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Brightcove and TiVo Bring Web Video to TV

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Brightcove and TiVo are looking to create a new option that finally seals the Internet TV connection. They will bring online video to the television screen. That, in itself, is not a new idea but their method is.

What does this mean for users? It would allow you to choose to play quality online videos on your TV and still play short, raw videos on the computer.

From Red Herring:

“Our deal with TiVo is just the first stage of a larger process for broadband video on TV,” said Mr. Berrey. “Streaming video in a browser has its place, but there are certain forms of broadband entertainment that will be more appropriate for your TV screen.”

“What will happen eventually is you will be able to open a version of your broadband channel on your TV,” Mr. Berrey said.”TV menu navigation is of course limited to up-down or east-west and that creates a certain kind of user interface.”

Past services that tried to connect the Internet with the television failed because they were trying to make the TV mimic the online experience, where this wants to exploit the strengths of both. This deal will probably be successful because of the amount of new broadband content being offered and the nature of the two companies. Not being big networks or cable companies means they have less concern for the status quo and more to gain.

This is a little outside my personal scope of knowledge, but the source article has some information about improved encoding that might be of interest.

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