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Britney cuts suicide scenes

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CMU reports:

Britney has cut controversial scenes from the video to next single ‘Everytime’. Said vid showed Britney downing some pills and then drowning in her bath. The scene was apparently meant to illustrate an accidental death, but some felt it looked like the singer was committing suicide and were worried it might make suicide fashionable among the teen audience (cos you know how those trendy teens like to follow fashion).

Confirming the scenes in the video would be changed, a spokesman for Britney’s label told reporters: “Britney Spears was uncomfortable with these

treatments due to the potential for a fictional accidental occurrence to be
misinterpreted as a suicide. Ms Spears revised the treatment to ensure the video for ‘Everytime’ will not have a scene in it that could in any way be perceived as a reference to a suicide.”

Just in case there was any confusion, the spokesman added: “[Spears] does
not endorse [suicide] as a solution to any individual and fully recognises that people who go to this length need assistance and advice and should contact their local suicide prevention organisation.”

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  • sheri

    She’s not that innocent , you know.

  • I’m glad she did that. I’ve never thought much about Britney Spears in either direction but I think kindly of her now because teen suicide is a very real problem. She’s right to be uncomfortable with it because teenagers do in fact imitate each other. Whenever there’s a suicide in a high school, most schools now go on an instant suicide watch — not that it’s effective, just that they’re watching. Thanks for the story, Marty.