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Britney Spears Does Have Things Going For Her

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It’s funny how our lives revolve around celebrity gossip. Everywhere I turn — tabloids, E! News, or the school paper — Britney Spears, regardless of what she does, manages to make headlines. It seems like half of the time it is never positive press. There’s a saying: “Even bad press is good press.”

I am a huge Britney fan, and really could care less about what tabloids say. Sure they could be right, but I am also sure they are exaggerating the truth to sell magazines. A vast majority of the claims made about her would have never been made if the paparazzi just left her alone. It seems like we have nothing better to do than shred celebrities.

Would we care so much about the bad things Britney has done if the same was publicized about people who weren’t celebrities? Would Joe Nobody make the news for driving with his child on his lap? Would it be such a huge deal? Probably not. Why do we care so much about every move Britney makes? Does it really make people sleep at night knowing she is struggling?

I love my round of gossip as well, but really, if I don’t see another article about someone not wearing panties, getting pulled over, getting a DUI, or doing the cool new celeb thing by going to jail, I would still sleep as soundly as I do now. Surprisingly, my life does not center around celebrity gossip.

What is the most positive bit of news we have heard about Britney? Does anyone care that she launched a new perfume, called Believe? It’s available at Macys. Do we care that her album, Blackout, hits stores October 30? Do we care that earlier this month she held dance auditions for her tour in California? Why isn’t there media on the positive events?

It surprises me that the media would tear down a star who once dominated the music charts and was the biggest female artist in the world. Why doesn’t anyone want to put a positive spin on her trying to get things in her life back to normal?

The first positive thing she did was perform on the Video Music Awards in September. She showed up. It may not have been her best performance, but considering the year she has had, props to her for sticking with something. This is still the same Britney who was a mouseketeer with Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and J.C. Chasez.

I hope her album blows people away. I really think it is going to be a fantastic album and I will be the person who goes into the store and proudly buys it. I have purchased a hard copy of every CD Britney has put out, and am damn proud of it.

Sure, she has undergone several issues in the last year, but maybe she needed to go through all of that to get to a place she really wants to be. Maybe, in the end, the shaved head will be one of the smartest moves she ever made. I think she did it to rid herself of K-Fed. Who else would shave her head to rid herself of toxic situations?

I am a full supporter of Britney’s career. Maybe everything she has done was to get her name in the tabloids, and if that’s the case, she surely nailed that one. She is probably the most talked about celebrity, ever. Well hey, that’s publicity, right?

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  • Taya

    Women need to support other women who are successful, who are independent, and who want to break free of the expectations of others. What’s gone on with Britney is one of the most purely evil phenomenons I’ve ever witnessed. She trips with her baby in her arms, and there are 100,000 jealous, enraged women screaming on the Internet that she was drunk while she was carrying him. People have disparaged her as an artist for years, resentful of her success, and say that “anyone can make an album with all of that production”, ignoring the fact that Anyone is Kevin Federline, and he failed miserably with all of the help in the world. And then journalists who are supposed to be trained to think critically lap up stories spoon-fed to the media by a jealous ex-husband (and his lawyer, his trashy family, and his skanky girlfriends) who is determined that he will not be dumped, and who will instead destroy this women and take everything for her. And noone complains. Noone criticizes what is going on. It could be anyone that this happens to, and we should care if there is something unfair about what is going on.

  • peace

    I have grown up along with Britney and I guess I need more from her than these digitalized beats with enhanced robotic vocals. I can deal with a couple of tunes, but I can’t take a whole CD of this stuff. It like a modern day version of Alvin and the Chipmunks. It would be nice if she could have shown some artistic and lyrical growth with this CD. She has been through a lot which I think would have made some great subject matter, but the problem is that she does not seem like she has learned from this. Maybe she is not in a place to sit back and reflect as of yet. I don’t know if she will ever be in a place where her personal life will take a backseat to her “artistry”.

  • i’m sick of britany spears,all she has to do is hire a driver since it’s obvious she can’t drive,stay at home sometimes, paparazzi can’t get to you if you don’t make yourself availible,all she has to do is make music and take care of her kids. you know it’s bad when you lose your kids to federline,do not support this woman she wants all of this attention because she will sell cd’s that way,britany spears supporters are idiots.

  • daryl d

    I’m actually liking the new album. It’s not much Britney, but the producers are great.

  • Ashley

    Britney needs to get her act together. Yes, there is some positive press out there about her, but she is such a mess that we can only see the negative news. Showing up to the VMA’s does not constitute good press. If she wants positive press she should take some time AWAY from the public eye. She should promote her CD heavily and go on tour. She should stop clubbing, start wearing panties, and find some clothes that fit. She should also get some people in her life who can help her out and not say “yes” to every demand.

    Her CD isn’t bad, great for clubbing. Britney– get out there and do what you do best: promote, dance, and smile.

  • the right people can make any cd sound good

  • daryl d

    “the right people can make any cd sound good”

    That statement is such a cliche by now.

  • so i guess every singer in the music industry knows how to sing and carry a note.all you have to do is change things around to make your voice sound good don’t believe me ask jennifer lopez

  • jordan

    kendal rocks and is super sexy!!! write on my lil smurf write on!!!

  • debbie

    i think britney should have her kids back she is a good mother and sure she got unto some stuff but she is trying now and she is geting better so thats what i think about that