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Brian Linne Band-Rock Music For All Seasons

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Artist: Brian Linne Band
Title: Uniqueness In Me
Genre: Christian Rock
Label: BDL Recordings
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Every individual shares a commonality and in the same instance, we have our unique personalities, habits, beliefs and tastes. Brian Linne shares his strong belief in a higher power and the ability to accept the things we cannot change, change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. I can relate to that credo, I have lived by it one day at time for 22 years, and it has kept me away from the destructive forces of alcohol and drugs, which he sings about in “Live For Today .” I did not know Brian’s personal story, but now I do because I heard it all in the music. I know the message he has is a spiritual one and it comes through some wonderfully entertaining music on his long awaited completion of Uniqueness In Me.

Linne sings some difficult lyrics. They would be a lot easier to recite them like a poem or read as if he was making an oral presentation. Because of that, I truly admire his sense of rhythm and ability to make a tune a joy to hear, rather than a spoken word affair. The musicianship is impeccable as well. Some of it really rocks; in fact, I was reminded of early Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band with the great saxophone playing of Dave Kujat. Everyone that contributed to this project had their heart in it, if they did not for some reason, which I have no idea of knowing, they must have got by osmosis from Linne, his energy and bright attitude are contagious.

I knew when I first heard the music it would be a few more listens before totally absorbing it all. It is nice to be able to understand every word, find something in common, and then sincerely appreciate the music and the consistency it offers throughout the entire listen. Music inspired from heaven delivered from the heart, it does not get any more pure and beautiful than that. Thanks for the positive messages and great music Brian.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

March 12, 2005



Brian Linne; lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Robert Kerrigan: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion, back-up vocals, bass

Dave Kujat: soprano, tenor, and alto saxophone, piano, synthesizer, organ
Dave Taylor: drums, percussion, bass
Mary Gibbons: backup vocals

01. Come Back To Me (3:15)
02. God Grant Me (4:05)
03. Guiding Light (4:05)
04. Let Your Love Rain Down (6:07)
05. Little Spell (3:06)
06. Live For Today (3:11)
07. Never Mind Time (4:09)
08. Paradise Discovered (4:52)
09. San Diego Light (4:15)
10. Thank You (4:37)
11. Uniqueness In Me (4:34)
12. Winds Of Life- Angel (6:17)

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