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Boycott Saudi Oil!

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It infuriates me to think that every time I fill up my tank, I’m putting money in the pocket of Saudi oil sheiks who detest my country and consider the United States “the Great Satan.” I’m sure there are some perfectly nice people in Saudi Arabia who are not blind with hate of everything American except greenbacks and the protection we offer them. But enough of them want to see me, my family, my friends and my neighbors riddled with bullets that I detest the thought of putting more cash in Saudi hands.

I always figured it was an unavoidable fact of life that every time I filled my gas tank the money went to the Saudis. But I received an email yesterday that detailed which oil companies do and do not import their products from Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries, and thought I’d do some research to see whether it was accurate.

I was previously unaware that petroleum importers have to disclose to the Department of Energy the source of their products. By searching around on the DOE’s website, I found current information about oil import sources that generally corroborates the email I received. By doing a little background checking on the companies listed, I determined that by shopping for gas at certain stations and boycotting others I can do my part to keep the Persian Gulf oil sheiks from getting any richer.

Following are lists of gas station brand names that do and do not import oil from the Persian Gulf.

Gas station brands that import Persian Gulf oil

Diamond Shamrock

Gas station brands that DO NOT import Persian Gulf oil
BP / Amoco
Citgo *

* – Note that while Citgo does not import oil from the Gulf, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Venezuelan state oil company. Depending on your political leanings, you may or may not want to support Hugo Chavez and his populist, pro-Cuban government.

It wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit to see Saudi oil sales drop by, say, 100%. While I know that ain’t gonna happen any time soon, I am going to do my part by filling my vehicles at stations in the second list above and encouraging my friends to do the same. I like BP stations anyway – they always seem to be clean and tidy, the gas is good, and they generally have clerks who aren’t complete lunkheads. I’d even stop in to my local Diamond Shamrock and tell them why I’m not going to shop there anymore, but I’m sure Carl (the dimwit behind the counter who can barely make change) wouldn’t comprehend a word I said.

Pass the word to your friends and family! Boycott Saudi oil!

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  • The Duke

    That little email has probably seen, is a lie.

    Anyone ever work around the oil industry. It’s amazing how many different brand of trucks roll out of refinaries and other distribution points. Every brand you can think of. There is no exlusivity in the oil biz. Oil is Oil and make gas and is blended and sold in lots.

    BP, Exxon, Sheetz, Citgo, Hess, Crown, RaceTrack, Shell…. they all buy there stock from the lowest bidder or refinary that is close and cheap to transport from (FOB). Come on, that’s basic business 101.

    I’ve seen it with my own to eyeballs.

  • Temple Stark

    Politics Editing Team, headed this week by Natalie Bennett picked this as a pick of the week. Go HERE to find out why. And thank you very much.

  • Liam Knuj

    Google: biodiesel

  • hilal

    Before we talk about why Saudis or all muslims reacttion was very stron we have to ask the following question first: Why to publish things that might creat problems between nations? we must realise that no part can live without the other part so need to search for +ve things that make us closer to each other. All muslims love the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) more than their soles and family members. so why to make cartoons about asuch sensetive issue. Muslims forbid any depicting of any prophet including Jeses and moses. Last comment. The idea of boycotting the Saudi oil is realy funy and does not reflect wise thinking. Lets start sepecting muslims and draw solders out of their countries (such as palastine and Iraq), then they will respect the West governments

  • rakan

    im a young saudi man, and after reading some of the comments on here im quite disappointed. taloran, you make the dangerous generalization that saudis are evil, and you fall prey to the stereotypical notion of an oil sheikdom that pumps oil out. the picture is not as black and white as youd like to think. the US government is supposed to be the leading image of freedom and democracy in this world, and as such, should not be supporting oppressive and tyrannical regimes. yet, as this is supposed to be the case, go to washington dc, and find out which embassy is the largest, most lavish, and which diplomats get the presidential treatment, ill give you a hint, the ambassador is a prince. furthermore, it is insulting for you to assume that people here do not like the west, people and their governments dont always match (think Bush, Cuba, Venez, and god knows how many other countries). the people of saudi, the majority of them, love the west, the world and are normal humans trying to survive and make a decent living. we dont want to conquer the world, we dont wish harm on anyone, that is absurd. we want to develop along with the rest of the world but we also will not throw away our heritage, culture, and traditions because of the demands of other nations. the key word is working together, not agitating each other and creating problems. fundamentalists have no place in this world today, ad we must not let them shape our thinking and how we perceive each other.

  • TexasFred

    I used some of the info contained in your post on my blog article TexasFred’s » The CITGO Boycott Grows… but I made reference to you and linked back… Great post folks, keep up the good work and PLEASE Boycott Citgo

  • TexasFred

    It appears that there is a site that appears to refute your findings:

    Terror-Free Oil Initiative

    Can you shed any light on this?? I will be posting this page on my blog along with yours and I need some clarification… Thank you…

  • Terror-Free Oil

    Conoco & Citgo buy oil from the Persian Gulf: DOE

    BP / Amoco buys oil from the Persian Gulf: BP

    For more information visit terror free oil

  • veggie oil guy

    Want tohurt oil producers???? Buy a diesel vehicle use american vegetable oil, keep our money at home.

  • Mario

    The Saudi people have no regards over women at all.
    Their islamic laws are soo out of this world. The idiots that condemn women that were raped should be hang in front of their own mamas.
    Women of islamic idiots, low life,COWARDS, should get together and chande their own history, because they have no past,present and futur. And stop this non sens religion.
    I cannot stand any islamic men.They make me sick sick sick.They beat woman.Cowards.
    I am not racist. Islamic men are human and any human who treat an another human being wrongfully should be punish. And they should not be released upon exchanging a cow for there freedom.
    Boycott Saudi !!
    Islamic = Cowardness.

    Mario, Quebec, Canada.

  • Master Dick

    Ok, so now that we have cleared up the silliness of boycot of “Saudi Oil”, we have a move to boycot “Chavez Oil (Citgo)”?
    If you are trying to make a difference, go out and seduce Venezuelan and/or Arab women (personally i think the Arab women are incredible…especially in the sack, but whatever). Give her pleasure that these chauvenistic/mistreating, Italiano-wanna-be idiots (the men from these backgrounds) could never provide. They will forever be turned off at the idea of EVER going back to type of men they have been around their whole lives.
    THAT, my friends, is how you make a personal stand…not your silly gasoline strikes.