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Breaking Worse: America’s Attitude Problem Needs to be Tackled

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The violence in Tuscon a few weeks ago was still fairly fresh when the news feeds started spooling reports that one of the shooting victims had unleashed his own version of “breaking bad“. Granted, being shot while attending a political function could understandably instill “a head full of bees” with some folks, not to mention some of the irksome, antagonistic remarks of certain speechifiers, but the old adage “you cannot right a wrong with another wrong” still has merit.

It seems that events of this kind are getting far too commonplace. I feel a sense of deja vu recalling the recent incidents involving the Army Psychiatrist at Ft. Hood a year ago and the shooting at a school board meeting in Panama City, Florida ,just last month.

In reference to the former incident, how much will the frequency of these types of exhibits escalate when our troops start arriving back home in numbers following multiple combat tours? A frightening realization is that the occurrence of these fearful events will inevitably increase before they wane.

So many people today are generally downcast and unhappy, dealing with enormous amounts of distress due to a combination of many factors such as the condition of the economy, rigid governmental controls, social pressures, political differences and uncertainties about the future. Our society does not encourage positive behavior but leaps at every opportunity to criticize, debase and degrade. We, as a nation, have an attitude problem. As a whole, we are not on the same page and display no unity or cohesiveness regarding any issue.

It will be a major undertaking, a long and painful process, showing slow and gradual results, to re-direct the mind-set of our entire society and alter the course with which we have been heading over the last several years. But, maybe, we Americans can pull closer together and apply our collective wits and creativity in order to conjure up ways to break this trend before it gets too much worse.

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