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Brief Review: Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes

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The White Stripes’ new release, Get Behind Me Satan, is immensely fun to listen to. Jack and Meg have crafted a wonderful album from start to finish.

“Blue Orchid” kicks off the album in rousing fashion. The song is fast, catchy, and just the right length. There are also a lot of other great songs to be found. “The Nurse” combines two disparate types of sounds, marimba and crashing guitar, and somehow makes them work. “My Doorbell” is a jam that features elements of old-school R&B and funk. “The Denial Twist” is another fun song, one that sounds good enough to come from another time period entirely.

Each White Stripes album I have listened to always amazed me because of how they are able to get so much great music out of so little elements. Get Behind Me Satan is no exception. It’s the real rock album of the summer (sorry X & Y). It’s creative and full of surprises. You will want to listen to it over and over again.

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  • K.R.S.

    I thought it was a little uneven myself. I give them credit for not resting on their laurels and releasing the same album over and over again, but some of these songs sounded like they were being experimental just for the sake of being experimental. A couple more up-tempo tracks wouldn’t have hurt either.

  • KRS, I’m not sure I see your complaint. Most of the songs on the album are in fact uptempo and good rockin’ tunes. I can only think of maybe a couple of slow songs, which for one thing is good for some texture in the album. Plus, the main slow song would be the concluding “I’m Lonely,” which just kicks ass all the way around.

  • Holly Appal

    I have to agree with the last one, every song on the whitestripes new album rocks! They are all awesome, and unique. You don’t see any of that kind of stuff these days. And that last song was kick ass wasn’t it! All of their songs kick ass!!!
    –Holly Appal