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Brand New – Your Favorite Weapon

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If more of this album could start and maintain that “punched-in-the-ear” feel I would be quite happy. But hey, this band has only been around since 2000 and they released this album just this year (though Amazon.com says it was released Oct 9, 2001). Either way, that’s a short amount of time for a band to write and record a fine album.

After listening to this CD a couple of times I started to pick out more rock influence than cut-and-dry punk stuff. On some of the songs I hear an almost Everclear-style peeping out (no, not Everlast) which is a good thing. The “pop punk” thing comes out here and there in the form of standard riffs, hooks, and melodies but it’s actually done very well. Hey, this all coming from a metal head of sorts. That’s a good thing.

If you’re looking to get away from super-sugary glossed punk rock that’s out there these days (I won’t mention any names) I would suggest checking out these guys. Great production, humorous lyrics, decent song writing. Yea. Check them out.

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  • Katy

    Thank you so much! I’ve seen many reviews for this album, and most say they have an awful sound/lyrics and are just copying Taking Back Sunday. I, personally, love Brand New, so I thank you for giving them a try.

  • Annabelle

    Brand New is my favorite band, and although they haven’t been reviewed much, and although when they are it isn’t very good, I’m glad I came across this one. It’s great to hear that Brand New has more supporters out there than just me and my friends. They’re amazing, so thank you for taking the time to notice their amazing talent.

  • chris

    Brand new rock!!!!
    what a band, i hear more every time i listen to them. cant wait till next album!