internet, at least have the courtesy to be naked in it.

    LOL! Good one 🙂

  • Jami

    i think it was rude to put that clip on the internet especially while she was obviously having not so great of a day

  • Jami

    Hi kyra

  • there is a parody making fun of her Britney burping and time travel here

  • I’d still fuck her.

  • Alan Mercieca

    It’s stupid to be making fun of one mere moment in Britney’s life that is far done and over with

    San Pedro Rick you are fooling no one nor are you funny all you are doing is wasting time and energy

  • Cyn

    Ok, she is famous, she sings and acts. She is going to get attention. When she was doing these things we didn’t hear about the bad stuff, cause honestly we weren’t interested we had other things to nose around about Britney. Her acting isn’t all that great, she just started! Her singing on the other hand, not a whole lot of people complained about until she stopped doing it. Let’s face it Kevin was not good for Britney’s career, having 2 kids was not good for Britney’s career. As far as I am concerned that’s all we should know about. Who cares if she was on drugs, do your parents know everything you did when you were young? As anyone broadcasted to the world? How would you feel if someone had? Let’s give her a break guys!! Let’s critize what she does as an artist. That’s fair game, what she does outside of that is frankly none of our business.

  • San Pedro Rick

    I have decided to go ahead and advocate the building of a singing and dancing population. We need the entertainment. We need to focus in on and deal with the lack of super duper dancers like Michael Jackson (wow is he a nut?) or Elvis. Why then don’t we just advocate cousins to marry cousins? i.e. kissing cousins, which was the title of one of Elvis’s earlier hit movies. He was all for the south and no one can knowingly and truthfully for that matter say that the king was wrong. Overeating perhaps and pill dropping yes, that too. But I am talking about the ability to “make” a dancer/singer population to entertain me when I am at my leisure. Is that a bad thing? Seriously, I think not. not at all.

  • San Pedro Rick

    Britney Spears real name is Joann Mulberry and is originally from Arkansas. I hope everyone gets some perspective on this. The multiplication of a persons genetic i.d. will not product the best of offspring. I am not in any way advocating the building of a super race by any mean of the imagination. I am saying however that inbreeding in certain parts of the U.S. is basically producing individuals who are super gifted in areas like singing/dancing but who lack common sense.

  • BBOY BRI because there is no proof just maybes tons of things can make a person’s job hurt …most people have acted like her on drugs or off drugs. The news needs to be 100% sure second of all it happened about 2 ½ years ago and was on her Chaotic dvd.

  • I care …I care a lot although what can I do? Is anything even wrong? I see no solid proof of anything wrong now.

    this video was about 2 1/2 years ago says nothing about her in the now does not even prove that she was on something then.

    What is her family supposed to do; she is older than 18 years old and what proof is their of anything?


    okay im kind of missing something here. believe me with my past experience i can spot someone on drugs and appears to me and a couple other websites that this girls on exstasy. why has that fact skipped the headlines???? cmon “my jaw hurts” hello! *CLUE*

  • Trace76

    omg, she is such an idiot, go back in time and get an education… Ralf! Some gene pools aren’t meant to be procreated from…

  • duh

    Poor little rich ignorant britaney. Can you imagine having a mom like her that is so clueless? Where is her family? somebody needs to step in, her pr sucks. Her actions really aren’t much different then a lot of other young people, but she is being watched and she will have a hard time getting rid of the stigma as she gets older. I feel really bad for her, obviously nobody really cares what her or her kids are going through.

  • I added the video to the article.

    She seems like she’s coming down off of something to me. Not alcohol. Just a guess, though.

  • Click on URL under my name

  • Duh, a link would have been appropriate. So how about one in the comments section instead?

  • If Britney’s career is over then we live on Mars too.

    Her career is far from over and most of her fans thinks that this video is cool.

    Hey check out my URL

  • Hey Mat, great job! Where’s the link to Britney and KFed’s vid on youtube?

  • roach

    i like britney.

  • AMW

    This video was not “leaked to the internet”. This video was released by Britney herself last September as part of the “bonus” footage on her “Chaotic” DVD.

  • YouTube is pretty much full of these kinds of videos with non-celebrities. Which is why Federline fits right in.

  • “Britney, your career is over. The next time you release a video to the Internet, at least have the courtesy to be naked in it.”

    Amen! Preferably with Christina Aguilera… 😉