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Just kidding. I mean, how could we boycott Disney if we tried? They own ABC, ESPN, and …. well… Disney. Even with all my righteous indignation, I could never walk away from Monday Night Football. You should know though, they are evil. Disney has decided to absolutely stop the summer releaseof a new movie because it criticizes the president. There is no real news here on many levels… you probably know that I love Michael Moore’s work. It is no secret, I regard the man as a mentor. You probably also know that I am not on the president’s short list of advisors.

Anynow, Michael Moore put together another political documentary. This one, Farenheit 9/11, is about the long history of the White House’s relationship with the Saudi’s (er… hijackers). Also, it details the long time relationship between the Bush oil dynasty and the Bin Laden oil dynasty. The film is finished and will be screened in Cannes next week. You might note that Moore’s last film, Bowling for Columbine, was the first documentary EVER to win best of show in Cannes.

Well anyhow, the motives are arguable. The NY Times says it is because Florida (think Jeb Bush) could lose a buttload of tax money by angering Disney suits. The long and short of it to me is that enemies of George Bush are silenced! You thought Vince Foster was a scandal, let’s take a look:

When White House advisor James Woolsley criticized the president’s intel on the WMD Uranium from Africa story, the president’s possy outed the guy’s wife as a CIA undercover operative. This isn’t Vince Foster type theories, folk… this is fucking batshit crazy type tactics that only Hunter Thompson could have envisioned. No, seriously… they put this woman’s life in danger to make a point. How about when Howard Stern (a longtime proponent of the war in Iraq) came back from a long weekend after reading Al Franken’s book? Stern began to question the motives of the president and was quickly and immediately removed from all Clear Channel radio stations. Now a very succesful author (New York Times best seller list for 6 months) and hugely successful movie maker has been silenced.

I guess I can only wonder this, what is it that Bush is afraid of us finding out? I mean, we know about the cocaine, the DUI, the ditched military service, him losing his pilots license, the lies about weapons of mass destruction, the horrible economy, the fact that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 …(I think you get the point). Then, what more could possibly come out of this presidency worse than what we know? It makes me long for the days when the worst problem in the whole wide world was a blowjob our president got. No one died for that little lie.

In closing, this is what we know about the president… and it terrifies me. So can you imagine what is in Moore’s movie that he doesn’t want us to know?

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  • Corporations are evil. . . Disney is evil. Check out these links:

    Down with Disney! Send Mickey to his grave! Down with the corporatocracy!

  • for the record, I understand this was all a publicity hoax by Mike Moore. This pisses me off, and does him no favors in my estimation. Shit like this makes people not take Democrats seriously. Sorry for misleading you all.



  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks for the update Lono – this is typical Moore, and he wonders why a significant portion of the population think he’s a disingenuous assream?

  • Eric Olsen

    Oh, and I love Disney. We are going to Disneyworld next week.

  • Nick Jones

    More Disney-bashing, from Carl Hiaasen.

    Team Rodent

  • Lono, looks like you’ve been getting your news from Michael Moore’s faked up nonsense. There’s no such person as a “James Woolsley.” There’s a James Woolsey who was formerly director of the CIA, but it wasn’t his wife whose name came out.

    You’re just assuming with NO facts in evidence whatsoever that this was somehow an “outing” and that it was engineered by the White House. I suspect that you don’t really have any clue what the actual known facts of that story are, except that they sound like they would look bad on Bush, so hey- pile on.

    If Michael Moore and MoveOn.org say so, it must be true.

  • “Actual known facts” — that’s a laugh. Yah, you can get your actual known facts (that is, “As we know, there are known knowns. There are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns. That is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don’t know we don’t know” – Ruthless Rumsfeld) from Disney. Disney speaks the “truth.”

    That people are dwelling on the absurdity of a Michael Moore publicity stunt (even if it is such a stunt, Disney still seems politically motivated), while ignoring the much larger and actually significant (that is, actually known to be significant) absurdity of the corporate American media system, makes for irony that confounds me.

  • It was not a publicity stunt, after all. From Michael Moore’s response to the evil Disney spin machine:

      Earlier this week we got the final, official call: Disney will not put out Fahrenheit 9/11. When the story broke in the New York Times, Disney, instead of telling the truth, turned into Pinocchio.
      Here are my favorite nuggets that have come out of the mouths of their spinmeisters (roughly quoted):
      “Michael Moore has known for a year that we will not distribute this movie, so this is not news.” Yes, that is what I thought, too, except Disney kept sending us all that money to make the movie. Miramax said there was no problem. I got the idea that everything was fine.
      “It is not in the best interests of our company to distribute a partisan political film that may offend some of our customers.” Hmmm. Disney doesn’t distribute work that has partisan politics? Disney distributes and syndicates the Sean Hannity radio show every day? I get to listen to Rush Limbaugh every day on Disney-owned WABC. I also seem to remember that Disney distributed a very partisan political movie during a Congressional election year, 1998—a film called The Big One… by, um… ME!
      “Fahrenheit 9/11 is not the Disney brand; we put out family oriented films.” So true. That’s why the #1 Disney film in theaters right now is a film called, KILL BILL, VOL. 2. This excellent Miramax film, along with other classics like Pulp Fiction, have all been distributed by Disney. That’s why Miramax exists — to provide an ALTERNATIVE to the usual Disney fare. And, unless they were NC-17, Disney has distributed them.
      “Mr. Moore is doing this as a publicity stunt.” Michael Eisner reportedly said this the other day while he was at a publicity stunt cutting the ribbon for the new “Tower of Terror” ride (what a pleasant name considering what the country has gone through recently) at Disney’s California Adventure Park. Let me tell you something: NO filmmaker wants to go through this kind of controversy. It does NOT sell tickets (I can cite many examples of movies who have had to change distributors at the last minute and all have failed). I made this movie so people could see it as soon as possible. This is a huge and unwanted distraction. I want people discussing the issues raised in my film, not some inside Hollywood fracas surrounding who is going to ship the prints to the theaters. Plus, I think it is fairly safe to say that Fahrenheit 9/11 has a good chance of doing just fine, considering that my last movie set a box office record and the subject matter (Bush, the War on Terror, the War in Iraq) is at the forefront of most people’s minds.

    Damn those known unknowns. . . or unknown knowns. . . or–whatever! Disney is evil. Michael Eisner. . .

  • It was not a publicity stunt, part two: Eisner’s Fantasyland Excuse for Censorship. Oh, and about “actual known facts,” Disney is on the move again: Eight ABC Stations Nix Show Naming US Troops Killed in Iraq. Boycott Disney!