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Britney Spears: Can She Rebound?

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I guess I’m like most people: I find myself intrigued by the Britney Spears saga and yet, I have no idea why. Really, what’s the big deal? So she got divorced, whoopee; half of American marriages will meet the same fate. So she shaved hear head. Again, who cares: I shave my legs (regularly if I‘m dating someone) and no one ever really seems to notice. I simply don’t get why we as a society care so much about what Britney Spears is doing.

Yet, we are always like this – wide eyed and bushy-tailed each time a celebrity falls on their face, breaks the law, or gets caught doing something to tarnish their public image. Britney certainly isn’t the first celebrity to be at the center of a tabloid circle, she is merely one of the latest.

Now, part of me thinks that Britney, and really celebrities in general, ask for this. After all, they wanted to be famous and this comes as part of the package. And, with their million dollar contracts and 2007 Bentleys, they are more than compensated. However, with Britney I can’t help but think that our obsession has gone a bit too far and I find myself wondering how she snowballed into a tabloid poster child. She, so it seemed, used to seem so normal.

Britney started her career conventionally. After a stint on The Mickey Mouse Club and Star Search, she made a name for herself with the release of her first album, Baby One More Time; it was an album that went all the way to number one on the top of the Billboard charts. Her second album, Oops…I Did it Again was also ridiculously popular, setting records and helping Britney obtain nominations and awards. So far, so normal, but that was about to change.

After being amid a bit of controversy – thanks to breast implant rumors and a hairy breakup with Justin Timberlake – Britney dove head first, or rather lips first, into much more. At the 2003 MTV Music Video awards, Britney, Christina Aguilera, and Madonna appeared on stage to perform, “Like a Virgin.” The song ended with Christina and Britney each sharing a passionate kiss with Madonna. Though both kissed Madonna, it seemed that Britney’s kiss was the lip lock that locked the attention of both press and public.

Britney’s encounter with Madonna wasn’t the only merger that would end in controversy. In 2004, Britney married Jason Allen Alexander, a friend of hers from childhood. The till-death-do-we-part union lasted a total of fifty five hours. It ended in an annulment.

Britney soon began a relationship with Kevin Federline. She married him three months later, while Kevin’s former lover was pregnant with his child. Soon, Britney decided to also become pregnant with Kevin’s child and she gave birth to her first son, Sean Preston Federline, on September 14, 2005.

Soon after, divorce rumors began to circulate. These rumors were compounded by questions regarding Britney’s capacity for motherhood, questions that arose after she was photographed driving with her unrestrained son in her lap. It was an incident Britney chalked up to simply wanting to get away from paparazzi in a hurry.

On September 2006, Britney delivered her second son, Jayden James Federline. Two months later, she filed for divorce from Kevin.

Since ending their marriage, Kevin and Britney have been in a heated custody battle, a battle that came to an apex when Britney entered drug rehab in February of this year. She left after staying for less than a day, found a hair studio, and shaved her own head. A few days later, Spears admitted herself to rehab once more. After leaving for a brief period of time, she returned and stayed completing the program. She left rehab on March 20th.

As Britney begins to put her life back together, I can’t help but feel for her. None of her past actions have been that much worse than what other celebrities, or even regular people, have done, what they have done without the world eye’s fixed relentlessly upon them. She’s made mistakes but who hasn’t. She’s made poor choice, but we all do. She has a weird hairdo but think of all the money she will save on beauty products. What it comes down to is that nothing she has done is unforgivable and nothing is career ending. For someone as young as she is, I hope she can rebound and surprise the world by doing it again, baby one more time.

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  • daryl d

    Yes, she can rebound. I think people who have talent can rebound no matter what happens in their careers. Is Britney really talented? A little bit, I guess. But she should learn how to expand on her voice which has potential. She should take guitar or piano lessons. She can be sexy, but doesn’t have to be slutty. It may have worked for female performers ten years ago, but not any more. Trust me, we will be hearing more from Britney. I’m not a big fan of hers but I think she has become an unfair target.

  • David Jeter

    Rebound to what?
    From the very beginning, Britney Spears has been nothing but an attention-hungry whore with a lot of money. The only thing that has changed is the popularity of her music. She has not changed at all. She is still doing whatever she can to stay “famous”. If being a tabloid drama queen is what will keep her in the spotlight, she’s willing to do it. She’s always been willing to do it. Britney spears doesn’t have to rebound, she’s right where she’s always been, fighting for a chance in the spotlight.

  • Marcie

    Now let’s remember she is a product of America.

    She didn’t have the proper parentage, and we are supposed to feel sorry for her?

    We don’t care.

  • Nessly

    U just forgot that she also flashed her vagina many times – a thing that definitely very few celebrities dared to do… and I dont know about one that did it after giving birth to 2 children… Many other scandals arent mentioned in this article… what about all-night-long partying outside? leaving the boys home with foreigners – in best case with her mom? what about running to dancing studio rigth after the funeral of her seemingly very-beloved-aunt?? and many other scandalous stuff that she went thru? I am not saying she had an easy life… all that money and fame costed her expensive.. but yet as each one of us, she had free-will and freedom-of-choice as to how to behave, which personal image to prefer and what kind of a person to be… I hope she will gether lessons and use her fame as a good example to others from now on… as a musician, performer, artist, mother and media-girl…

  • John Micolisha

    Well, she is the eptiome of a superstar in my opinion. She has truley cemented herself as a lifelong facet in pop culture and is a real icon.

    She will be back, and the world is waiting, I mean thats all the media has been talking about for two years…the “comeback” but in my opion she never left, I certainly didn’t stop hearing about her.

  • Julie

    Britney will always be the reigning Queen of pop.

  • Dave

    Under so much pressure from the media, the music industry, being a mother of two, at this age…could it ever be easy to cope with???
    And she ll be back.

  • Julie, sweetie, please go see a doctor urgently. You’re feverish and delusional and displaying signs of serious Spearosis. Britney has never been the Queen of anything, except possibly trailer park trash.

  • You need an editor, girl. Or spell-check.

    And that clever “hit me, baby, one more time” quote – I saw it coming.

  • Tiffany

    “Jennifer Jordan is a senior editor for iTurbo and Turbo Charge. A professional business traveler, she aims to make business trips feel less like work through an infatuation with pop culture and the stealing of hotel shampoos.”

    PS: Those shampoos are free. 🙂

  • Bradley

    Lets face it people, lets not think about what others will think if we just speak the truth, all of you secretly know it! britney spears ofcourse she has talent, she’s won auditions, been on TV had a movie (an ok one but more then what we have) the list goes on… I dont understand the people that call her trashy and slutty? hello, have you seen Christina at all? Britney is not that extreme. She is famous because her ever increasing talent has gotten her there. I am no Britney fan but i will admit she has the rightful title of princess of Pop regardless of anything

  • sean Paul Mahoney

    At the end of the day, I’d like Brit to make a Cher-like comeback. But unlike the former Mrs. Bono, Britney is not that bright. I love some of her songs but her lack of smarts and charisma have been her undoing.

  • trctrmaster

    For some sick reason, it’s become a media obsession to attack and malign this artist at every turn. Britney Spears has alot of experience and talent. It’s so odd how one blonde beauty can hop and flop from one guy to the next and she’s portrayed as this sweet girl while Britney is portrayed as something bad. The social pressures and professional pressures on a female sex symbol/singer resuming her career after childbirth are very high. One idio got his foot run over by being a disrespectful pig with a camera while some other scumbag actually took a crotch photo of someone without their knowledge.
    That guy should be brought up on criminal charges for vouyerism. No matter how hard they try, she keeps fighting back. It’s immoral to try to impose emotional pain on someone the way the media attacks her. She looked totally awesome at the awards show performance. Anybody that denies that is just a sheep who doesn’t have the integrity to face the fact that Britney Spears is still the most markettable female act in pop music.