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British Eurovision contestants to enter politics

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At least they should consider it after unleashing this masterpiece of spin.

Eurovision failures Jemini have claimed they hoped to receive no points in the competition.
Gemma Abbey says during the final rounds of voting they decided they wanted to stand out rather than finish with an indifferent score.
In an interview with London radio station LBC 97.3 Gemma said: “When it got towards the end and we didn’t get points we were praying: ‘don’t give us any points, don’t give us any points’. We’d rather have nothing than come half-way or get 10 points.”

That’s certainly one way of responding to not getting a single point during the contest. Unfortunately it’s also in complete contravention of this earlier statement of theirs:

Gemma said: “It was just a complete shock when the votes came in.”
Earlier she had spoken of her disappointment, telling BBC News: “From the start we honestly thought we’d win it, we were so confident in every aspect – the performance, the clothes, the choreography.”

Still, give them credit, to go from saying “we thought we’d win” to producing some bullshit about wanting to score no points and delivering it in a way that suggests they themselves believe it requires some skill. A career in politics or PR should not be ruled out once the pop career fizzles.

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  • Leo

    They were out of tune, but I’m glad they’re happy in their little world 🙂

  • Ah yes but there might be something more to that. It seems the monitors were “accidentally” turned off during their performance…