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Brief CD Review: X & Y by Coldplay

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When I first listened to X & Y, I was unimpressed. You mean to tell me after all that time, all they could come up with was this? I really liked A Rush Of Blood To The Head and I was disappointed by X & Y initially. The CD sat unlistened for a while after that. Other albums took precedence over a repeated listening of X & Y, even with all the hype that surrounded its release.

Eventually (as in months later), I decided to give X & Y another listen, for the heck of it. I don’t know if it was because all the hype surrounding this album has disappeared or what, but upon this recent listen, I actually enjoyed a lot of what I heard.

Although I enjoyed “Speed Of Sound” upon release, other songs on this album grew on me. “Square One” is a wonderful, powerful way to start the album. Chris Martin’s vocals are particularly appealing on the chorus of “What If?” and with songs like “White Shadows” and “Talk,” the group really establishes themselves as something more than a ripoff of old-school Radiohead.

Normally, I have a knee-jerk reaction to music. If I like something, I like it the moment I hear it. If I don’t like it the first time I hear it, I usually don’t end up liking it at all. There is no greater feeling for me than listening to some very good music for the first time. Sometimes, I think this leads me to writing reviews that are a little too positive (or negative). However, X & Y is one of the rare examples of an album that really had to grow on me in order for me to like it. I’m not sure if this album is really better than A Rush Of Blood To The Head, but in the end, it’s definitely a very good follow-up.

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  • ukexpat

    I have mixed view about X&Y – some of the tunes are catchy, but some of the lyrics are very weak and there is no excuse for bad grammar even in modern music: “You and me are drifting on a tidal wave” – I ask you – the correct “You and I” would work just as well.

  • I’ll have to admit, “Speed of Sound” is a good remake of “Clocks” but I still can’t stand it. And then everything else on the album sounds like that too, with the exception of “Till Kingdom Come”, which I could probably repeat over and over. I haven’t listened to X&Y in a while but I have recently seen them live about a month ago and I still can’t bring myself to enjoy any of their new material.