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Breastfeeding is the method by which many babies are fed in their first few years of life. Breastfeeding means nursing a baby at the mother’s breast, although babies can also be bottle-fed breast milk which is expressed. Establishing breastfeeding can often be a difficult process for mother and baby with many variables at play and there are many products designed to assist the new mother with this process.

A good nursing chair or glider is often a desirable purchase as many hours are spent sitting while breastfeeding. A nursing pillow can also help to position the baby correctly without straining the mother’s neck and spine. These are particularly useful when feeding twins at the same time. A breast pump is a handy product to have so that there is additional milk on hand if the mother needs to separate from the baby.
Many mothers may want a degree of privacy while breastfeeding outside the home so there are breastfeeding wraps or covers which can be purchased to facilitate this. Buying specialised clothing such as breastfeeding tank tops can also assist mothers to breastfeed in public in comfort. Such clothing features a built in shelf bra which unclips to allow the baby access to the breast. There are also many maternity garments which clothe a woman through her pregnancy, then aid in breastfeeding once baby is born, via built in access panels.


There are many pro-breastfeeding bloggers who discuss the many issues associated with this time-honored practice

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