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Box Office Update for 4/21-4/23: Silent Hill Creeps to the Top

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An R-rated film tops the charts again. Silent Hill went right to the top, despite not being screened for critics, or perhaps because of it. It is getting decidedly mixed reaction from viewers, and pretty much negative word from critics. I have to say that I liked it, it was not completely successful, but it tried to do something different. Christophe Gans has given an interesting piece of surrealistic survival horror.

Coming in right behind our horror movie leader is a horror movie spoof. Scary Movie 4 slipped nearly 60%, but still managed to come in second. So far it has brought in nearly $68 million, which should pretty much pave the way for a fifth movie in the series. Does anyone else recall when the first film claimed there wouldn’t be a sequel?

Coming in third is another new release this week, the poltical thriller The Sentinel. It was met with only so-so numbers. Of course, it is only a so-so movie. Kiefer Sutherland puts his Jack Bauer in a suit and goes toe-to-toe with his mentor, played by Michael Douglas. It was OK, but fell way short in the character development component. This could have used a little fleshing out.

The one other new release arrived DOA. That film is none other than the Hugh Grant/Dennis Quaid comedy, American Dreamz. This was universally panned by critics, and the few who saw it seemed to agree. I have seen nothing good on this one.

My predictions were OK this week, I went for 4 for 10. I did a little better down the middle, but towards the end there two films kind of surprised me. I hadn’t even figured on Take the Lead and Friends with Money came out of nowhere.

Four films dropped off the top ten this week: Thank You for Smoking (11), Lucky Number Slevin (12), Failure to Launch (13), and V for Vendetta (14).

This Week

Last Week My Guess Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N 1 Silent Hill $20,152,598 $20,152,598 1
2 1 4 Scary Movie 4 $16,814,942 $67,478,181 2
3 N 3 The Sentinel $14,367,854 $14,367,854 1
4 2 2 Ice Age: The Meltdown $13,284,408 $168,348,135 4
5 4


The Wild $8,332,068 $22,240,635 2
6 3 6 The Benchwarmers $7,256,143 $47,101,418 3
7 5 Take the Lead $4,176,517 $29,482,613 3
8 6 10 Inside Man $3,748,955 $81,313,510 5
9 N 7 American Dreamz $3,667,420 $3,667,420 1
10 15 Friends with Money $3,179,025 $4,960,765 3
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