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So who is this “voice of his generation”? This “next Dylan”? This “Indie heart-throb”? This Conor Oberst?

OK, so the first time I really started paying much attention to Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes’ was last fall when he was out on the Vote For Change tour.

Last month, I caught Bright Eyes on Austin City Limits with Wilco and was intrigued enough to dig a little deeper.

So I learned the standard biography background stuff like Conor Oberst refuses to record for major labels, shuns corporate radio and won’t play venues owned by Clear Channel Communications. OK, so cool.

And he’s got a couple of new CDs out — I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning and Digital Ash in a Digital Urn.

Then I heard the NPR Live Web-Cast of the Bright Eyes concert at Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club. One song in particular struck me which sounded like the ranting of an angry – yet wise – young man. A song written specifically for our hometown’s most famous resident.

So who is this “voice of his generation” who’s been writing and recording introspective tunes since he was 14?

As Caryn writes on Jukebox Graduate the “obligatory bright eyes posting” of the new Conor Oberst song “When The President Talks To God” lyrics:

“It’s a great, biting, eloquent talking blues, in the spirit of Woody and Arlo and Steve Earle. Writing a song like this is tough to do, it’s not just the lyrics that are important, it’s the tune and the performance and the delivery, and it’s freaking masterful.”

And the indie press has been all over him and bloggers are ga-ga.
Rather than the usual Bob Dylan comparison, recently we got a comparison to Eminem in Technician Online?! Grayson Currin writes on Conor Oberst, the “precocious poet laureate of the indie world”:

“Eminem is restating both his popularity and his ability to hold a large part of the American youth in rapture, hanging on his every flip and slam. Marshall Mathers — a 32-year-old rapper from Detroit — commands an obedient, trusting audience, and he knows it.

And, as strange as it may sound, Conor Oberst — a 24-year-old singer/songwriter from Omaha — isn’t that different. Oberst, who has recorded with a revolving cast of band members under the name Bright Eyes since 1998, commands an equally attentive if smaller audience. Both writers are fully aware of their character flaws and prodigious talents, and both of them bleed through in striking four-minute poses. Mathers and Oberst are separate, incomparable beasts, of course, but — when it comes to finding an audience and making it shut up and listen — they are ironically equivalent masters. “

At last month’s concert in Toronto, Frank on chromewaves.net writes:

“But that’s not the curious thing about the show. I went down onto the floor between the main set and the encore to retrieve my camera from the coat check, and some of the audience down there were behaving like they’d just witnessed the rapture (the Biblical event, not the band). There was one girl I saw crying through the whole encore, and others who looked on the verge of tears or ecstasy. It was as if they were experiencing a completely different show than me – they were taking it in on another level entirely… It’s sort of hard to explain, but it was strange. I felt like a tourist.”

As Joel Caris writes on a Blocritics review:

“Conor Oberst is one hell of a musician and it’s kind of ridiculous that he has managed to release two albums simulataneously that are of such high quality. This guy can sing and write, period. The lyrics are amazing on both albums, though they really shine on I’m Wide Awake.”

Not enough Conor yet? Here’s a recent NPR chat with Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes.

More Bright Eyes photos from Austin City Limits.

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  • janet

    For folks to say Conor is the next Dylan is like so much a curse! No one can live up to that hype.

    I just wish all you reviewer critics would let an artist be themself and not compare everything to everything!

    criticz? who needs em?

  • Janet – sorry about the Dylan reference. Only reflecting a widespread analogy. Afterall, not a bad thing necessarily be used in the sentence with Dylan.
    Of course, ther will never be another Bob Dylan. But I think when you look at today’s music bench of who will making a long lasting impression, there are not a whole lot of even wannbe contenders.

    How about Jeff Tweedy of Wilco as a heir apparent to the Dylan crown? Maybe that’ll setoff the Wilco fans?!

  • i would say Eminem is as close to “the new dylan” as anyone. Folks are always looking for “new” versions that are just like the old ones. Eminem performs a genre of music seen as “the peoples music”, “the music of the streets” etc etc, the most political genre there is right now. He’s constantly yacking on about his girlfriends / ex-girlfriends etc in his lyrics (is Kim his Idiot Wind?). He’s obsessed with the character he has created. He can be distastefully chauvinistic. I think the blonde motherfucker has the edge.

    And i liked the article, man. I tihnk this fella is somethin terrific, is what.

  • then again, maybe the new dylan is the old dylan.

  • Duke – I agree that Eminem as “the new Dylan” is a more interesting discussion. I guess folks make the comparison with Conor because they’re work is more comparable stylistically speaking.

  • Conor Basher

    Im sick of this introvert garbage … he has a horrible voice, he claims to be depressed about something .. maybe his middle class parents not giving him enough pocket money.
    Ive heard alot through my brother .. its uninspired drivel ripping off those with no aim in life but to cry themselves to sleep.

  • Hey Conor Basher – Gee, doesn’t that description fit a great many artists? Isn’t that what makes them create?

    I mean what would Kurt Cobain’s music been like if he had a happy childhood and been popular in High School?

    Show me someone who had a perfect childhood and captain of the school team and I’ll show you someone is creatively impoverished.


  • Conor Basher, i think somewhere in there you ahve valid points, but i think under closer scrutiny maybe they flounder a tad. I the fuck E, you say about Middle Class parents etc, but i think the idea that someone’s emotions are somehow irrelevant if they have money behind them is a bit, well, stupid. For sure, maybe he doesn’t have financial worries, but guess what man, money ain’t gonna solve a damn thing. Speaking as someone who has fuck all to rub together, i find the notion that money would straighten out whatever i have to worry about a bit, well, insulting.

    Also, the “uninspired” thing. I think Lifted is an astonishing album, bouncing from style to style with aplomb, an album that makes the “invisible” ,ie, the recording process, part of the listening experience. I think Digital Ash is one of the most astonishing records i have heard in years on a purely musical level.

    And i think he’s a lot more witty than folks give him credit for. From “False Advertising”;

    “Onto a stage i was pushed, with my sorrow well-rehearsed,
    So give me all your pity,
    And your money,
    All of it”

  • Jade

    Hey Guy Who Was Flipping on Conor….BAD VOICE??? your retarded…conor has the most amazing, brilliant voice I’ve ever heard…and Eminem???? yah hes cool, a 35 year old white guy rapping…nice. YOUR WHITE! ACT LIKE IT! Conor is my inspiration, maybe you should listen to his songs to find out what hes depressed about…i can honestly say I hate you…whoever wrote those mean things. Conor deserves everyones respect and than some.

  • Bryan Somebody

    Conor is from Omaha.
    I am from Omaha.

    Conor is 24.
    I am 24.

    His parents live in the ‘burbs.
    My parents live in the ‘burbs.

    He’s angry and sad about something.
    I’m not.

    I’m sticking to Dylan. Conor has great music, but it’s um… boring to be so sad and angry all the time.

    Besides Bob Dylan was born on May 24th.
    I was born on May 24th.

    (’tis true: I am 24, from Omaha, dob = May 24, just a load of coincidences…)

  • jade, how should white folks act? also, is there a way black folks should be acting? can asians rap?

  • Sydney

    I think the conner debate is getting a little crazy. Lets just face it. He’s one of the best out there right now. He may not be bob dylan, but who cares I wouldn’t want a second bob dylan anyway.

    Remeber that all great singer songwriters faced feirce debate in their early days. This could be a sign of Conner’s future.

    what really gets me is that allmusic guide review. Its totally over the top. The reviewer has somthing stuck up his ass I think…. take a look see if ya get a chance.

  • Zack

    I know this is starting to sound repetitive, but comparing Conor to Eminem? It’s ovious that Conor is a much versatile and more creative artist than Eminem. Oh and Mr. Conor basher, i just thought i’d let you know that you make me sick.

  • Chingus

    next time this punk comes back to dallas, he’ll find a beer bottle between his teeth if he comes up with anymore of his immature texas bashing. yeah conor, we allz in texas iz allways be ropin cattle and rapin injuns.
    and what makes him even more of an ass, this kid is from freakin omaha nebraska.
    a redder state there never was. a more backwards and hillbilly population of republican cattle there never was. i know. i spent all of 2004 in omaha. the place is a wasteland. no wonder this puke is pissed off.

  • random

    i think this is really getting out of hand. we are not here to insult each other unnecessarily and to discriminate. spouting vicious almost-stereotypes which are almost definitely untrue is just as bad as conor-bashing without real reason. everyone has different tastes and different opinions. you should just be here to state yours and to argue for your view, coherently and reasonably. petty, vicious disputes that don’t further the topic or even make proper sense is just basically spam.

  • Heather

    Don’t compare Conor to anyone. Yes he may have similarities to other audiences in the amount of talent he has, or the power he has over his listeners. However, let Conor be Conor. He is talented. And what makes music good music anyway? If you listen, not all of his music is sad and depressing. He is an amazingly creative musician, even at the young age of 24. He’s more creative than most bands and singers out there right now. So give the man some respect.

  • Ray

    Conor Basher, don’t look for wisdom in the lyrics of a 24-year-old singer. Just sit back and enjoy… the music is pretty good.

    To everyone else jumping on Conor Basher, I think it’s fair to say he doesn’t have a good voice by traditional measures. Personally, I like it because it is strange and unique. (Well, maybe not THAT unique – ever heard Echo and the Bunnymen?)

  • Cookie

    Asians can rap, what about that guy Jin?

    Yes, Conor may not have the traditional smooth crooner voice, but really I wouldn’t want it an other way, When he sings you can hear all of the emotion and you know it’s real.

  • callMEfocker

    THIS IS TO EVERYONE WHO’S SAYING THAT the incredibly gifted artist (i.e. musician, poet, vocalist) that is CONNER OBERST IS ONLY WRITING boring, cliched SONGS ABOUT BEING DEPRESSED: a point for you guys because YES!, MANY of his songs are obviously inspired by depression… BUT, … he’s far too talented to write only about depression. in today’s music world, it’s NOT AT ALL POSSIBLE for somebody to earn the critical acclaim that conner oberst has by writing ONLY DEPRESSING, mediocre, generic, PLAYED OUT, NOT-WORTH-A-SHIT lyrics! every songwriter in history has used depression as the inspiration behind their lyrics. and why not? emotion is the driving force behind almost everything we do… HOWEVER that makes it the EASIEST source to tap for inspiration. conner’s ability to write INSPIRED AND MEANINGFUL songs about such a WIDE VARIETY OF TOPICS is EXACTLY what makes him better than the rest. song topics range from problematic politics (“when the president talks to god”) to the enjoyment of having empathy for others (“bowl of oranges”)… from his appreciation for life (“grateful”) to the beauty of casual sex (“lover i don’t have to love”)… the meaning of life, the birth of his nephew (“no lies, just love”)… i could go on and on, but i’ve made my point. all of you who said his music is only depressing, boring crap should check out some of the songs i’ve mentioned. you may still not like him… he’s not anything like anything you’ve ever heard before… but conner oberst is the most talented songwriter of this generation, and he at least deserves your respect

  • QueenGonzo

    all i can say, is that Conor Oberst is damn talented. His music is not just depressing, it varies and he is a lot better than those unbearable bands out there right now. i.e. good charlotte and simple plan. now that’s what pitiful, self absorbed music is. Not Conor’s.

  • onehotminute.

    ahahaha Chingus, do you think your cool or something saying that your going to throw a beer bottle at conor oberst? like i sincerely hope your kidding because thats the lamest thing ive ever read.

    so what if hes from nebraska, its not like you choose where you’re born.

    hell im just happy im from canada and dont have to put up with you dallas fuckers.

  • Allie

    Conner Oberst is the most beautiful creature I have ever had the pleasure of listeing to. The people who bash him are just th stupid fucks who don’t know anything about art. I grew up in an upper class family, and I have just as much right to be hurt as anyone else. I have just as much ability to feel things. Just because somebody has money doesn’t mean they have happiness.

  • Rachel

    I don’t care how much money Conor has; I don’t care how sad he is. He has no basis for ripping on Texas like that. ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ is not just a slogan. And no, he’s not brilliant, dear. But, then again, neither are you, so it’s ok.

  • chloe

    ok first off conner oberst is the most amazing perfect greatest thing that ever happend to music his voice is so magnificent he is a human being second of all for all you dumb shit for brains money is not at all happiness ever and quite frankly if u think that maybe you should die because u dont no anything especialy ART.OK SO GO BACK TO \LISTENING TO GAY ASS 50 CENT ACCIDENTLY FALL OUT A WINDOW AND SAVE US ALL FROM YOUR STUPIDITY.

  • Conor’s mood during the Oct. 22 opening show of the new Bright Eyes tour this past weekend mirrored the weather in Santa Barbara – cloudy, cold and gloomy. Too bad for him, too bad for us fans. He seemed drunk. (Which was fine with me, I was drunk too. It was definite drinking weather.) The first thing he said to the crowd was, “I wish I was warm.” Mid-show he shared his worries about the lack of sunshine and warmth. So, being the brilliant, moody musician that he is, he then let his mood affect his performance by acting careless with regard to normal professional demeanor on stage – walking away from the microphone mid-sentence, removing his guitar before the last chord faded on a number of songs, even changing his mind and switching guitars (from acoustic to electric) after strumming a few chords to “Lua.” He only played for about 75-80 minutes, announced his last song as “this is our last song” (?) and then proceeded to mess up the last few chords of “Let’s Not Shit Ourselves” after jumping off one of his drummers bass drum. (The other drummer knew it, and tossed his sticks in different directions in frustration at the end of the song.) He also seemed too much like a conductor during this show, as if he now knows he is the center of attention on stage and therefore must be more animated and playing the part of rock-n-roll star. In past concerts he acted more like just a member of the band. Despite all this, I’ll remain a hardcore fan of the guy and his music. He’s just going to have to get used to fame, and occasional bad weather. There were bright spots in the show, such as the long Conor-only intro to “You Will You Will You Will,” and a good diverse selection of songs from “Fever & Mirrors” and “Lifted.” Surprisingly absent from the set list were some of the unbelievable songs from “I’m Wide Awake” and “Digital Ash.” He pretty much left those albums untouched. (I was really looking forward to “Ship in a Bottle” – no dice.) So let’s help the SUN comes out for the rest of the Bright Eyes tour. The President may not talk to God, but a lot of Conor Oberst’s fans are certainly praying for the clouds to part for him. He deserves a spotlight of pure sunshine. FRW

  • russ, thanks for that! i ain’t ever seen conor live (or Lovely Conor, as he’s known to Yours Truly), but god in heaven i’m lookin forward to such a thing. so i’m guessin the tours for I’m Wide Awake… and Digital Ash… are done with now, and this is a tour with songs from cross the board? and what of this live album due for release next month? i’m not sure what to think about live albums, but fuck it, it’s Bright Eyes.

  • John

    HA HA HA to say he has a bad voice, i mean cmon you think bob dylan has a good voice? i love bob and conor

  • steven

    I don’t know anything about Dylan, but I know taht at 19, all my troubles, my angst and sadness that comes with the transformation to adulthood is reflected in every breath from Conner’s mouth. He is brilliant, and has a depth far surpassing a generation of Blink182 and Black Eyed Peas plastic and soulless music. Viva Conner, I will know your music for the rest of my life.

  • Pointing out a fact

    Well no offence to Texas (mostly because others shouldn’t have to read the bs of you bitching cuz one person doesn’t like their state) but in the Pres. talks to God…yeah he f-ing played that on Leno…live television. Bush had to have heard that. He’s not bitching about it. It’s a fact of life that you have to forgive and forget the insults and you’ll never make everybody happy. So just forget it if he dissed you guys…i don’t care if he hates Nebraska (my state) all i’m in for is the ride of my life as i listen to his incredible music. And living in nebraska…boring as fuck so i’m impressed he can think of shit to write about while in nebraska. God knows i can’t.

  • Viv

    I just saw Conor live, and his stage presence is amazing. He captures everyone’s attention, and even during songs, the audience is so quiet and still, you would think they’re all drugged (which some are 🙂 ). If you can’t see into the depths of Conor’s lyrics, or if you won’t, then whatever. I don’t care. I, myself, am a big fan of Conor, but if you’re not, okay. No big deal. You guys have all got to chill.

  • bernadette salem

    the man is a focking lyrical genius. i love you connor oberst.

  • Kelly

    Conor is a hot poetic genius. I love how his voice isn’t tampered with and how it doesn’t sound like anybody elses. I love how you can hear the emotion in his voice….


  • Kelly

    How come all the emo kids are from Nebraska? I have to be the only emo kid from my state. Is it really that depressing to live in Nebraska?? It’s annoying cause I’m pretty much the only emo in my city…everyone treats me like a pshyco. But when I get home and lock myself in my room and listen to Bright Eyes I forget everything. Conor has this odd power over me….


  • kelly

    Chingus [Deleted in line with BlogCritics Comments Policy.] it’s not like he chose to be born there, just like you didn’t choose to be born in dallas or wherever the hell ur from…CONOR IS FREAKIN HOTTER THEN YOU!! THEN ANYBODY!!!

  • jaymz

    please, everyone. if you listen to 50 cent, you are not a dumbass who deserves to die. we’re all just human beings who make mistakes. oberst didn’t make a mistake, he cussed out an entire state just for the heck of it. that’s just really mean, and there is no excuse for it.


  • R

    Conor writes about the stages of a teenager to becoming a man its that simple but that now that he has grown up a little bit his songs will change and i can guarantee he had his best more mature work yet to come. Don’t forget he is just 25

  • Erica

    To be honest, I can see that one similarity between Eminem and Oberst, it’s true that they both can captivate the audience with the amount of talent they have. Now, a lot of the younger girls are going through that state where they need to be sad, and are attracted to depressed, troubled, and dark individuals like Conor or bad reputation, angry rappers like Eminem, the sad thing is that, though a lot of the older audiences see the talent and hear it, most of their fan bases are all over them partly because of their image. Well I really don’t blame them, but in this case, talent should be discussed not how “hot” they are. And, if you care to listen to the new I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning album, you’ll notice that Conor’s/Bright Eyes’ sound is a lot less melancholy, but is still mellow nonetheless. So, really, Conor is growing up, and Bright Eyes will eventually evolve into something new, but something along the roots of that dark, metaphorical, music and lyrics. After all, Bright Eyes did release Digital Ash, which is a little different than Fevers and Mirrors, or Lifted.

  • Chester

    What the fuck?! Comparing Oberst to Eminem. You Shoud go listen to one of each of there cd’s. Then is you can say they are sort of the same you must be deaf. I’m not trying to bash Eminem, but he is by no means as talented os Conor Oberst. Oberst is fucking briliant and Eminem can just talk fast and same some petty rhymes.

  • Tahlia

    At least Conor has meaningful lyrics…Eminem’s lyrics are meaningful i guess…but Conor actually puts his heart into the lyrics, Eminem sings about his own troubles and stuff but Conors lyrics are universal they apply to lots of people in a way.
    Personally i Like Conor Oberst better than Eminem and lots of other artists…like if i were to say that to my friends at school they would think i was crazy coz they haven’t heard Bright eyes.

  • Jo

    I have to admit when I first seen Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, I thought, “He is nice to look at.” That was what first kept me from changing channels. Then I listened to his song, thinking “Don’t be shallow. Let’s see if he sounds good.” His voice was not perfect, but it had the perfect pitch, which accented at the right moment. I couldn’t stop looking at him, and my ears were glued to every word. There are few musicians who can keep my attention. That in itself is very rare. It was like he was speaking to me, and only me.
    Now, Eminem. I can see the only artistic comparison is that they are both singer/songwriters. Eminem seems to be more personal and dated, and Bright Eyes seems to be more universal and timeless. In summary, Conor Oberst is an artist and Eminem is an entertainer.
    If you guys disagree, please comment. Thanks!

  • Tahlia

    Oh Conor is Hot too…but i’m from Australia and Emo is like “Frowned” upon so if i listen to Bright Eyes around my friends they immediatley think i’m depressed or something….
    i wish people wouldn’t label others. +kinda off the subject+ but it really pisses me off that because you listen to deprssing music the automatically your are depressed!
    …..Conor is awesome…..

  • Tahlia

    I agree with you Jo..I mean in his song “An attempt to tip the scales” there is a radio interview and the interviwer said that Conors lyrics were very personal, but although he may be singing about his personal issues the lyrics are written as though he isn’t just singing about himself but emotions.-obviously-.
    Fevers and Mirrors—-The fevers are what ever ails you or keeps you up at night—-The mirrors symbolise self examination.
    That makes me sound like i’m some sort of lyrical analyst. ^.^

  • dani

    im with tahlia and have also noticed that australia seems to be the only place to frown upon “emo’s”. sure they ain’t the happiest bunch and they can be annoying sometimes, but leave em alone. i wouldn’t say im emo, i dont dress it but i do listen to bright eyes. i dispise the used though. so what does that make me? hmm, perhaps ME! bright eyes is fantastic, and i don’t really see his music as depressed. more like a melancholic complacentcy (?). his lyrics are beautiful, yet sung sadly. hes just a great artist and no-one should have to be labelled as anything. if you like bright eyes, you have an ear for talent as far as im concerned.

  • Tahlia

    i feel sad coz Conor is From Nebraska and i live miles away…i kinda wish i could see him one day in like a shop doing a really “Hyper-normal” thing like buying bread XP

  • jak

    just finished reading ALL of the 44 articals u guys posted nd rachel,the artical u posted on october 13th is completely wrong HE IS ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and YES i DO think he is REALLY hot too, i DEFINATLY would,all-over(if ya no wot i mean!),i’d love to shake his hand!i can’t wait til he tours england,i’m definatly going to go to one,if not a few,of his shows!nd jaymz….wot r U on about????nobody no’s.conner is the greatest musician i’ve EVER had the pleasure of lisnin to nd chester(who posted a note on april 7th)here,here!ur artical deserves a round of applause!!!

  • I think that Conor is amazing. His words mean something, and he knows what he’s talking about. Yes, I think he is the voice of his generation.

    Now, as of the emo thing? I don’t think he is trying to be emo, people just have slipped him into that genre because they misinterpret his lyrics, possibly.

    And I don’t think his parents living in suburbia influence his lyrics much.

  • pictueresque!

    I’ve been listening to Bright Eyes for quite some time now. And i can honestly say, i have never been more inspired in my life. Connor Oberst is an amazing song writer AND singer, i don’t care what you think. It’s not my fault that i can’t stop listening to him.. it’s captivating. It’s not even a fault. Sometimes I have to listen to one bright eyes song over and over again before i even, remotely get the meaning of it.. but, i like that. I don’t know if any of you have heard, ‘dust by the faint and bright eyes’.. but if you haven’t you really should. It’s sorof techno and i LOVE it. Not that i don’t love Connor’s other work aswell.. I love the folk sounds of some of his songs. It just shows you how amazingly diverse he really is. Well, it’s just like me to ramble on about Connor Oberst/Bright Eyes like this..but, i can’t help it. Oh, and just have to add for all of those people who say, “emo” to describe themselves or someone else.. you obviously have no idea what emo is and most likely will never understand it.
    I cannot wait to go to a Bright Eyes show. I’d be surprised if i didn’t pass out at just the sight of him. I then want to meet Connor.. and maybe even have a conversation… high expections, or what? This is my only goal in life. LOL!

  • Errorhead, Norway

    Connor Oberst is NOT the new Dylan. There will never be a new Dylan. Dylan is unique, so is Connor Oberst. But like Dylan, Connor Oberst has the talent to impress me whatever he does with his music.

    I hope he will last as long as Dylan to. Then I will have at least 40 years of good music to look forward to. (Excuse my english, hope you understand anyway)

  • Kennedy
  • Kelly

    Connor is a person just like you and I …why are we fighting over him. lets just keep our opinions to ourselves if they are going to be so negative.You wouldn’t like it if someone came on a website and started bashing you and your name and everything you stand for…we all have feelings, lets keep that in mind.

  • Kayleigh

    Conor is an amazing musician and songwriter.

    Is there need for fighting over his looks and/or if he’s emo?

    he’s voice is captivating and for everyone who thinks otherwise, well think otherwise but know you’re missing out on something great.

  • MIKE

    Bright Eyes is probably the best band recording music right now. I’m not comparing him to past bands, but currently he is the best. He deserves credit for being so popular without going to major labels and radios at all and for being so successful for so long. I think most people here are new fans, and young fans, but he has been around a while unlike all other popular musicians today who will be gone tomorrow. Bright Eyes has been around and is not going anywhere. He is only 24. Also take note of his audience. Lots of young people it seems on here but compared to most popular musicians today that rely on high school kids to be successful for a few years. Connor has a large number of older fans. (25 – 35) He has begun to appeal to a huge audience, not just young emo kids. His music is becoming much more mature than it was, not that I don’t like his older music. There are also alot of unknown bands out there that compare to him, just without the following. Look at the musicians he supports if you like his and you’ll find some great music.

  • Mary Helen

    After stumbling on you and your lyrics, I am overwhelmed by your raw passion and inner-sole words. You have helped me in more was than you know or want to know. You make me feel peaceful and content. If you are not completely turned off or annoyed by my words, I would love nothing more than to have contact with you.
    I’m sure you have your ways
    Southern Girl in Transition

  • Jeff Korshal

    i would turn gay for him.

  • victoria

    Coming from a 13 i believe his music is amazing and there is no need to compare to bob dylan connors hes a different person, with different music but in all his music is beautiful and his lyrics have a meaning

  • Tim

    Conor Oberst is a great musician. But he is not God, I get the feeling people love what he has to say Because they love the idea of him. Every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him. Don’t ever become infatuated with an image you have created through perception. There is more to conor oberst than the fans will ever know, and that’s fine. He is just a human, we are ALL capable of artistic creation like that. Connor oberst does it in a time of Rap and Horrible Music like Nickleback etc, Just like Nirvana stood out in a time of boring early 90’s R&B. I hope Connor succeeds in making DEEP MEANING IN SONGS mainstream. I wish when I turned on the radio I could hear a song covering something besides fucking a bitch or being a slut. We love him for all the songs and deep lyrics he has shed to the world, but don’t try to imitate someone- you will forget who you are. And all the people claiming to be emo, and bright eyes being emo. Please don’t ever use that word again- Connor’s music is way behind the word emo. Use poetic, truthful, folk, etc.

  • Kurt Cobain!. enough said.

  • oh and one more thing. to the person that said “Just like Nirvana stood out in a time of boring early 90’s R&B.” it was WAY MORE than just R&B. Kurt cobain and nirvana destroyed bands like guns N roses AND metallica. so dont sit there and say they were big cause of crap like R&B. cause ur wrong. after nirvana hit the scene. they were the only band people really paid attention to. it wasnt just kurts death that made him popular. he was already popular