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"Breaking News" is a term used in journalism that implies a recent and typically sudden news development. A story that is designated “breaking news” interrupts normal radio, television, and sometimes Internet broadcasting or publishing with a live report on a significant incident.

Historical events such as the bombing at Pearl Harbor, the stock market crash of 1929, the assassinations or assassination attempts on U.S. and world leaders, have all been considered breaking news. Other events that are not tragedies or disasters have also broken regular programming such as news in space exploration (the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969), certain sporting events, and the outcome of the O.J. Simpson double murder trial.

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Breaking News

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Breaking news! Cute white baby farts in Pittsburgh. Distraught parents expected bubble to emerge as esophageal burp but unforeseen pressures forced air down to lower alimentary track where it emerged as flatulence. Stunned parents currently undergoing counselling. Prospect is grim. More gas expected. According to confidential sources, story will be continuously updated on both CNN and Fox News. Tune in for further stunning developments.

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  • Holy crap! I hope they’ve got Greta Van Susteren on the scene so we can keep up with this.

  • Eric Olsen

    clearly this administration must be blamed for the nation’s state of denial regarding CWBF

  • any news on the texture of the gas?

  • Bush lied, babies cried!

    When will Congress do their duty and investigate? Is impeachment finally coming?

  • UPDATE!!!

    baby dropped in blender. set to frappe.
    new slurpee flavor discoverd. convenience store chains vie for new taste sensation.
    tentative name..”Dahmer Float”

    film at 11


  • In other news, dog wags tail. White House leaks info that tail wagged the dog, but not KNOWINGLY

  • This just in: Natalee Holloway seen babysitting JonBenet Ramsey.

    …Too soon?

  • I Like Beans

    I like beans but they don’t like me
    They always make everything so shity
    Always blowing stinking gas out of my ass
    But I like beans

    I love beans but they don’t love me
    Every time I fart it sends me up in a tree
    I guess I’ll have to change my trajectory
    Cause I love beans

  • Eric Olsen

    Here I sit brokenhearted,
    changed the diaper when the baby farted

  • Here I sit mentally defeated
    Wonders why post hasn’t been deleted.

    Don’t make it a habit folks. It takes a PhD

  • Temple: I’m curious as to why this post gets attacked while this one is just treated as a funny diversion. I have to agree with you on this one. Not to mention the apparently double standard we’re setting…

    Although I guess you said it a lot more cleverly than I did.

  • While both posts are brief attempts at humor, for this one the author put in enough effort to actually bring the funny, where the other relied upon the reader to supply the funny.

  • I agree with you, and I think this would be a great post to a personal blog, but I’m just questioning its place on the front page of this site.

  • They are stealing our White Women! Why oh why must the media keep sweeping these stories under the rug? and who will protect our White Women?

  • I’m lost…

  • At least you know it, Tan. Most of us wander about under the blissful delusion that we know what’s going on and what everything means.

  • Omni Temporal

    Speak for yourself, Victor. I do know what’s going on and what everything means. Uh … except this post.

  • carmine

    Cable news, in their endless quest to sell commercials tends to sound like twisted soap opera. What once was would have been tragic local news now rivits the nation. But there is one small proviso: the victim must be attractive and white, and either a child or a woman to become the focus of cable news hysteria. Yet if the child is black or poor or the woman is black or poor, or it is a run of the mill man, well then death, dismemberment, murder will never make the news. But if it is a woman with large breasts and an eye problem who flees marriage, well this is breaking news! Michael Jackson of course is an exception because he now is a white child-like woman, so it still sells. So, I was simply experimenting with how low they will go. It made sense to see if my neighbor’s infant’s flatulence might merit a few days on CNN. I guess not. But the baby IS white and very, very cute.

  • James, your comment sounds like the makings of an interesting post, if you managed to elaborate and expound upon your ideas a little bit. I like where you’re going with that. I feel as if you could have started a far more interesting discussion than the one that’s gone on here, however. Perhaps you can figure out a way to expand on what you have to say in that comment and turn it into a post within the next few days. I think that could start some rather interesting comment threads.

  • bhw

    Earlie today, I thought this post had just barely enough to stay up. Maybe I was wrong….