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Right here.

The creator of BitTorrent, said to carry 30% of the planet’s internet traffic, reminds me of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and their ilk back in the day.

Cohen is way beyond smart (don’t even begin to try to imagine), down-to-earth, funny, profane, unrepentant, doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and really doesn’t much care what you think.

My kind of person.

You can learn much more about what’s going down and what’s next from his occasional musings in his blog than from close regular reading of the leading newspapers.

Take it from me: I do both.

I wrote about this singular man on January 3, specifically about somehow stumbling across his homepage.

Want more?

Then check out the story about him and his creation which appeared in the January issue of Wired magazine.

Note to Eric: invite Cohen to join Blogcritics.

Ya never know….

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