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Box Office Update: Independence Day Weekend

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I have included the Monday holiday numbers in this rather than just the usual 3 day weekend, since most people had off let’s just make it the whole thing, right?

Anyway, as I had predicted, as if there was any real doubt, War of the Worlds dominated this weekend, essentially destroying any comers. Batman Begins continues to have a strong showing, perhaps having some of the stronger legs of the summer fare? One can hope.

The slump has extended to it’s 19th straight week, of course last year we had Spider-Man 2. This year, we have under performing films, and with good reason, none of them are terribly good. There are a few entertaining films, but overall, it hasn’t been a strong performing summer yet.

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N War of the Worlds $77,061,953 $112,744,353 1
2 1 Batman Begins $19,339,432 $154,800,369 3
3 3 Mr. and Mrs. Smith $12,723,583 $146,082,474 4
4 2 Bewitched $11,076,523 $40,583,013 2
5 4 Herbie: Fully Loaded $10,762,050 $37,093,838 2
6 6 Madagascar $6,701,584 $172,131,077 6
7 N Rebound $6,003,237 $6,003,237 1
8 7 Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith $5,031,463 $366,502,577 7
9 8 The Longest Yard $4,004,317 $148,692,427 6
10 5 Land of the Dead $3,255,585 $16,750,380 2

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