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Brett Favre Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

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I loathe you, Brett Favre.

You couldn’t stay away, could you? Is your “legacy” not enough with what it is?

Apparently, not. Paul Walsh from The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Favre will sign with the Vikings after publicly retiring (again!) only weeks ago.

Let’s make this clear. The only thing Brett Favre is retiring from is fall camp. What’s next? Practice?

Vikings fans – the only championship your team will reach is one your guide them to playing Madden NFL 10. Brett Favre will start hot, his arm will melt down (because that’s what happens when you are in your 40s), and the season will slip away. Meanwhile, Chicago upgraded with Jay Cutler in the offseason and Green Bay will only be better (Detroit – not even going there).

So long, Brad Childress. When this fails, you’ll be gone the way of Eric Mangini. Brett Favre used to kill defenses. Now, he kills coaching careers and fans’ hopes. This is a gamble you won’t walk away from holding anything but the ashes of your dreams. I realize this probably was way above his head, but this is another example of a head coach in the NFL who doesn’t have enough power.

Mostly, I hate you, Brett Favre, because you prove the old adage about athletes who can’t walk away while the walking is still good.

Let me make this clear. You have nothing left to prove. This is all about feeding your ego because, in spite of your accomplishments and the opportunity to move forward and do something else with your life, you have nothing bigger in your life than your ego.

That ego built your “gunslinger” mentality and it’s also what has caused you to falter in your latter seasons. It will be that ego that will define your career as well. They’ll have to induct you and it in the NFL Hall of Fame when, and if, you can actually stay gone for five years.

So, Minnesota, you got what you wished for. Your quarterback in a bottle has landed and you have opened the box of the Favre-media machine. Just like those who opened Pandora’s, you will wish you had never gone down this road once you are burned by the ever-expanding Favre ego.

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  • Tom

    The Vikings were ok before Favre left. I actually like the vikings and the pack. ALthough I like the pack better, the vikings need to get someone long term. Not short term choke artist. I wish he would just vanish and us all alone. If his ego was as big as his pecker he would have retired 5 years ago when he should have.

  • Tom

    I had an interesting dream the other night with brett favre in it and it has disturbed me. It was just after his 15th tearful goodbye to football. His father said “son…. the day you don purple you cause your poor father eternal pain in hell, please don’t do it for your poor father’s sake” and brett said “Irvine my father, I am sorry but I love the game more than you father, and my family for that matter, I am sorry but I have no choice”, At this point in my dream Irvine Favre Screamed a horrible cry and was consumed in a purple ball of fire. And Brett standing by had is usual cocky smile and said “don’t worry father I will throw an extra interception for you I promise. What does this mean? Can anyone elaborate for me?

  • Of course KSK’s Drew Magary has the perfect rant on this story. (Lots of cursin’ ahead.)

  • zingzing

    motherfuckin fuck the pack. but you’re right.

    minnesota hasn’t had a good quarterback for years. every one they’ve had has had significant flaws. favre’s is that he is just too old (and throws a bunch of interceptions and is a flake and is green bay).

  • Tony

    I can’t wait until they play the Pack. I hope he gets his teeth knocked in. The Minnesota franchise set themselves back 5 years with this crap. Sage was good enough, and they could have developed him into a franchise QB. Now instead they’ve got this one year, broken down, rental.

  • zingzing

    sigh, the moment is lost.

  • zingzing

    hrm. i coulda done that better. likeaso:

    “tit,” the town, oui.

  • john

    It’s all about ego. Brett is so yesterdays news.

  • zingzing

    “tit” the town, yes.

  • Nan Seidl

    LOL LOL LOL LOL “4” ever a Favre fan in Green Bay, WI Titletown!!!

  • zingzing

    i’m a vikings fan and i, for the second year in a row, despise this move. rosenfels looked good enough for me on friday, even if he is unproven. throwing 10-12 million at favre just makes me sick. go get some pass defense.

    if the vikings do manage to win the superbowl, whose superbowl will that be? favre’s. i want minnesota to win it without having to import some messiah.

    and in skipping training camp, he’s already well behind our other three (three!) quarterbacks. i say sit him out for at least the first 4-6 weeks, then bring him in (if needed) when he’s caught up. he is a very talented quarterback, but he’s old, and he’s green bay, which just makes him the enemy.

    (as a caveat, when minnesota plays green bay in green bay, i want favre under center and with a middle finger making a 360 around the stadium.)

  • Maybe they plan to use him a Wildcat formation.

    Sorry, that’s what they always say.