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From The Daily Telegraph:

YouGov sought to gauge the character of the Muslim community’s response to the events of July 7. As the figures in the chart show, 88 per cent of British Muslims clearly have no intention of trying to justify the bus and Tube murders.

However, six per cent insist that the bombings were, on the contrary, fully justified.

Six per cent may seem a small proportion but in absolute numbers it amounts to about 100,000 individuals who, if not prepared to carry out terrorist acts, are ready to support those who do.

Moreover, the proportion of YouGov’s respondents who, while not condoning the London attacks, have some sympathy with the feelings and motives of those who carried them out is considerably larger – 24 per cent.

A substantial majority, 56 per cent, say that, whether or not they sympathise with the bombers, they can at least understand why some people might want to behave in this way.

YouGov also asked whether or not its Muslim respondents agreed or disagreed with Tony Blair’s description of the ideas and ideology of the London bombers as “perverted and poisonous.”

Again, while a large majority, 58 per cent, agree with him, a substantial minority, 26 per cent, are reluctant to be so dismissive.

The responses indicate that Muslim men are more likely than Muslim women to be alienated from the mainstream and that the young are more likely to be similarly alienated than the old.

However, there are few signs in YouGov’s findings that Muslims of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin are any more disaffected than their co-religionists from elsewhere.

The sheer scale of Muslim alienation from British society that the survey reveals is remarkable. Although a large majority of British Muslims are more than content to make their home in this country, a significant minority are not.

For example, YouGov asked respondents how loyal they feel towards Britain. As the figures in the chart show, the great majority say they feel “very loyal” (46 per cent) or “fairly loyal” (33 per cent) but nearly one British Muslim in five, 18 per cent, feels little loyalty towards this country or none at all.

If these findings are accurate, and they probably are, well over 100,000 British Muslims feel no loyalty whatsoever towards this country.

The proportion of men who say they feel no loyalty to Britain is more than three times the proportion of women saying the same.

Equally remarkable are YouGov’s findings concerning many Muslims’ attitudes towards Western society and culture.

YouGov asked respondents how they feel about Western society and how, if at all, they feel Muslims should adapt to it. A majority, 56 per cent, believe “Western society may not be perfect but Muslims should live with it and not seek to bring it to an end”.

However, nearly a third of British Muslims, 32 per cent, are far more censorious, believing that “Western society is decadent and immoral and that Muslims should seek to bring it to an end.”

Among those who hold this view, almost all go on to say that Muslims should only seek to bring about change by non-violent means but one per cent, about 16,000 individuals, declare themselves willing, possibly even eager, to embrace violence.

Yet again, far more men than women and far more young people than their elders evince this kind of hostility towards the world around them. In addition, tens of thousands of Muslims view the whole of Britain’s political establishment with suspicion.

More than half of those interviewed, 52 per cent, believe “British political leaders don’t mean it when they talk about equality. They regard the lives of white British people as more valuable than the lives of British Muslims”.

Almost as many, 50 per cent, reckon the main party leaders are not being sincere when they say they respect Islam and want to co-operate with Britain’s Muslim communities.

Despite Tony Blair’s well-publicised efforts to reach out to Muslims, fewer than half of those interviewed, 42 per cent, approve of the way he has handled Britain’s response to the July 7 events.

Many British Muslims are probably reluctant to give Mr Blair credit for anything at all following his complicity with America, as they see it, in launching the invasion of Iraq. Just more than half, 52 per cent, are impressed by the performance since the bombings of Sir Iqbal Sacranie, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Great Britain. Some Muslims’ discontent with Britain clearly extends to discontent with the existing moderate and pro-British Muslim leadership.


YouGov asked its Muslim respondents whether or not they thought anyone charged and taken to court in connection with the July 7 attacks would receive a fair trial. Only 37 per cent said yes. The rest reckon he or she would not or were doubtful that they would.

Despite these widespread doubts, a large majority of Britain’s Muslims clearly believe the time has come when Muslims must shoulder their share of the responsibility for preventing and punishing terrorist crimes such as those in London.

As the figures in the chart show, roughly a third of Muslims reckon they should assume “a great deal” of the responsibility and another third reckon they should assume at least “some” of it.

Even more impressive in some ways is the fact that large numbers now say they are prepared to put their mouth where their feelings are.

As the figures in the chart show, almost three-quarters of British Muslims, 73 per cent, say they would inform the police if they believed that someone they knew or knew of might be planning a terrorist attack.

Nearly half, 47 per cent, say they would also go to the police if they believed an imam or other religious person was trying to radicalise young Muslims by preaching hatred against the West.


YouGov interviewed 526 Muslim adults across Great Britain online between July 15 and yesterday. The data were weighted to reflect the composition of Britain’s Muslim population by gender, age and country of birth.

This poll suggests that there are literally hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Great Britain who are at least somewhat supportive of the terrorists, their aims, and their goals. And tens of thousands of them may support the terrorists strongly enough to actually join up with them.

I do not find this surprising, but it is disturbing to me nonetheless. There is an enormous fifth column in Great Britain. And it is comprised of mostly British-born young Muslim men. And they want to kill innocent Brits.

This is what happens when you allow massive numbers of Muslim immigrants into your country, and refuse to even try to assimilate them into your culture.

And it isn’t just a problem in Great Britain. It’s also an issue in the Netherlands, and in Germany, and in France, and in other Western countries as well.

My heart goes out to the British people. Their country is now apparently in the middle of a violent clash of civilizations. And some of their own fellow citizens are the enemy.

I truly hope this reign of terror ends soon. But it likely won’t, as long as the terrorists have such a large pool of potential recruits…

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  • a

    why does everyone see muslims and islam as the enemy?muslims are not anti-social they are not backward thinkers they are not terrorits and all the rest of the things people nowadays accuse them with. timothy mcvai was a terrorist but that doesnt mean that white people and christians should be fought, eliminated and blamed for every act that a christian committs. There will always be murderers from the begining of time till judgement day and i think that God put us on this earth to bring life and find harmony and similarities with one another. we werent created all the same and from the same background and ideaologies. some irresponsibility and disrespect by some people does not mean we should wipe them out from their identities and their religion. I think we should try even more than ever to open dialogues with them (since we are very good at those!) and teach them to do the same in addressing their issues (especially while they living here) and not make them always feel like they are targeted and vulnerable whether here in western countries or in their original homes. and we should always remember that teh west is somewhat responsible for the dictatorships and tyrants ruling some muslim regions and so we shouldnt blame them (muslims) when they act out of vulnarebility or hatred in retaliation. we should respect their backgrounds, respect their cultural thoughts (which are actually very enriching and interesting) and try as much as possible to address issues or problem areas with them in our homeland and what we see as appropriate or unacceptable, what is tolerable or intolerable. that way, we will be functioning and fulifilling our human duties towards one another. the world and our time is not perfect, but if we dont know how to go about resolving our issues, then and only then will we see a clash of civilizations. theres no use in wasting our feelings in hatred or anger or resentemnet. issues must be addressed, problems must be solved and I think this is tehway to do it.I believe in taking a different approach to solving todays problems that way, we will actually make positive change for long years to come.

  • reality check

    Dear Nancy you wrote:
    “Which brings me to MY basic premise: organized religion of any kind sucks & ought to be banned & destroyed.”

    This is what Pol Pot and Mao thought and look what they did. To be so anti-religion is in some ways a religion too. Personally speaking: what I find ridiculous about religion is that it tries to give the answer to life the universe and everything within a book.
    This is ridiculous, eastern religions often state this as they advise things are not learn by memoring “scriptures” but only by personal experience.
    When people believe religious text literally then this can “open the door to the devil”, but such people have to
    learn for themselves, and unfortunately the Koran can have a very violent literal interpretation.

  • reality check

    To Nancy:
    I don’t think the situation will decend into an all out religious war. The situation is serious and a lot must be going on behind the scenes, I am sure many governments are finding ways of curbing the growth of their muslim minority. If the muslim population grows to 10% then we will see the growth of no go areas, more attacks on
    jews and more rapes. In the long run next 100-200 years I expect Islam to reform it self from within, perhaps the process has allready started. However, this “self cleansing” within the islamic world will inevitably have a violent phase, we should avoid contact with it for our own safety. They can only reform themselves, they are no different to any other civillisation that has had to restructure from time to time. The west has done this many times, India and China are also in the process of reform, muslims are no different.

    I favour a quiet policy of peacefully restricting the growth of the muslim population. If the politican fail to
    see reality then the muslim population
    will most likely be restricted by fascists and “social boycotts” of muslim businesses. The situation could
    become very ugly if it not handle carefully.

  • that’s the “religion of peace” for you!

    Nice post RJ!

  • WTF

    China, is also looming on the horizen with a definate agenda towards world domination.

    For a quick read (not too detailed but perhaps a good primer) check out Flyboy’s. Japan went through a period of it’s own manifest destiny and couldn’t understand why the West protested their expansion.

    The Japanese described it as being invited to sit at a table with the adults, who were busily stuffing themselves with all the food.

    China, may be limbering up for some world scale leveraging on many fronts. Wasn’t there a book out concerning China and the stealth war they are beginning to wage?

    I’ll have to research that. It may provide a good read.

    U.S. — as traditionally known, will probably cease to exist, as we know it. Unless there is a decisive turn around in western thought.

    There are other entities in the world who just don’t want to get along… they want to run the place.

    Human nature? Probably. I have to agree with Nancy. I don’t want to be around to see it.

  • Nancy

    If they dislike western culture so much, then why did they move there? Did the survey address that question as well? Does it not occur to them that if the culture changes, so will the economics, and they’ll end up right back in the same old middle eastern pisshole they came from, just colder & damper?

    I suspect (& I sincerely hope I don’t live to see it myself) that what this is going to entail is all-out culture wars, w/muslims vs everybody else eventually declaring total genocide on the other. Most non-muslims are not willing to convert, and being unable to tell ‘good’ muslims from ‘bad’ will end up just saying the hell w/it & wiping out all muslims; the muslims will do the same, in the name of religion & self defence, unless the imams who preach this stuff can be ruthlessly suppressed. I think in this case, ‘human rights’ is going to have to give where tolerance of radical islam is concerned, unless everyone wants to face armageddon.

    Which brings me to MY basic premise: organized religion of any kind sucks & ought to be banned & destroyed.

  • WTF writes: “cliclic? War cycles, peace cycles? Perhaps.”

    Reply: If that is, indeed, the case, I certainly percieve a quickening of the cycle. World War I and II, Korea, Viet Nam, and the conflicts of the 21st century….the intervals between peace – if not the carnage involved – is clearly becoming shorter.

    I saw some historian quoted recently that, if one graphs the number of dead from war per year, the figures were exponetially increasing every year for the past few centuries until the atomic bombs on Japan. Since then, the number dying in war has remained relatively stable. [Before your ask, I don’t have a reference] If that is true, it seems that the number dead may be stable, but the number of wars (conflicts) is, in my mind, certainly increasing.

    What does it all mean? I will leave that to deeper minds than mine.


  • WTF

    It appears from your statements, that Britain, may be made up of something which we see in Canada…

    Whereas the U.S. calls itself a “melting pot” and criticizes the “balkanization” of certain areas within her borders. Canada, and now Britain seem to have fostered a mosaic, or in fact a “Balkanization” I see this as problematic in maintaining order across the lines of separation within the borders.

    I also predict a country is fraught with difficulties when demographics protect the criminal based on kinship or ethnic bond. That transcends civility, and sets precedence towards lawlessness in society.

    Could we be witnessing the beginning of the end of civilization? I suggest a study of Webster’s and other sources. Perhaps a review of Edward Gibbons work regarding the decline and fall of Rome. Perhaps Rome, as a system, deserved to fall. But when one puts the human factor into the equation, it’s not as pretty. Suffering will come before and after a fall of such magnitude, and those responsible, will wander in from fringe to loot and carry off the vestiges of civilization.

    Are these types of event cyclic? War cycles, peace cycles? Perhaps

  • The Trouble with Islam is an amazing, brilliant book.