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Breaking News: Mumbai Rocked By Seven Blasts

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It has been reported by NDTV, and is now being reported by the New York Times and other news media, that a series of blasts have rocked Mumbai's commuter rail network. Most of the blasts occurred in first class compartments of trains full of commuters returning home. The first one was on train between Khar and Mahim. The second blast was on a train at the Mahim station, the third near Bhayandar station, the fourth at Jogeshwari and the fifth at Borivili.

There are reports of two more blasts — the sixth at Khar, and the seventh one has been reported from Matunga.

The Western Lines have been closed down and the injured are being rushed to local hospitals.

Seven blasts rocked suburban trains in Mumbai on Tuesday evening, Police Commissioner A N Roy has said. The police control room has reported that 104 passengers have been killed in the blasts, and 258 injured. PTI reports that the blasts took place in a span of 30 minutes in first class compartments of suburban trains.

CNN reports that PM Manmohan Singh has called an emergency meeting of his ministers. Airports and other transportation hubs have been placed on high alert all over the country.

This is reminiscent of the Bombay blasts of 1993, when thirteen bombs exploded all over the city, claiming over 250 lives.


If any of our readers are looking for friends or relatives or for any other information in Mumbai, Mumbai Help can help you get you the information. Please visit and perhaps you could pitch in and help, too.

In Bombay most phone lines are jammed. Getting in touch with anyone on a cell phone is close to impossible. Landlines are easier to get through. Following are some phone numbers of hospitals that the injured have been taken to. You can call these numbers for further details.

Lists of Injured

Western Railway Enquiry 131, (022) 2306 1763
Mumbai Helpline (022) 2200 5388
Cooper Hospital (022) 2620 7254, and 56
Bhabha Hospital – Bandra (022) 2642 2775
Hinduja Hospital (022) 2445 1515, 2445 2222
Leelavati Hospital (022) 2643 8281
Nanavati Hospital (022)
Raheja Hospital (022) 2446 7569
Sion Hospital (022) 2407 6380 / 2444 9161

To send messages on TV News Channels:

CNN IBN SMS "Mumbai" to 2622 followed by your message
Or call (0120)4341 895 http://www.ibnlive.com
Headlines Today HT Message your name to 2424
NDTV SMS message to 6388
Times Now SMS YOU Message at 8888

For blood donations

Sion Hospital needs 1600 bottles of blood.
Holy Family Hospital on Hill Road, Bandra is running a donor's clinic.

The chronology of the seven bomb blasts that ripped through the seven suburban trains at various stations during the peak hour on Tuesday evening is as follows:

  1. Khar — 1824 hrs
  2. Bandra — 1824 hrs
  3. Jogeshwari — 1825 hrs
  4. Mahim — 1826 hrs
  5. Mira Road — 1829 hrs
  6. Matunga — 1830 hrs
  7. Borivali — 1835 hrs
  • 147 killed 439 injured
  • Train services resume from Bandra to Andheri – Harbour and Churchgate to Bandra also Goregaon to Borivali and Vasai to Borivali
  • Administration jammed the phone lines to prevent rumor mongers. Didn't realise they created more panic for 100 % of mobile-using Mumbai population who couldn't contact or be contacted by anyone
  • All blasts in first class compartments
  • Paramilitary forces deployed at major airports
  • All trains from Ahmendabad to Mumbai cancelled.

Hospital Reports:

Bhagwati Hospital, Borivili 24 dead 50 injured
Sion Hospital, Sion 38 dead 40 injured
VN Desai Hospital, Santa Cruz 9 dead 32 injured
KEM Hospital, Parel 18 dead 50 injured
Hinduja Hospital, Mahim 36 Injured
Cooper Hospital, Vile Parle 26 dead 25 injured
Bhabha Hospital, Bandra 22 dead 25 injured
Malika Hospital, Oshiwara 16 injured
Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle 2 Dead

Thanks to Aniruddha, Kim, Sujatha, Apollo and Sakhshi.

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  • Terrible tragedy. At least 300 dead so far and that on 7/11, as the date is written hereabouts

  • What should one do in the aftermath of such attacks and tragedies? Aren’t ignorant people better off who enjoy a limited perspective of things, animate their senses only if it bothers their most immediate surrounding? no worries to think of…….just be concerned with their dinner, their dresses, their books and their families and friends…..i wish i could be like that. i will skip my dinner today for the sake of the loved ones of those who died in mumbai and srinagar in kashmir today….

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I have only one question. Do any fellow writers live in or have family in Mumbai?

    Stand strong – strengthen your faith in G-d.
    Don’t be afraid to cry, but do not allow yourselves to be overcome with either fear or bitterness. May G-d watch over all of you in Mumbai and any other places in India attacked by terrorists.

    The whole world is a very narrow bridge;
    The point is not to fear at all!

  • Arch Conservative

    I wonder what jihadist piece of shit was behind this one. When is the world going to get fed up with Islam?

  • A Sober Hindu

    Being an Indian with family in Bombay, my main prayer is that this will not escalate into full-fledged communal warfare. Every religion has extremists, and people get caught up in the fervor of the moment, accuse, and take up arms. This is what whoever perpetrated the attacks is counting on. Let us hope we do not play into their hands.

  • Wright

    Well said, Sober.

  • Wright

    And Ruvy as well.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Temporal, EO, Aaman,

    I looked at this story yesterday and today and saw the updates. A fine jounalistic job from my point of view, easily worthy of inclusion in any MSM publication. There is potential here…

    Are there further updates that can be added to the story?

  • Bliffle

    “Every religion has extremists, and people get caught up in the fervor of the moment, accuse, and take up arms.”

    Even the Quakers? Buddhists? Mennonites?

    I think the religion has to support and legitimize extreme violence.

  • 1 day into this tragedy now, and Mumbai moves on. That’s the spirit! Police and anti terrorist teams have a task at hand. Looking at such events in the past, it is clear that this was not the last of its type, and they just come on stronger with each new one. Question is, given the population in Mumbai, how to make it safer? Is it best left to the government only? Where are the Mumbai tigers – the Shiv Sainiks? A defaced statue can lead to a furore – now we have a defaced Mumbai? How long will the common man live in an cocoon of denial – what can we do – the government does nothing for us?

  • One day after the blasts and Bombay moves on. Is it Bombay’s legendary sprit or our karmic acceptance of the loss of lives….our resignation that we could do nothing to prevent such attacks…..isn’t it like giving a leeway to our politicians?

  • Arch Conservative

    “Every religion has extremists,”

    Well sober, currently the only major religion whose extremists are committing terrorist acts throughout the globe is Islam.

    And even those who are muslim but not “extremist” look the other way and too often sympathize with the terrorist extremists. If that’s the way they want it that’s the way it shall be.

    The stage is being set for a great battle………muslims versus everyone else.

  • A Sober Hindu

    Arch, while I agree that Islamic terrorists have had the worst impact on the world in recent times, it is not the only religion that has extremists or terrorists. It just happens to be the one that rankles the western civilization the most. The attitudes of Hindu, Sikh, or Bodo extremists (and terrorists) in India are no better than those of their Islamic counterparts, and there have been enough Christian extremists who have resorted to violence (the IRA, Eric Rudolph, white supremacists, etc), although all these have been at smaller scales than the Islamic extremists.

    Bliffle, I meant every major religion. I unconditionally admire Buddhism, and have taken some of its teachings to heart, but believe it goes too far against human nature to change the world over. There is nothing in the Hindu tenets that preaches or legitimizes violence, being quite close to Buddhism in that sense. Yet it happens, and the blame lies with the individuals, not the religion.

    Thank you for your thoughts for those in Mumbai.

  • Nancy

    I have to agree with Arch on this one: while other religions may indeed have extremists, they are few & far between, and nowhere near as predicated to mindless violence to gain their ends as it seems Muslims increasingly are. Also, it seems as well that the vast majority of non-extremist Muslims say & do nothing whatsoever to denounce or put a stop to the fanatics, but on the contrary go out of their way to protect & shield them; I cite the example of the various connections of the London bombers: a good many of them knew or suspected violent & illicit activity on the part of these men, but none of them did a damned thing, and in a couple of instances, the families actively tried to hide them & provide ‘safe’ havens. Why the families weren’t arrested themselves & tried for treason or at the least as co-conspirators is beyond me.

    But yes, I’ve lost any patience & sympathy for Muslims of any stripe, thanks to the activities of the violent ones, and the complicity of the rest.

  • Arch Conservative

    Oh boy Nancy’s agreeing with me. I don’t know what to make of that.

    Sober you mention the IRA and Eric Rudolph. Those are nothing like the current crop of Islamic terroists.

    While the IRA consisted of Catholics who fought with irish protestants the main crux of the IRA’s cause wasnot religion but the refusal of britian to allow ireland to be whole again. Also the IRA mostly targeted british troops, royals and judges/politicians..not civilians like al queda.

    Eric rudolph was also not a terrorist with a religious cause. Just a nut.

    If you can’t see how the islamic threat facing the world today is unique I feel sorry for you sober. If the islamofacist terrorists insist on killing more and more innocent civlians throughout the world and so called moderate muslims stand by and do nothing they will create a hate fulled stigma toward their religion among even th emost olerant non-muslims. They will face a bnacklash as people get fed up with thier religion.

    We have already seen some signs of this in Denmark where several mosques were burned to the ground after Theo Van Gogh was murdered by muslims. I am surprised that more has not happened in the USA Britian, France, Spain or other nations who’ve seen first hand the work of the islamofacist terrorists.

    What is that thing that the jihadists like to say in thier little al queda videos? “Blood will run?”

    That’s right…..muslim blood will run soon……….like a fucking river and there will be no one left to cry for them but themselves.

  • A Sober Hindu

    Arch and Nancy, if the Hindus in Bombay were to take your attitude and ‘run Muslim blood’, this will just turn into a bloodbath as happened 10 years or so back in the same city. Nothing was gained from that episode, and I doubt anything will be gained if it repeats. I have met quite a few Muslims who condemned those acts and helped save many Hindu and Christian lives by hiding them in their homes during those communal wars.

    Dont get me wrong, the Islamic terrorists are clearly a huge threat that should be dealt with in the most direct and strongest way possible. But I do not believe that applies to everyone of the Islamic faith. If people act on such generalizations (as the Al Qaeda is evidently doing about non-Muslims), the world will soon dissolve into chaos. Think about it, if all non-Caucasians thought every Caucasian was a white supremacist, if all Jewish people thought every other European was a Nazi, if all Indians thought every Pakistani was a terrorist…

    It all comes down to individuals.

  • Nancy

    Then why aren’t Muslims in general rising up against these Jihadist assholes & the mullahs who encourage them? Why aren’t they out there in the streets & online objecting, protesting, and (more to the point) getting these mullahs thrown out of the mosques they preach in, refusing to fund or hide the terrorists, and treating as the criminals they are those that hide or help them?

    The ONLY reason Muslim terrorists can function as well as they do around the world, is because the general Muslim population around the world makes it easy for them to do so, by providing cover & support both tacit & otherwise. If the general population of Iraq weren’t covering up for these vermin, the so-called “insurgency” wouldn’t last another month. All it would take is for a fed-up population to turn these trash over to either the Iraqi or US forces, or better yet stage a few kangaroo-court mass hangings of their own, and let it be known such will be the fate of would-be terrorists/insurrectionists. Not even Al Qaeda can stand against a determined and angry populace.

    Until they do, I must believe what they demonstrate, that the general Muslim population, by their inaction, in fact supports & are co-conspirators with the fanatics & terrorists. If that’s the case, then they shouldn’t be surprised to suffer the same consequences & image in the eyes of the world.

  • Arch Conservative

    You don’t seem to get it sober.

    The rest of the world can no longer afford to make the distinction between islamofacist jihadist killers and other muslims. It is time for those other muslims to stand up and make that distinction obvious to us through thier condemention of islamo whackjob terrorists and their cooperation with the rest of us.

    What is the most basic human instinct sober?

    it’s self preservation.

    If western civilization wants to preserve itself in the face of the current islamic terrorist threat we cannot be concerned with individuals as you have pointed out. We must tale the kid gloves off and let it be known that anyone who looks the other way is just as guilty as the terroists and will suffer the same wrath of our armed forces that the terrorists must face.

    It is time for the big green machine to stop pussy footing around in the middle east and flex some real muscle. Carpet bombong syria and iran would be a good start. It looks like Israel might be getting ready to do just this. Once the dirty work has been done and there is no such thing as Islam anymore the rest of us can get back to the business of civilization.

  • A Sober Hindu

    Nancy, the general public of Chicago did not fight Al Capone, but that does not mean they supported him. The reason the general public of Iraq does not take up arms against Al Qaeda is simply due to what Arch pointed out – the instinct for self preservation.

    In safer environments, like in the US, there are many Islamic organizations that work for peace, and help in rehabilitation and rebuilding in the wake of terrorist attacks.

    Carpet bombing the Muslim countries, apart from being unethical, is just not pragmatic as the West depends on the Middle East for sustaining its civilization. If all those countries took up arms and denied the West its oil, unfortunately the Western civilization would grind to an economic and military standstill. This is the simple practical reason Bush could not attack Iraq earlier. He had to manufacture a connection between Afghanistan and Saddam and sell it to the rest of the world before he could, to ensure that the rest of the Islamic world would still cooperate.

  • Arch Conservative

    “If all those countries took up arms and denied the West its oil”

    Well maybe then we’ll just have to kill them all and go in and get our oil for free Sober.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    This is a bit off topic, but petroleum is too valuable to be wasted on gasoline for cars. There are better ways to do cheap transport.

    You can look at all this two ways. You can be an Islamophobe or not. If you are an Islamophobe, you are stuck with murdering off 1½ billion people or so (including some fellow writers on BC), and trying to look youself in the mirror the next day. If you don’t want to murder off a quarter of the world’s population, you need to figure out which Moslems are yoru reqal enemy and deal with them – permanently. But the remaining Moslems are NOT your enemy at all. I have been trying to make this point in post after post to BC.

    America does not need Arab oil. Neither does anybody else. Once they all figure that out, that is the end of the Arabs (and Aramco) unless they (the Arabs) find another way to get by. Wearing suicide belts is not a profitable living…

  • zingzing

    oh, archie just wants religious war. i think all the christians should take on all the muslims should take on all the jews. wipe religion, and all its irrational hatred, off the planet. kill each other! it’s what you all seem to want. are you willing to die? then, please, go ahead.