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Breaking News: Google In Exclusive Talks With Time Warner On AOL

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Reuters reports via Yahoo! News that Google and Time Warner are in exclusive talks about the search engine giant broadening its partnership with Time Warner’s AOL division.

Sources say that once frontrunner Microsoft may no longer be in the running for such a deal, given the exclusive nature of the talks between Google and Time Warner. Google and Time Warner both refused to comment on their talks. Stay tuned for more news here at Blogcritics.

John Mudd

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  • If it’s only a 5% stake, that’s not a big deal, but it IS a big deal in the sense of having a say on operations and strategic partnerships. I don’t see a report on Microsoft being shut out of the discussions, though. Do you have a source for this?

    Note that 5% of AOL is $1 billion – that means AOL is valued at $20 billion

  • It says Microsoft “may” no longer be in the running. It does not say Microsoft “is no longer” in the running. Right now it’s just speculation, but Reuters reported it originally.

    It is a large stake of AOL’s overall value, there’s no doubt. It also gives Google another opportunity to grow its online community, which is a big plus for Google. Imagine if you could login to AOL from your Google account. I think Google will use this as an opportunity to expand its online influence, and through more than just ads. Time will tell exactly what else comes from a Google-AOL relationship, but I think this is only the beginning. I think there will be some wonderful creations as a result of the partnership.

  • I should do a post on why I LOVE AOL, even though I’m more tech-savvy than most

  • It seems like everyone is talking to everyone nowadays, doesn’t it?

    Aaman — I’d love to see that piece from you!

  • I’m confused…what exactly does this deal mean?

  • Everyone’s talking to everyone like it’s 1999 again.

    Chris, I have no idea what the deal means. I do use AOL, though, so I’ll be sure to let you know when Google starts changing it to serve its purposes. I suspect we’ll see AdSense ads in AOL chat rooms, though, for one thing. Maybe an AIM/Google Talk hybrid. The possibilities are numerous with this deal. Who knows, maybe Google will give AOL users free wireless connections. That would definitely be a plus.


  • Ahh…I kinda get it now.

    Thanks. 😀