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Breaking News: Pittsburgh Steelers Remain Super Bowl XL Champion

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Earlier this week, NFL referee Bill Leavy, who worked Super Bowl XL between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks, stated that he “kicked two calls in the fourth quarter and I impacted the game.” Based on Leavy’s announcement, I’m sure that the NFL is now going to declare the Seahawks the actual winner of Super Bowl XL. Start planning the victory parade through the Pike Place Fish Market!

Not so fast though. Mike Pereira was the NFL’s Vice President of Officiating from 2004-09 and disagrees with Leavy’s assertion. According to Pereira, yes, Leavy made an incorrect call when he flagged Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck for a low block. But the hold should have been called. So I guess that the Vince Lombardi trophy isn’t moving from Pittsburgh after all. Besides, did that 15-yard penalty for a low block really cost Seattle the title in a game where the Seahawks lost by 11?

I think the bigger issue here is why after nearly four and a half years is this still a topic of conversation. The referees didn’t cost Seattle the Super Bowl; the Seahawks cost Seattle the Super Bowl. The Seahawks were unable to stop the Steelers from making three big plays, converted only 5 of 17 third downs (while Pittsburgh was 8 of 15), dropped several passes, missed two field goals, and couldn’t pin the Steelers inside the 10 yard line in the punting game. Sure, it’s easy for former Seattle coach Mike Holmgren to want to deflect any criticism from himself. Blame the refs and don’t notice that my team and I (meaning Holmgren) did a terrible job managing the clock.

While I’m happy that Leavy feels like a weight is off of his shoulders, I think it’s time for everyone to move on and enjoy the upcoming football season, while the Steelers and all of its fans should continue to celebrate their fifth of six Super Bowl championships.

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  • Deserei

    Now it’s all said and done. So Seahawks fans can put this Steeler “Cheat” conspiracy to rest. It’s bad enough they’re still talking about it to this day. As a steeler fan, I have nothing against them or their team. I feel bad for them, but that was 4 freakin’ years ago. After all this time, they still feel victimized by it, but let’s all put this behind us and move on and forget about it.

  • zingzing

    the seahawks didn’t bring this up again… the ref did. and yeah, i’m sure they still do feel like things could have gone the other way. as a “steeler” (sic) fan, you should admit that some calls went your way. whether or not they affected the end result–and i don’t think it really did, the steelers probably were the better team–it’s better to be honest.

    (i’m not a seahawks fan by any real measure, although i did live in seattle at the time.)

  • get over it steelers

    the entire NATION* knows that game was the biggest super bowl travesty ever.

    * (Except steeler fans who keep bringing it up over and over and over)

  • Stealers=BAD

    WOW! The seahawks didn’t even bring it up and no one ever said it was cheating it was oviously just bad play calling. Any way we all know how big of a criminal Ben Rothlisburger is.

  • Yeah right

    There just wasn’t a couple of bad calls in that game! There were a lot more than just a couple.. I don’t care what anyone says I think it was really obvious that there was something going on! Come on now exactly how many bad calls were called on the Steelers? Maybe 1 if that!! Why didn’t Mike Holmgren get fined for what he stated on TV about the game?

  • are you kidding me

    they didn’t impact the game? how can you say that clearly those fouls shouldn’t have been called(more than he admits or talks about) some of those fouls interrupted our drive and impacted what would have probably been a great game…whatever your an idiot