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Breastfeeding Pisces Moon Mom Feels Agitated and Overwhelmed: Astrology-Based Advice

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Dearest Elsa,

I was wondering if you had any suggestions for someone with some Piscean stuff in their chart. How the heck do I use this Piscean energy correctly?

I want to work on art (I'm an artist), I want to write (I can write), I want to be a good mother, sister, etc. But I am not sure how to focus any of it, especially since I have a six month old daughter and I exclusively breastfeed. So I am not even sure if my question is about channeling energy, about motivation, about direction, or what – but I feel like something is missing.

I am going day to day, getting by and doing fine, but without goals, and that, of course, bothers me. I want my primary role to be as mother to my daughter, but I also am restless and depressed because I am not meeting any needs on the creative or other fronts. I'm afraid that I will end up like many other mothers who neglect their own goals in lieu of their child's. Also, I worry that I don't have the energy to do more than take care of my daughter full-time.

So I am confused (a function of Pisces, too!) and overwhelmed a bit on what to do. In all honesty, these problems existed before my daughter was born, but then I could escape them for months or years at a time by eating, sleeping and otherwise being hedonistic to cover up my feeling of emptiness.

Any suggestions to a creatively blocked mom?

Yours Truly,

Motivationally Challenged and Emotionally Overwhelmed

pisces charm belt oldDear Challenged,

Yes, I have ideas. I suggest you adjust your perspective. Making a baby is an enormous task. My sister (a Pisces) told me once that she thought pregnancy was an 18 month thing, not 9. It takes 9 months to make the baby and another 9 to recover! And if you can embrace this idea, I imagine you will see immediate relief from some of the pressure you are putting on yourself.

Now, astrologically, Pluto has just crossed your ascendant and squared your Moon Mars conjunction in Pisces. Pluto going over the ascendant like that is a once-every-240-years event, and it appears you know enough astrology to glean this is a major, MAJOR life-changing transit.

This marks the birth of your child, but also the death of the woman you were before you had a baby. . . and the rebirth of you as a mother. Now doesn’t that sound like a lot? Think you might be busy processing on a very deep level? I do.

And when you are breastfeeding, your baby is FEEDING off you. You are literally donating your energy to feed your child. And this is intensely demanding! So do you think you need to be up and around and making art? Why?

As far as I am concerned, making a child is the ultimate creative act. You just made the greatest thing you will ever make, outside of your next child (if you make one). So it may help to attune yourself to these kinds of concepts and give yourself a break. And trust that your life and life of your daughter will unfold in time, in a way that is perfect as well as perfectly unstoppable.

Good luck.

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