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Brain Balm

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Had myself a little adventure last night…on a mission to find a decent book on .NET programming.

So after a stop for dinner at the Red Arrow Diner, we hit the local Barnes & Noble.

It’s truly amazing: there are so many poorly written software titles out there. Page after page laden with only-in-high-school-allow-me-to-repeat-myself-in-a-slightly-different-way paragraphs. Gotta pad out the content.

As in most genres, the quality runs the spectrum from great to kinda OK to stink-a-rama. After becoming quite frustrated I stumbled onto a pretty decent book, paid the more than slightly shocking price of $59.99, and left for home.

After all of that psychic noise, I needed some brain candy. The remedy turned out to be reading a couple of chapters of Kerouac’s The Town And The City…while listening to Stan Getz and Chet Baker.


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  • cephusj

    Thanks for the info on .NET. I believe 85 percent of the books on the market are worthless rehashes of help files and documentation. Trash. As far as the CD I love Stan Getz. You have to get Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz Jazz Samba CD.

  • Mark Saleski

    in fact, that was the second cd that i listened to!

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