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Box Office Update for 12/2-12/4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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Harry Potter held onto the top spot in the annual post-holiday slump. It managed to bring in nearly $20 million, despite losing over 60% of its audience from the previous week. It became the first film of the year to hold onto the top spot for three straight weeks, a streak that will surely come to an end when Chronicles of Narnia opens next week, then that will be taken down by the coming of Kong the week after that. In any case, the Potter franchise is alive and well. To date the latest entry is drawing near to $230 million, and I will predict a final domestic tally in the $270 million range.

Coming at what has been called the high end of low expectations is Aeon Flux. I have been a personal witness to this raging steaming pile, and implore anyone considering this as their sci-fi fix, reconsider. This is on par with a Sci-Fi Channel Original. The editing is bad, story is lame, acting is poor. There goes an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back.

Chicken Little is starting to slip a little. It has fallen to seventh place, slipping over 55% in its take. I think that everyone who has wanted to see this, has, and is ready to move on to other things. Moving in the opposite direction, at least in placement, is Just Friends. Surprisingly, it actually moved up a space, to 5th. I have seen it, and while I couldn’t really call it a “good” movie, it is definitely entertaining.

Continuing to do relatively well is Walk the Line. While it is not the best film of the year, it does have a couple of the best performances.

There is not much else to speak on this week. The coming weeks, however, will bring more Oscar hopefuls and it will be interesting to see how they perform and if they will be able to cling to their Oscar hopes.

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 1 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire $19,878,136 $229,266,716 3
2 N Aeon Flux $12,661,112 $12,661,112 1
3 2 Walk the Line $9,532,166 $68,298,646 3
4 3 Yours, Mine, and Ours $8,258,472 $34,423,307 2
5 6 Just Friends $5,601,132 $21,109,390 2
6 5 Rent $4,441,633 $23,743,498 2
7 4 Chicken Little $4,406,418 $124,118,837 5
8 7 Pride and Prejudice $4,390,178 $22,398,482 4
9 8 Derailed $2,300,550 $32,711,697 4
10 9 In the Mix $1,867,971 $8,625,445 2

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  • Have you seen the predictions that Kong will be the highest grossing movie of all-time, Chris? What’s your take on that?

    Walk the Line is exactly the kind of movie I’ll go see with my wife’s fam over the holidays, so I think it might do well if it sticks around another few weeks.

  • Haven’t seen that talk, I have read that it will have to crack the all time top ten to make money. Honestly, while I like to see movies get some big numbers at the box office, I think it is an awful way to compare films from varying years. There are too many factors to keep it from being equal. I mean, Titanic is the biggest box office hit of all time, and the only film to crack 1 billion worldwide, while if you adjust GWTW for inflation, it took in something like twice that domestically!

    Anyway, I am really lookiung forward to Kong, and I have complete faith in Jackson for pulling it off. I just wish I had been able to go to that premiere in NYC. I don’t think it will make it to the top all time, I am not sure what kind of legs, and repeat viewings it will have. I am sure it will dominate through the holidays.

    I kind of feel bad for Narnia, which looks impressive, but will only have 1 week to prove it bfore geting swallowed by the Kong sized media penetration that Kong is sure to have.

    Walk the Line is a very good movie, but it rests squarely on the shoulders of Phoenix and Witherspoon, without their Oscar Nom worthy performances this would not be nearly as good as it is. Kind of like how Ray was heavily lifted by Foxx’s performance, but then again, I think Ray is the better movie of the two.

  • Let’s not forget that Titanic was a crappy movie in many ways. Well, at least I thought so. But then again, I’ve likely seen the thing three or four times in bits and pieces, so there it is I suppose.

    Even with modern ticket sales, it’s always impressive when a movie cracks the Top 10 all-time. And I think if the film does nearly as well as is expected, Jackson will be cemented as one of the most remarkable filmmakers of our time. He is already, of course, but it will be interesting to see Big Budget non-LOTR Jackson at work.

  • True, but it was an amazing spectacle. I am trying to remember back to who I thought should have won, for some reason I am thinking LA Confidential. I think the tech aspect of Titanic, the effects, the sinking, the sheer scale, is what won me over. The acting is another story….. Although I do think that DiCaprio is a good actor whose career while always be overshadowed by his poor melodramatic performance here.

    Yeah, as much as I complain about money as a Top listing factor, it is always interesting to see another film reach those heights. I stand by the idea of using actual tickets sold as a better deciding factor.

    Jackson will always be remembered at this point, but mainly by genre geeks (myself included) and LOTR fans. The really telling of his true cinematic stature will be the non LOTR performance, and even a bit more, if he can do a big budget film that is not an epic. Kong is still more LOTR than, say, The Terminal (for example).

  • reggie

    King Kong Eric? *suppresses laughter*
    KING KONG?!?!
    *now laughs shamelessly*
    I mean Peter Jackson is probably capable, but KING KONG?!?

    *gasp* Titanic…crapy…in many ways?
    OMG Eric, but you’re the ONLY person i know who feels that way. I personally have NEVER had more respect for a movie like i do for Titanic.

    Sure Leonardo didn’t quite give an oscar worthy performance, Chris, but Winslet….WINSLET… *sheds tear*. God i love that woman!

    Imagine a king kong without Jackson….not so appealing now, is it? no
    Now imagine titanic without James Cameron (i think that’s his name). any difference? no.
    conclusion: people(me included) want more Jackson, don’t care what, just more. Who wouldn’t after LotR?