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Brit Hume and the Battle of de-Bunker Hill: GOP New Hampshire Debate

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In case you missed the debate on FOXNEWS aired September 5, here’s a wrap up. The news is that there is news on the new-candidate front because Fred Thompson skipped the debate to announce his new candidacy. He was soundly debunked by those present.

Debunk is to ridicule or lampoon. Debate a discussion that involves opposing viewpoints. Clearly, these words are closely related.  New Hampshire was the site of this GOP debate with Brit Hume moderating the debunking fun found therein. If Fred were stomping in the inner city instead of announcing on the couch of The Tonight Show, he would be called “Big Fred” or “Big Lazy.” He chose the couch instead of the podium to stand up and debate like a man. The Fred problem is an easy fix: He has a common name, just add a couple more to the ballot! 

Gov. Romney asked “why do you have illegal aliens cutting your front lawn? Why didn’t you report them?”  The target on his back. But before that dicey question all eight were asked what they thought of the missing candidate Fred Thompson of Tennessee. I thought Mr. Hume was going to ask about Senator Craig first. But this was a good opener because each candidate had a chance to show personality, suave and even wit in answering the question.  He was called “No-Show Fred.” Ron Paul said he welcomes him to the race “because he will help dilute the vote, because he is pro war.” McCain said it was “past his [Fred’s] bedtime.”

Giuliani went overtime in talking about illegal aliens in NYC. New Yorkers were once told that legal immigration would NOT change the face or the features of NYC. The powers that be were terribly wrong. Hume asked: Why do you feel some of the people who oppose illegal immigration are racist? Huckabee was quoted as saying some were racist.  He has a great quote saying that FedEx has a better track record of finding people than the Feds. Tancredo everyone knows by now is running on a strong illegal immigration platform that opposes any smell of amnesty. I hear you Tom. He is one among a panel of WASPs. Tancredo, “It has to do with the rule of law…does anybody understand that?” Hume asked: how would you start and complete a fence in Texas Duncan Hunter said “it’s the law. It is not a scraggly fence. If you get over it we sign you up for the Olympics!” They took questions from people in a restaurant. A Massachusetts’ police officer said that they are overwhelmed and “we can’t compete with these immigrants.” He said straight out they are not going to follow the rules and you can build all the fences you want. What about the ones here? There are millions of them. INS and ICE are both a mess (paraphrase). 

If you have ever tailored clothes then you know that it is always more difficult to fix something that is broken than to do it right or secure it in the first place.  Romney said you have to cut back the sanctuary cities and the employers who want them here and give them jobs the day they arrive illegally.  I want to know what other country can you go to and get a job and legal papers the same day and everyone looks the other way? You show up in a place like France or England and you don’t speak the language but you get a job? I don’t get it. To see for myself I applied online to Canada’s immigration program. It has a points system. You get extra points for each language you speak. Here you seem to get points for each language you don’t speak.  

Finally, a question about Craig’s renege: should he leave his office? Yes, according to Hunter.  Would Romney rollback abortion? What would Romney do? Here are some of this thoughts:  We would love to not have abortion. I would like to see Roe v Wade overturned. The people should put in pro life legislation. I believe in allowing states and citizens having their own laws put in place to protect life. We have two lives and have concern for both lives.  Thompson quoted in the press as saying that the students at Virginia Tech would have been safer if they had been allowed to carry guns (loud applause) and that he never felt safe in NYC because of the gun control laws. Giuliani answered this: Thompson was wrong. As mayor he took the crime capital of America and made it safer than some smaller cities.  He said “The reality is that he was safer in New York city after I was mayor for three or four years."

What's up in the bedrooms of America? Question: “Should there be a ban on gay marriage?” Brownback, “Yes, this is a foundational institution.” The audience is divided vocally. In countries where marriage has been redefined and the marriage rate has plummeted to out of wedlock births at 80%.  I wonder: is the marriage genie already out of the bottle? In some parts of the world it seems so. He said “it is a vast social experiment.” Many argue that allowing gay “marriage” and not just legal rights for couples would ruin real marriages and life as we know it. 

There was a poll after the debate here are the top standings:

Ron Paul—33%: Popped up in the polls after the debate. He repeated that (paraphrase) the 'slam-dunk' people said it would be a cakewalk and a bloodbath if we leave. Got the loudest applause. Hume "Are you saying that we should take our marching orders from al Queda?"  Paul said no, that instead we should get off the Arabian peninsula. We should not go to an illegal war.  

Huckabee —18%: He earned it.

McCain —16%: Can’t deal with defeat in war. He said "the surge is working…(no doubt)." But he got high marks for blasting the non-conservative spending spree taking place on the Hill under Bush et al. He said that he will veto the pork that is off the charts and make it known who is raking in the pork for their state. He showed remorse for his stand and failed legislation on amnesty for illegal immigration. That seems to have improved his polling. 

Giuliani —15%: Chatter capital of New York. Talks too much. A woman at a restaurant quoted as saying he talked about NYC entirely too much. He went overtime (1 minute limit) more than the other candidates. 

Romney —12%: Looks tall, tan and handsome, did not win the poll due to his Mormon religion? If one read the bios of each candidate all WASPs. That bothers me, but that is what majority America wants. Do they not want Mitt the Mormon?

Brownback’s best: "we should have a political surge." That sounds familiar. People want diplomacy and political maneuvers first, war as a last resort. Presidents want wars.

Tom Tancredo “We cannot leave the country [Iraq].” He continued to talk about illegal immigration with great passion.

Finally what can one say about the actor — tall Thompson? This man has it all: one foot in heaven (married to a 40-year-old bleached-blonde arm candy) and one foot in the grave (he is a cancer survivor).  I think his plate is full and predict he will bow out of the race more quickly than he broke into it. Did he make a strategic campaign error by waiting to announce and skipping the debate? Probably so.

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  • Scott McDonnell

    “”Hume “Are you saying that we should take our marching orders from al Queda?” Paul said no, that instead we should get off the Arabian peninsula. We should not go to an illegal war.””

    Nuh-Uh and shame on you.

    He said: “No! I take my marching orders from the constitution!” (Huge, crowd-roaring, applause)

    It one of his best moments in all of the debates. A side of Ron Paul that I will be hope to see much more often.

    Is that ‘C’ word really so hard for people to say nowadays?

    Just who are you trying to fool? People that didn’t watch it themselves?

  • John in FL

    Ron Paul—33%: Popped up in the polls after the debate. He repeated that (paraphrase) the ‘slam-dunk’ people said it would be a cakewalk and a bloodbath if we leave. Got the loudest applause. Hume “Are you saying that we should take our marching orders from al Queda?” Paul said no, that instead we should get off the Arabian peninsula. We should not go to an illegal war.

    That is not what Paul said. It was Chris Wallace that tried to smear Paul and not Brit Hume. Why not just post the link to the actual exchange so that people can hear what Ron Paul said?

    The attack that Chris Wallace made on Ron Paul was pretty strong and Ron Paul did of fine job of returning the focus to where is ought to be.

    What Paul really said was,

    “No! I’m saying we should take our marching orders from our constitution. We should not go to war without a declaration. … This is an aggressive invasion. We’ve committed the invasion of this war, and it’s illegal under international law. That’s where I take my marching orders, not from any enemy.”

  • Clavos

    Uh, Heloise:

    From Merriam-Webster:

    Main Entry: de·bunk
    Pronunciation: (“)dE-‘b&[ng]k
    Function: transitive verb
    : to expose the sham or falseness of

    Doesn’t say anything about ridiculing or lampooning.

  • RJ

    This was the highest-rated primary debate ever. Yet Thompson’s appearance on Leno still garnered millions more viewers. And he didn’t have to argue with anyone, or seriously defend himself.

    Fred is no fool…

  • REMF

    “Fred is no fool…”
    – RJ Elliott

    A hypocrite, yes; a fool, no.

  • Just who are you trying to fool? People that didn’t watch it themselves?

    She’s not trying to fool anyone and she’s not even trying to run down Paul. She’s just giving her take on what about his response was important.

    Why do you Paul fanatics assume that every comment made about Paul that isn’t glowing praise is some sort of conspiratorial attack.

    Paul’s not perfect. No one is. There’s room for sensible people to criticize him even if he’s the best choice of the lot we’re being offered.


  • Arch Conservative

    I’m at a loss to make the connection between Ron Paul saying he follows the Constituion and how that in any way relates to Paul saying that we should leave the middle east completely because al queda said one of the reasons they attacked us on 911 was because we had troops in Suadi Arabia.

    Yeah Ron Paul had his “I follow the Constituion” soundbite and his supporters are all licking his ass and clapping themselves on the back now but I have yet to hear one reasonable statement come from Paul regarding what he would do as president to combat the very real threat of Islamic terrorism.

  • I believe it involves his head and a hole in the ground, Archie.


  • Clavos the dictionary I used did give debunker meaning to ridicule. One of its meanings.

    Listen you try sorting through 3 hours of conversation!!! I listened to it twice. Hopefully if I missed something you fixed something. Thanks, I tried.


  • Tannim

    Too bad this columnist didn’t do his research before he opened mouth and inserted pen-foot…

    It’s utter stupidity and ignorance like this columnist that has to be overcome in order to prevent the fall of the Republic.

    “The Revolution will NOT be televised!” RP08

  • Scott

    I don’t think Huckabee thought through the FedEx thing.

    Packages have barcodes. The infrastructure for tracking those are well defined. People would need collars or RFID tags. The infrastructure would be great; we don’t have walled communities. Tracking people would be expensive. (I think that ordinary transponders will not work, something with a range of a mile would be much better.)

    Also, I don’t think we would get very many guests if tourists and students are required to have RFID tags they can’t remove.

    Most of all, this is way to close to the mark of the beast that many in his support base would recognize as very bad. Similarly, freedom-loving conservatives would have trouble with how much this looks like an implanted national ID.

    I think if Huckabee thought this through, he would recognize these problems. He oughta chat with Ron Paul. Paul has spent some time looking at national ID precursors and even RFID implants, such as those planned for NAIS. I think that if Huckabee thought about it and talked with Paul, he would find that this was a issue they would agree on.