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British Blues Musician Aynsley Lister Releases Everything I Need

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The first British Invasion occurred in the mid-'60s, when a wave of English bands crossed over into the American market after the breakthrough success of the Beatles. The term “British Blues” was coined for their style of music, which was constantly shifting between preserving the older style of blues while mainstreaming it into the pop marketplace. (The most memorable and enduring bands performing “British Blues” were Cream, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones… just to name a few).

Flash forward 40 years and “British Blues” is making a comeback. With the September 12 Ruf Records release of Everything I Need by singer/songwriter/guitarist Aynsley Lister, America will once again be invaded.

Born and raised in England in 1976, a whole decade after the first British Invasion, Aynsley Lister started his professional career at the age of 22. He has since  been writing and recording British Blues tunes that receive extensive airplay in Europe. Lister's songs, while unashamedly blues-influenced, are still commercial enough for rock and AAA radio. The melodies and catchy lyrics will have you singing along to yourself days after you hear it; a hallmark of “British Blues”.

Lister tours Europe extensively and is now a headliner at clubs, theatres, and festivals. His albums have been received with critical acclaim throughout Europe.  Everything I Need should be Aynsley Lister’s breakthrough album in the States just as it was in Europe.

In October 2006, he’ll be back in the studio recording his fourth album to be released worldwide in early 2007. Lister will tour America in 2007 in support of the new album.

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