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Braving the April 11 Pasadena Tea Party

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They played the Beatles’ “Revolution.” People would drive by, honking, and would hear the Beatles. At 12:30 on a recent Saturday, about 200 people gathered around Pasadena City Hall in California protesting our political leaders’ harsh and unfair tax solution. Specifically at this tea party, people were protesting California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger supporting higher taxes for Californians and Congress's wasteful spending at the federal level. They also wanted to repeal Proposition 1A, which passed in November 2008. It allows California officials to use taxpayers' money to partially build a $40 billion high speed train to be completed in 2030.

A tea party is a group of people protesting what the government is doing with our money. There are tea parties all around the country. It is a grassroots thing, rather than organized by one entity. The most famous tea party took place on December 16, 1773 where the colonists protested the Tea Act. However, that tea party was illegal. The current tea parties aren't.

The crowds grew as the day progressed. It turned out to be a family event, with little kids holding signs that said “Taxifornia.” There were even a couple of dogs. Police were present, but didn’t do anything.

The Pasadena Tea Party, as they call themselves, organized this tea party. (There have been many others throughout the country.) They communicate through Facebook and email. They got many guest speakers, including:

  • Chuck DeVore (candidate for the US Senate in 2010, currently serving in the California State Assembly)
  • John Ziegler (well-known documentary filmmaker and former KFI talk show host)
  • Basil Hoffman (master of ceremonies and screen actor/author)
  • Brian Fuller (candidate for California State Assembly in the 44th district)*
  • Pia Varma (associated with PopModal, the conservative alternative to YouTube)
  • Alvaro Day (candidate for the California State Assembly)
  • Teresa Hernandez (running for the 32nd district in the House of Representatives)

Basil said that we had a “tyrannical congressional majority.” He added that this tea party would “make Samuel Adams proud” and “we have something he didn’t have.”

John Ziegler started out laughing that it took a lot to get him to miss the Masters, but this tea party was a good cause. He got the crowd to cheer when he called Arnold Schwarzenegger Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger and said he should be punished. He ended with, “Never stop fighting for truth and never stop fighting for America.”

Teresa Hernandez said the government right now is like “crazies running the insane asluym” and the government is “spending money like drunken sailors.”

Cory Witte was there, recruiting people. Cory told me that he “found out about it like a lot of people on Facebook. He’s protesting against “the lack of fiscal responsibility [both the state and federal government.]”

He added that it was “a positive thing [that people are doing a tea party]. People are anxious to have a government that’s responsible.” He would encourage people to join a tea party in their hometown.

Be mindful that this was a non-partisan event. There were a couple of Democrats attending the event. These people recognized that the need to be a change. And no, not the kind Obama wanted. (That being the only thing left in your wallet.)

Most importantly, the tea party showed that there is power in numbers. It wasn’t a mob riot ready to kill, but rather a peaceful demonstration as is our right, protected under the constitution. And as Jefferson said, “A little revolution is a good thing.”

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  • STM

    Nothing like a nice cup of tea.

  • Steve

    Its impossible to take tea partiers seriously because they claim to be against government spending, yet they were silent through the entire Bush administration when he ran up debts like crazy. They didn’t protest the wars. They didn’t protest the tax cuts for the rich that increased our debt. Nope, they just protest when a black democrat gets into office. Hypocrites, and no one is taking you seriously. 200 people at a protest? We get more people to pick up garbage on volunteer day.

  • Keep your innocence, Maddy, in spite of partisan comments.

  • wow, what a waste of time and effort. Tea parties are useless, and most devolved into an attack on anything left

  • Cindy


    Here you go. TaxDayTeaParty.Com

    Boy, you right wing protesters really need all the help you can get don’t you? Guess when you don’t protest for 200 years or so you get out of practice.

  • CJ Green

    So where do I go to either read about any more actions planned here in Pasadena? I drove all the way to Westwood to attend a rally at the Federal Building on the 11th!

    Is there going to be another Tea Party tomorrow on tax day or am I going to have to drive to Van Nuys as I was planning?

    Thanks in advance.



  • If I could use it as an excuse not to do my taxes I’d spend all day at a tea party too.


  • RJ

    Nice article. Keep up the good work.

  • Wait til the 15th, when there will be tea parties en-masse. If I can get away, I’m going…

  • So Ruvy, should I invest my Yuan in a wheelbarrow-manufacturing company or two?

  • When are you all going to start throwing dollars into toilet paper parties? It’s going to be the coming thing in America. Thew other is going to be how to pronounce Y-Ü-A-N with the proper intonations, so as not to make fools of yourselves when talking to Chinese people….

  • EVe

    Only ONE report on the Pasadena Tea Party?
    It had some nifty signs, all home made, and quite a few about Obmamas borrow/spend policy;