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Brazil Dasein EP

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Brazil the band, and Brazil the country have a lot of things in common.

For instance, the adjective “large” can be used to describe both. The country is the largest in South America; the band has a large pool of talent from which to draw. The dense forest regions of Brazil can be compared to the dense, highly concentrated, poignant lyrics in the 6 songs on Dasein EP. Lastly, nationals inhabiting Brazil, the country, that are fighting to grasp on to their native homeland, exhibit the same fiery spirit as that contained in each fiery performer in the band, Brazil.
These comparisons lead this reviewer to the only logical conclusion; Brazil is an incredibly talented band from America’s Midwest that has hit the mark with their highly talented debut on Fearless Records. It’s both smart, and provocative with lyrics that blur the lines of fantasy and reality with chaotic symbolism, accompanied with noise-plagued guitars and incredible dissonance. The music and lyrics seem forever woven and inter-dependent, as if they were created from the very start to be strands that would weave the same musical tapestry.

This EP, though only 6 songs short, shows the potential that this band contains. If it’s any indication of what future recordings from Brazil are going to display, then be on the look out for this up and coming talent.

Jeff Petermann

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