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Brady Quinn’s Days in Cleveland are Numbered

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When the Browns traded up to pick Brady Quinn in the ’07 draft, most people in Cleveland were ecstatic. Everyone saw how great he was at Notre Dame and thought he could bring that same ability to the Browns.

His first year in the league came at a bad time for him, but a great time for the team. After Charlie Frye was traded, Derek Anderson stepped in. I’ll just say he did better than Frye. He went 10-5 and led the team to a 10-6 record. All Brady could do was watch from the sidelines because he had the terrible idea of holding out of training camp. If he only would have signed before camp started he might have won the job.

His only action in 2007 came at the end of the last game of the year which the team won. He only threw eight passes but the experience was necessary.

The following year, Anderson had lost the magic he had shown in ’07. Quinn came in to replace Derek but had little luck. In three games, Brady threw two touchdown passes and two interceptions. His performance was average to say the least. A broken finger sidelined him for the rest of the season.

Going into the 2009 season Quinn had the perfect opportunity. He had a chance to compete for the starting job in Cleveland. He ended up winning it by default because him and Anderson both did nothing special. In his first three games he went 45-74 with only 400 yards. He also threw three interceptions with only one touchdown. It came in the last seconds of the opening game against the Vikings, also known as garbage time.

Coach Eric Mangini announced that Quinn would be replaced by Anderson as quarterback for Week 4. This seems like the end of the road for Brady Quinn. It seemed like he had the talent but he just could not seem to find it. He will most likely be traded in the off season because his time with the Browns is over. He has proven nothing and is very unlikely to play again this season unless Anderson gets hurt.

I have nothing against Quinn, but I just think he needs to start over somewhere else. He needs to go to a team like the Redskins who are struggling and need someone new to step in and give the team a new look. He is a skilled player he just needs to find a way to use his talent and not be afraid to take risks.

His main problem was being afraid to throw the ball downfield and take chances. It is a major part of becoming a great quarterback. I hope that one day I can see Brady Quinn as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

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  • Steve Koobs

    I failed to see the description on the item that I linked the article to.

  • MSQ

    This is EXACTLY what Brady and everyone that cares about him wants,also!!

  • Sorry, that should have been ‘took Notre Dame’ not tool Notre Dame.

    I do agree though that he should go somewhere else. But not the Redskins. He needs the benefit of an experienced pro either as a starter or his backup to learn from.

  • Brady Quinn never tool Notre Dame to a national championship either. Perhaps he is just an average quarterback. I think they also put too much pressure on young QB’s to excel right off. No leaning time. A prime example is Matt Leinart of the AZ Cardinals.