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Britney is Over

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It’s official, Britney is over. I posted a pic of Brit’s nipple coming out and no one even cares. My site is getting more hits from people looking for nude shots of Macy Gray, if you can believe it.

It’s over. No one cares. She’s getting a lot of attention from the tabloids about her marriages…but that will be it. When this burst of attention is over she’s done.

She’ll try to do a Madonna and reinvent herself, but she won’t pull it off. What’s she going to do? Be punk rock Britney? Yoga Britney? Dominatrix Britney? It’s like putting new outfits on a Barbie doll: it’s still a Barbie underneath.

How did Barbie do it? How has she stayed popular for all these years? By never growing up. By being plastic. Something Britney, since she’s actually human, can never do.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Wayne, I agree with your assessment of her as an “it” girl, but her latest album has done surprisingly well, so perhaps she will end up a, um, musical artist.