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Box Office Update for 5/5-5/7: Mission: Impossible III A Disappointing First

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It has already been deemed a disappointment, and based on the ticket sales, the studio is probably right. Based just on the money, M:I:III‘s $47.7 million comes in more than the first but less than the second, not too bad. Then continue on and take a look at the ticket volume, which is what I think these lists should really be based on, and you will see a much different story. A mere 7.2 million tickets were sold, compared to 10.3 million for the first and 10.7 million for the sequel. That is where the disappointment is very noticeable. Now the handicappers can figure out where this fall off came from. I am certain that a good portion of it is due to popular backlash against the increasingly odd behavior of the superstar. I can only hope that word spreads about the quality of the movie, it really is very good.

Slipping a mere 33%, the Robin Williams vehicle RV falls one slot to number 2. I have heard that it is better than would be expected, but I cannot speak to that one way or the other. Family films, in general, have been doing well lately, and this is no different.

Finishing a distant third is An American Haunting. It is the latest in a long line of PG-13 horror films, and an even longer line of “based on a true story” films. The trailers make it look moderately interesting. What I don’t like is that the filmmakers have framed it with scenes set in the modern day. I have not seen the movie, but it strikes me as lack of confidence in the main focus of the story. Whatever the case, I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

Rounding out the new films in the rankings is Hoot flapping its way to a lowly 10th place. I have not read much good about the film, and don’t really intend on seeing it. Based on its opening performance, it does not appear that it will stick around for long.

United 93 is dropping rather quickly. Not that it wasn’t expected, at least by me. The film is an absolutely incredible experience, but it is also more experience than movie. It is also difficult to watch, and a lot of people are not ready for it. I just wat to recommend that when/if you ever are ready, see it.

Then there is the Ice Age sequel which is holding strong in the middle of the list, even gaining a spot. This is further proof of the strength of family films. The Wild excepted, of course.

Three films were forced of the list this week. The three are The Sentinel (11), The Wild (12), and The Benchwarmers (13).

As for my predictions, it was a mixed bag. I started off well, successfully pegging the top two, but then there is a drought until I get 7 and 8 right. Outside of thise four, I was pretty much a black hole of ineptitude.

This Week

Last Week My Guess Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N 1 Mission: Impossible III $47,743,273 $47,743,273 1
2 1 2 RV $11,004,706 $30,910,618 2
3 N 4 An American Haunting $5,783,508 $5,783,508 1
4 3 5 Stick It $5,479,658 $17,934,291 2
5 2


United 93 $5,347,860 $20,192,305 2
6 7 9 Ice Age: The Meltdown $4,161,724 $183,435,937 6
7 4 7 Silent Hill $4,013,871 $40,919,014 3
8 5 8 Scary Movie 4 $3,690,454 $83,644,761 4
9 8 Akeelah and the Bee $3,369,630 $10,632,413 2
10 N 6 Hoot $3,368,197 $3,368,197 1
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