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Boy George settles over fight lawsuit

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The cost of hitting a nightclub employee increased by £10K for Boy George
yesterday after the singer agreed to pay more compensation following comments he made about the incident in an interview. Boy George hit Andrew
Thompson at Soho’s Sweet Suite back in June 2002. Legal action followed and
George admitted he should not have assaulted the club worker, and paid
compensation accordingly. All was well until November that year when George told gay mag Boyz that, in fact, Thompson had insulted him prior to the attack, and had essentially provoked George into hitting him. Thompson took offence at those allegations and issued more legal proceedings. In response to that action Boy George this week agreed to issue an apology for those comments and to pay a further £10K in damages.

Thompson’s lawyer yesterday told reporters: “The defendant has acknowledged
that he should not have assaulted the claimant and he was wrong to have said
that the claimant deserved to be hit. To mark this, he has agreed to join in
this statement and publicly withdraw the allegations and apologise for the
distress that they have caused to the claimant. In addition he has agreed to
pay substantial damages of £10,000 to the claimant and the claimant’s legal
costs in this matter.”

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