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BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Sullivan Does Not Scratch His Ass on Bill Maher’s Real Time

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At the end of the last series of Bill Maher, the highlight for many people came when Andrew Sullivan scratched his well-gluted posterior. The left cheek if I recall.

I now think it was a sign. Bill Maher is always talking about needing more conservatives on his show (and he’s right). And when he did – Andrew Sullivan and Ann Coulter – they trashed President Bush. !!!

Tonight’s episode was the best in a long time. Much much better than last week in fact (which was the show’s “bye week”).

I had a serious scare when I thought Ann Coulter was going to be one of the sit-down guests that I would have to endure all night. But no, she was on the TV screen ahead of former Iraqi soldier, current author Kayla Williams who was perhaps the most interesting person because she was “real.” She’s written
Love My Rifle More Than You: Young and Female in the U.S. Army

But Salman Rushdie was a pleasant surprise because of his humor; because as an intellectual he appeared as a wet one, not a dry intellectual.

Even Ben Affleck was a pleasant surprise, articulate about most things but most articulate about being a gun owner and – sort of – calling Maher on his shit about Florida’s newish “shoot-on-grounds” law.

I love those type of surprises. There is nothing one-dimensional about this show, despite what it’s empty detractors say; there are constant surprises.

I don’t know if it was the funniest moment but what struck me as the funniest moment of the entire show was the final “New Rules” about President Bush hiring his cronies – finding the first choice within a 30-foot radius of the Oval Office. There was sometihng aobut the deadpan delivery which cracked me up completely.

I will update with the transcript when I find it. It ended with (paraphrased), “At least with President Clinton when he said he was tapping the woman next door it was just for sex not for the United States Supreme Court.”

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  • SFC Ski

    I am looking forward to reading Kayla Williams’ book. I worked with her prior to her deployment, I am interested in reading about her experiences in Iraq.

  • I also loved the show tonight and am looking forward to the transcript. It was the best show in a long time. Seeing Ann Coulter with smoke pouring from her ears and her eyes as big as half dollars was amazing. Even prissy Andrew Sullivan was butch tonight when it came to Bush. I don’t see Andy rolling over for W. any longer. Rushdie was the most pleasant surprise. Full of humor, very astute, and kept right up with Bill Maher and his shtick.

  • Ah – I missed old Saladin Chamcha – must’ve been great

  • the show is alright.

  • Stacey

    Bill Maher is hot

  • Dan

    Bill Maher has razor sharp wit and is extremely knowledgable about all current events. He does a great service along with John Stewart in attempting to educated the sheeple of America.

    I wish more people could see his show. Tivo if you have HBO, you will NOT be sorry. I watch it ever Friday like clockwork.

  • Maher’s show is NOT usually as good as this particular one was. The strength of his show is almost entirely dependent on his guests because Maher himself is so painfully unfunny most of the time. When he has good guests – regardless of their politics – the show is good. 8/10 shows the guests are terrible and the show follows suit.


  • Pete

    Bill is an elitist firstly and mostly. He is also a racist. He is so blinded by hate of the bush admin. that he cant see the forrest from the trees, and neither can his sheepish fans.
    Open your eyes people. we live in the greatest country in the world. there is more right than wrong with us. hooray for us.

  • Pete. But is he funny? Yes.

    Dave – don’t care about an opinion from somoene with no sense and definitely no sense of humor.

    – Temple

  • A smart and funny and political show is a very rare thing. This is one of them — a must-see show every Friday night for those interested in the world. It helps a lot if your politics lean left, of course, in which case it’s vital viewing.

    Maher’s really found his niche, much as Jon Stewart did when he took over The Daily Show.

  • Pete

    Sometimes maher is funny, But he is still a smug asshole who looks down his subsantial nose at most americans.