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Boy band whinge…

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The Nu-Busted band McFly have told Radio 1 that they hate being called –
erm – the new Busted. The band told the station: “Go get them [the people
who call them ‘new busted’ – which I guess includes me], bring them in here,
and play them our single and ask them “does it sound like Busted?” No-it-doesn’t. We may look like them, but we don’t sound like them. Think of all those hip hop artists out there, who look the same, have exactly the same videos, have exactly the same songs, it’s annoying for us because we’ve

come from that route, you know, we’ve got the same managers and we’re
friends with them. It’s just a new guitar pop thing in Britain, and it’s really annoying because it’s really narrow minded.”

Presumably this means the McFly boys will whinge endlessly about not being a
‘boy band’ too. You’d think an almost guaranteed number one this weekend would shut them up.

Via: CMU

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