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Boycott Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf’s Memoirs; Don’t Buy In The Line of Fire

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General Pervez Musharraf, the President-Pretender of Pakistan, and one of the most popular and media-friendly world leaders, has finally finished his ghost-written memoirs, its title ripped off from the 1993 Clint Eastwood film In The Line of Fire.

A Task Accomplished

Overseeing the writing of In The Line of Fire had to be an exhaustive exercise considering that Mr Musharraf has been occupied in numerous urgent tasks, such as trying to catch Osama bin Laden, helping to bring stability to Afghanistan, controlling the Taliban, banning India-targeting terrorist organizations, and most importantly – trying to build a genuine, corruption-free democracy in Pakistan.

At least, these are the responsibilities that the world hopes Mr Musharraf is sincere about.

However, the least urgent task of Pakistan's Delhi-born ruler has been accomplished and he now has his 368-page autobiography, promoted by none else than his closest ally, US President George Bush, who advised the journalists present in a White House press conference to just 'buy the book'!

Should You Really Buy the Book?

That is up to you. But President Bush's recommendation must not be a discouraging factor. Do not decide against it because you suspect Mr Musharraf might be faking his war on Islamic terrorism; because his government might be discreetly backing Taliban incursions in southern Afghanistan; or because his army might be looking the other way as Mullah Omar continue to hide in Baluchistan's capital Quetta.

Do not hesitate buying it because you feel strongly about the General's betrayal to India, in the summer of 1999, when he secretly deployed troops in the Indian-controlled Kashmir even as his Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, was reciting peace-poetries with the Indian Prime Minister. Also ignore Mr Musharraf's sinister address to Pakistan, following 9/11, when he defended his decision to support USA by citing the temporary alliance that Prophet Muhammad had tactically made with the infidels of Mecca.

Under no circumstances should your vague distrust for Mr Musharraf make you prejudiced against his memoirs.

Why You Must Not Buy In The Line of Fire?

But there still exists a strong reason not to buy this autobiography – General Pervez Musharraf doesn't love Pakistan.

He is not letting Pakistan takes its rightful place as a modern Islamic nation. He is the latest in a line of dictators to deny the Pakistanis their right to vote out elected governments. He has disallowed non-graduates, a major portion of unprivileged Pakistanis, from running for office, elections that are fraudulent anyway. He has threatened exiled former prime ministers, Pakistan's most popular leaders, with instant imprisonment if they dare to return. He enabled the Islamist parties, for the first time in the country's history, to form their own government.

Most likely it was his malicious regime that kidnapped and killed a journalist early this year. It was his commanders who killed the dissident rebel leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in such a way that Mr Bugti 'did not know what hit him'.

Worse, he has insulted Pakistani women by calling rape a 'money-making concern' and a ploy by rape victims 'to get money and a visa to emigrate' to western countries.

Finally, can your conscience permit you to buy this book if you have attachments to that section of Pakistani people who happen to be secular, progressive, and desirous of freeing themselves from the yoke of military dictatorship?

Only One Course

It is not to be overlooked that the memoir has received generous media coverage, fuelling suspense and interest, and its author has all good reason to look forward to hefty royalties. Although a word by Mr Hugo Chávez would have helped more than the most passionate recommendations by Mr Bush! Priced at US$ 28, and on sale at Amazon for $16.80, Mr Musharraf has reportedly been paid $1 million by the publishers Simon and Schuster.

Go on, buy the book if it is not disconcerting to have your money trickle into the bank account of this dictator.

But if you are even slightly hesitant, boycott it.

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  • Jason

    I’m going to buy the book sseing how the author of the above article… an Indian… doesn’t want us to touch it.

    Thank you for helping me make up my mind.

  • Ahmar Mustikhan

    One of the biggest liars like any coup leader that derails democracy, if anyone is interested in lies of a dictator he can go and buy the book.

  • Umer Jehanzab

    All bullshit, Mr. Musharraf is an excellent leader and i will definitely buy his books. The Indians can try and spread as much as propoganda they can but it aint gonna help.

  • K Khan

    Don’t be a knuckle head. Stop telling people to not to buy this book. Let the people decide.

  • ahan


    soofi, i think you should go back to writing cook books.
    your stories are too pheekey to be bought

  • The author of this article is a communist and he hates free speech.

    I apologise to people of the whole world on behalf of this guy who i’am ashamed to call a fellow indian 🙁

    Please buy the book and after u have done with it u can then also use it as a roll of toilet paper or to pack hot hotdogs in them

  • Look, I’m hated by both Indians and Pakistanis. This means I’m on the right track!

  • ALi

    your article reads “”””former prime ministers, Pakistan’s most popular leaders””””

    This is the biggest joke with the people of Pakistan. You don’t know how much these former prime ministers are hated in Pakistan.
    This only shows that how little knowledge you have about the country and it’s leaders.
    You must be honest in reporting man. It’s all crap what you wrote here. Get your facts right first. Mushrraff is not responsible for all this mess but the honourable ex-primers are.
    He inherted this mess from them and he is trying to fix it.

    Believe me!!! this book will be best seller in INDIA…

  • And Mayank will review it, I assure you – please do so, Mayank

  • mehak

    its bad to stop people buying this book…let anyone to buy it.. whether one is in favour or against the policies of the general..let people to develop their own views after reading it..boycotting is the coward act

  • The book is fine, what ever he has said is his view points, So if you have different point of view, take a step forward and write yourself a book. Lets see who reads it or not.
    Comments are quite interesting but; look like there are 2 or 3 persons who are using different names to cross comment. So keep it up 😉

  • Tahir

    If you want to buy a book, then buy it and read what happened in reality.

  • Muhammad Umair Shakoor Khan

    sallam all the world. in line of fire is a extremely special book written by gen. pervez musharaf. please read it your self and do the justice about pervez musharaf. he is the hero of pakistan.

  • Aah, just bought the book. It’s great.

    Thanks for raising our interest in it.

  • S.T.M

    Asim Aquil said: “Aah, just bought the book.”

    Seriously, a good read, or the literary equivalent of mogadon??

  • Waqar Anwar

    I read your reasons for “not buying the book”. There is hardly any or two valid ones for “not buying the book”. Most of the “reasons” are anyway just the right things we FEDERATION LOVING Pakistanis want at the moment.

  • Petr

    I will buy the book its very special for the pakistanis, as a brit white person I’ve ordered the book many of my frends have bought it.

  • naveed

    i was thinking of not buying the book but after reading all the crap in ur blog i am buying it right now from amazon.

  • Dr.Imran Qaisrani

    Excellent eye opener for all those who had seen one side of picture

  • Ed

    Have some self respect for yourselves people… buy the book, read it without any bias and make up your own mind

  • The auther should buy 100’s of the copies of this book, with a note sticking on it. “for god’s sake dont read this book”.

    This is exactly, he is upto.

    I think he is hired for this job.

  • Honestly. Why the hell did you provide an Amazon purchase link to the book when you don’t think people should buy it? Why do people keep doing that on this site? Why don’t you link a book you like?

    I’d get it from the library except I don’t care. Political memoirs are exercises in ghost written bullshit. As if the man even looked at this book until it was finished.

  • Pete

    Mayank Austen Soofi have you ever even been to Pakistan, or are all your points made from what you have read on the news?

    As a non-muslim American who lived in Pakistan for two years. I say that some of your facts are not reality.

    Mr Bugti recently got what he deserved. His men have killed many innocent people, including the rape of an engineer. You stated “It was his commanders who killed the dissident rebel leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in such a way that Mr Bugti ‘did not know what hit him'”. Would you rather that he was killed slowly?

    Musharraf might not be the perfect leader, but he is probably the only one that could keep Pakistan together successfully. I would not want his job, as he has about 10 different fires going on at the same time, and is able to deal with them all.

  • The elites in Pakistan still remain in thrall of this charlatan who peddles democracy in US while running an authoritarian regime in Pakistan. Musharaff once had the spiel and the opportunity to bring about genuine change in Pakistan and help return Pakistan to democracy but he has dithered, stalled and outright lied. If Mr. Musharraff had an iota of genuine concern for Pakistan, he would have encouraged a second string of secular leadership in the country but what he has done is cynically hand over power to the Islamist parties with candidates with Bachelors degrees from some shit Madrasas.

    It now just makes me nauseous to hear Pakistanis refer to Musharraff positively. He will leave Pakistan the weakest it would have been in 50 years. A puppet economy sustained on US infusion and diaspora infusion won’t stand beyond it.

    And don’t read Mayank’s comments, read Pakistan’s own columnist who write for Dawn and Jung.

    Mr. Bush will obviously try to score as many publicity points as he can – all the while misleading Americans about who are its friends and who are not.

    Does any of the above have anything to do with this man’s book. No. But if you are smart enough – you will know where not to waste your dollars. You won’t get some better understanding of Pakistan or Musharraff or Pakistan with this – for that read what mr. Ahmad Rashid writes and countless other non partisan journalists write – what you will get is a cliched boring ghost written verbiose copy full of half truths and lies. If thats what interests you – go ahead and spend your dollars. You won’t find better opportunities to get rid of the greenbacks on worse crap.

  • I would like to add one more thing – not defacing this comments section with idiotic comments about how the author is communist or whatever. If you can’t reason for you are too stupid or have nothing better to say – avoid typing and spamming this site with your worthless comments. If you need attention, call your mom. Stop coming to blogcritics to spread inanity – we are already getting enough of it this week via the General’s book.

    We need fully moderated comments on this site if this site has to improve in quality. Poor comments distract the reader from the article and generally provide an exasperating experience.

  • Moorthy

    Its an autobiography like anyone else. But, it tempts buying because he was a general & present president of Pakistan. Of political motive if you ask, I will advise not to buy. Its enhancing his eliteness among pro-elites rather than the reason he highlighted to take decision after 9/11 attack when Mr. Powell was online.Terrorism becomes a by-word for fetching revenue to nation. Its all about this writing.

  • Read sevrel views about the book here and post there as well
    click to read

  • zulqar nain haider

    its a great book.My fellow Indians as always are biased and jealous.This book is written by a genius which indians unfortunately lack.They only have those old politicians and PM’s whose mental capabilities are fogged by their age.The book would be and i have heard that it is becoming a best-seller in India.Sorry for fellow indians for they r just burning their hearts in the fire of jealousy.”pakistan zindabad,Musharraf paindabad”.I am ghazal by the way.

  • B y Shahzeb Jillani
    BBC News, Washington

    Not surprisingly, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s memoirs have generated a strong reaction.
    Now he must respond to some of the strongest criticism and denials about his sensational claims made in In The Line of Fire.
    In an interview with an American TV network before the book launch, Gen Musharraf said that the US had threatened to bomb Pakistan “back to the Stone Age” if it did not cooperate in the war on terror.
    In a joint press briefing after meeting President Bush at the White House on Friday, he refused to clarify the comments saying “he was honour-bound” to the publishers not to discuss the book before the launch.
    For his part, President Bush said he is not aware of his country making such a threat to Pakistan.
    Startling claims
    Moreover, Richard Armitage, the former US official Gen Musharraf names as having delivered the threat to his intelligence chief, has denied the remarks attributed to him.
    Mr Armitage, however, admits that soon after 9/11 he did deliver “a strong message” to the Pakistanis that either they were with the US or against it in the US-led war on terror.
    In his book, Gen Musharraf has also made some startling claims about the 1999 Kargil conflict with India.

    want to read more, click here

  • zenab

    i just bought the book today and have read one chapter. Whether it turns out to a good book or not, I dont know. But the fact that you dont agree with some of musharraf’s decisions is not the reason to “boycott” his book. If that was the reason there are about thousands that we should all “boycott”. if anything thats all the more reason to buy the book! to hear him explain his side of the story.

    just dont let you pre-set biases (whether you are indian or a musharraf hating pakistani) keep you from having an open mind, you never know you might learn something you didnt know.

  • I am sure ‘In The Line of Fire’ will prove to be a fantastic read!

    By the by, the blogger forgot to mention (and compare and contrast the sales or whatever) ‘Samvedna’ – the music album whose ‘poetry’ was penned down by Atal Behari Vajpyee.

    Even with Jagjit singing, Shahrukh acting, Yash Chopra directing – it was a flop! Maybe he should have tried getting Jackson ask people to buy it – but they have the RSS, they wouldn’t let that happen!

  • Mayank Austen Soofi

    I was recently interviwed by the South Asia head of NPR regarding Musharraf’s book. Here is a link to that heavily edited talk: Please listen to me.

  • shahzad khichi

    i love pervaiz musharraf by reading this book..he is a real natinal hero who leads our contry a back word and illetrat to the new horizon of the world and the peak of success….. he’s a son of bloody bitch

  • Adeel Nawaz

    behnchood shahzad kichi how dare u told about ma nationa hero u shut up

  • the book written by general paervaze musharaf is an asset towards the autibiography writing.its full of his life long events and experiences apart from the facts that anybody appreciates or not.any body who has interest in reading autobiographies as written by the great leaders of the world must read it for his information and knowlege.the people who are jealous of the general need not to read it and feel hurt due to the populiarty of the general and his book.parvaize musharaf is the most able president of pakistan after quide azam and bhutto who has saved the contry at a very critical time and made corect decisions in the interest of the conntry to combat teriorism and corruption from pakistan.heis bold, brave,straight forward general

  • umer

    what is wrong with you sophi ????? you must correct such kind of statements you make !!

  • arsalan alias

    as well as concern about president musharaf’s personality,i think he has a great ppersonality,his looks,his dressing,his expressions,etc all r fantastic.but in his book he wrote all the happenings of his life

  • Aftab swati

    it is must for every one to know about every one. its better to study In the line of fire.

  • Engr. Sarfaraz Abbasi

    Man Mr. President Musharraf is ther person who we have been waiting for since the martyrdom of Z.A Bhutto to bring country onto the development-verge. No one in this world is perfect, everywhere the issues of conflict prevail, let me remind you, about your country, being called as World Largest Democracy, yet the atrocities done to Muslims in Gujrat, was what we have seen. You talk about him calling women rape issues as money-making, my dear what about Gujrat Muslim teen girls raped on the road. Leaders who are exiled did nothing to moderate the country up to level of Turkey. I must say his book all in all contains the truth. Please stop this misguiding and do the work of your vary own.

  • adnan

    mr Engr. Sarfaraz Abbasi [Personal attack deleted] he is a right hand of usa and he have a task to make the new generation of pakistan coward and vulgar.i want to pay salam to these medrasas who are still trying to keep pakistani awake from their minds because this musharaf want to see pakistan just like turkey and europe a women in a nacked dress in the streets .this is fact any pakistani who love with only money and the beauty of this world he always afraid from the extrem relegistic people because in a true way islam is giving us a message for jihaad against the country who attack any muslim country… i pray from god after every second that god will give pakistan a mujahid death not a dog death like iraq. usa will attack on pakistan one day this coward musharaf will sell all our technology to them to protect them and pakistan will be fucked… god save my pakistan and give us a chance to die with pride so that we will stand with our profit Muhammad(P.B.U.h)at the day of roze basir… inshahallah

  • P.Kelly

    Don’t read books? That’s Every dicators dream – dumb the people down so we can rule their lives. However, I agree with many comments the author makes just not the methodolgy of boycotting the book. Read the book and take into consideration other people’s views, including Soofi’s. Considering only one view is for the closed minded, like Osma Bin Laden.

  • Altaf Hussain

    Hey Guys I am “Altaf Hussain” the head of biggest terrorist group of Pakistan. Although president pervaiz musharaf ( The man who robbed consitution and democracy) is the biggest loser of all times yet his book speaks true about his lies in non professional way.
    After reading book you guys will have guts feeling that what shit i am reading.

  • STM

    In his book, does he mention Balochs?

    Under his regime, they have been squeezed badly.

    In my view, it is time for Balochs to be freed of their cruel constraints.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Now Stan, don’t tease… squeeze!


  • STM

    No seriously Doc, they have been given a good kicking under Musharraf.

    They are a proud people with a history going back many, many centuries, but many of their young people have left the tribal areas and become integrated into mainstream Pakistani society, and as a result many of those left are older, traditional families. I think the general attitude among the Pakistani ruling elite has been: “We can do what we like, they’re just a load of old Balochs”.

    Sad, but true, and the Balochs’ future is uncertain … swinging in the breeze, you might say.

  • Dr Dreadful

    “Swinging in the breeze”…

    Doesn’t the (supposedly) traditional Scottish kilt actually originate from that neck of the woods?

  • STM

    The kilt: It’s definitely Balochy, no doubt about it. Moving off the subject a bit, I suspect too that the sporren was originally a hiding place for a bloke’s porridge, rather than a place to keep your change. Whether this has anything to do with Balochs, I don’t know. One can only surmise …

  • Dr Dreadful

    According to the highy authoritative source of Rab the tour guide last time I was in Scotland, your surmise about the sporran is actually true. Although of course the true Highland warrior filled his with gravel, which not only made for quite stunning porridge but was also a great backup weapon, as it could be rubbed in the face of your enemy if you happened to lose your claymore during a skirmish.

    Incidentally “sporran” is the only surviving word of the ancient and beautiful Baloch language, now sadly supplanted by Urdu. Which means that in the last two comments, you and I have literally been talking complete and utter Balochs.

  • ahmad shahzad khichi

    i advised all the masses in pakistan to read the president book,for the motivation and creating leadershi traits in theirsel…i love musharraf sahab



  • I literally like that book .. that was full of liberal federation , good policies and all like stuff…. Its really informative.. now i came to know that how brilliat people like Former Chief Of Army Staff and current president.. he is the ever most GREEN personality.. so i personally like him….


  • you are just jaleous

  • sonia ahmad kichi

    What the topic plz

  • Sonia kichi

    i Know mushraf he is in love wid Reema

  • Ahmar Mustikhan

    The latest revelations of A.Q. Khan, Father of the Islamic Bomb, clearly puts Musharraf’s assertions about the country’s nuclear program into question.
    It’s a shame a reputed U.S. publisher went ahead to publish a book by a coup leader.

  • Agreed!

  • Well, Some how I miss Pervaz Musharraf, actually I had a lot of Expectations from him, But at the End of the day GOD is doing Everything, and what ever it is now we Deserve it!

  • Kenneth Mild

    That is just bullshit…. India hates Pakistan n hates Musharraf bad…. for one thing he did with in Kargil war…. Indians almost lost it…. This is just hatred tht reflects frm indians specially…. y not buy the book….Loosers! tht mean u hate Musharraf…. he is a good leader man…. uve never criticised abt any other Pakistani Leader before so much other than Musharraf…. Musharraf is the 1st person in Pakistan…. who is…. I wud say “less corrupt” among all the previous leader…. u must b lucky for a country got a better leader for when the world was panicked abt…. n many of us( white ppl) r so much into conspiratual facts, we like ppl digging behind the other…. HAVE A BROAD VIEW OF ALL THE THINGS!!!! I say this to every person….yes indeed coz…. there is always a positive n a negative angle in each issue…. Well if ure not dying out of hunger like indians u can buy the book….! its actually Musharraf’s insight…. read it…. then make ur own opinion

  • Kenneth Mild

    And u know what…. actually…. I came up to this page looking for the book to read it online…. wanted to look at it again…. and look what I found…. sum dumb haters…. LMFAO !!!!

    live ! ur life is short….

  • Kenneth Mild

    Bcoz Musharraf describes in the book, the facts so real u feel like ure in the war scene urself….

  • Kenneth Mild

    if u need an overview to the book…. go to this link….

  • Kenneth Mild

    It’s an irony that whenever someone tries to tell the truth, certain elements are always there to criticize and/or try to mitigate the essence of that truth. In the Line of Fire is yet another brave yet bold attempt to bring about the truth to life in a very descriptive manner. I, on behalf of the people of Pakistan, salute the President of Pakistan for his courageous and effort in underlining a few incidents/facts that no other had even dared to. The book has been drafted and put together in a very precise and just manner. It couldn’t have been better written. Hats off Mr President!

  • Kenneth Mild

    I think that President Musharraf’s memoirs will put more pressure internationally on Pakistan, on its war on terror and the Dr AQ Khan episode etc. It shows that Musharraf is fearless in his nature to speak the truth, just as US president Bill Clinton. So why the fuss about Musharraf?

  • Kenneth Mild

    It’s a nice way to express what President Musharraf must have faced and experienced since he became a president. Moreover, now general public in London n Washington D.C. will be able to know what must have been the reality and whether US had decided to bomb Pakistan or not.

  • Kenneth Mild

    The book makes interesting reading, especially for people who have followed events unfolding in Pakistan in recent times. The writing style is candid and keeps the reader absorbed due to the fast-paced narratives. It provides an excellent opportunity for readers to get an insight about the role of the army in Pakistani politics, a role which has been played for a significant part of Pakistan’s history. I think the book will help clarify not only the recent historical events which have plagued Pakistan but will also show the future challenges faced by Pakistan and the path to be followed if they are to be overcome.