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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Either Splitting Up in Paris, or Vacationing Together in Namibia

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Holy sweet mother of dipping Achilles — Brad and Angelina may or may not be on the rocks! They are, according to Aussie tab-rag New Weekly.

With Jolie, 30, just weeks away from squirting out what could be the Best Looking Human Ever, “insiders” say endless arguments over “Ange’s” inability to commit to a wedding date have “finally pushed Brad into leaving.”

“Brad and Ange have been fighting like cat and dog,” reports the rag. “Over where to have the baby, over whether Angelina should continue to fly and also over her thinness.”

pregnantjolieShe does look mighty scrawny in that pic — eat some of whatever Britney’s eating, woman.

While other sources have Pitt, 42, not out the door but relegated to the couch of the couple’s Paris apartment, all agree the large-lipped, eight-month pregnant “Mrs Smith” refuses to be pinned down on a wedding date and that that is the main source of friction.

“He’s getting calls from his mom Jane, who thinks no baby should be born out of wedlock,” says NM’s source. “Brad wants to nail a date in Italy, but feels Ange is skirting around the issue.”

Another “insider” says, “Ange has been putting up obstacle after obstacle and it’s clear to Brad she’s not just stalling anymore. She doesn’t seem to have any intention of marrying him any time soon.”

Like covalent bonding, when stars hook up the resulting cultural charge can be exponential to the individuals’ separate wattage, as witnessed by Pitt’s pairings with first Jennifer Aniston and now Angelina Jolie. I mean Jessica Simpson was a C-lister and Nick Lachey (“I was the co-lead singer of 98 Degrees!”) couldn’t find a freaking list prior to Newlyweds, but the amps fly even bigger and hotter if the relationship is imperiled by the vicissitudes of the showbiz life and the temptations of uncontainable image projection.

Because then there is Drama.

Anyway, you can disregard all of the Paris split-up stuff if you wish because AFP is reporting today that the world’s sexiest couple is in fact holidaying in romantic Namibia, with rumors rife that the pregnant mega-hottie and humanitarian may give birth there.

Namibian immigration officials confirmed the couple — along with Jolie’s two children Maddox and Zahara, and another person — jetted into the small Atlantic port of Walvis Bay on Monday morning and were on vacation at a nearby beach resort amid heavy secrecy and tight security.

I guess the “secrecy” wasn’t all that “heavy.”

The Oscar-winning actress (Girl, Interrupted) spent time in Namibia in 2002 during the filming of the refugee flick Beyond Borders, and reportedly has great fondness for the African nation; which is also where she took legal custody of her son Maddox, then seven-and-a-half months old, in March of ’02.

Yet another flipping “source” was quoted in News of the World saying that the couple has “fallen in love with Africa and want to help as much as they can over there…Angelina has completely changed from her old partying days and she takes her United Nations responsibilities [as Goodwill Ambassador for the High Commissioner for Refugees ] very seriously.”

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  • Dawn

    You, know I have given this subject a lot of thought. I have pondered every nuance and savored all the tidbits of news and my assessment is: “Angelina is an old-fashioned style husband-stealing, hussified tramp.”

    Seriously, she deserves a fair amount of scorn, including a big fat H on her chest. I don’t much care who screws who in Hollywood – but the bitch won’t even marry Brad after stealing him from Jennifer.

    That’s just wasteful and selfish.

  • Dawn

    I do like that mini-pic of Paris Hilton slurping down a spleef though.

    And who is that handsome man at the bottom of this article. Is he another movie star?

    Stunning is his pulchritude.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Dawn, you are my most prolific and kindest commenter. I agree: she perhaps did it to see if she could, and then when she found she could she grew bored.

    I, for one, could easily resist the bony bitch.

  • Apologies Olsenistas but I must demur.

    Angelina Jolie here, Cameron Diaz there, sexy chat busting out all over Blogcritics… Spring has most definitely sprung!

    *howls like a wolf*

  • Eric Olsen

    so THAT’s what it is – I noticed comments were way up

  • Dawn

    What did you say Eric? I was distracted by the stunning handsomeness of that guy that I missed what you were saying.

    CR – a good friend of mine has a nice spring saying “Hooray, Hooray the first of May, outdoor screwing begins today.”

    Use it if you must.

  • LOL. Thanks Dawn, but I’m a man of action not words – and here down south we’ve been at it for weeks already!

  • Dawn

    I hope the foliage down south provides more coverage than the current state of affairs up north.

  • Eric Olsen

    warm but wet this morning

  • jozeph goldberg

    jenn jenn is way better off without brad. your an idiot if you blame angela. i want another tomb raider. people who point fingers about things they know nothing about are boneheads. besides, jolie or jen? um no contest. jon voigt had it right.

  • Eric Olsen

    Jozeph, the seeds of your undoing are planted in your own comment

  • Heloise

    How come it’s the beautiful one’s who can’t act? Just wondering.