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Box Office Update: 9/9-11

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Big surprise this week with The Exorcism of Emily Rose taking in over $30 million. I couldn’t believe that number when I saw it. But I will also say that It will probably take a 50-60% drop off come next weekend because I don’t think word of mouth will be all that good. Now, before I type anything else, let me say that I thought it was a good movie. Better than I expected, but I was expecting to hate it. The marketing is awful, it doesn’t represent the film well at all.

Steve Carrell and crew are showing some good legs. The gross is dropping, but it is still ranking pretty high. I like to see that. Likewise, Wedding Crashers is still hanging onto the top ten, it’s been there for the past 2+ months, and in doing so became one of the few R rated comedies to cross the $200 million mark.

There are a couple other films I’m glad to see still doing well. They are Four Brothers and Red Eye. And we can’t forget about the delightful March of the Penguins.

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N The Exorcism of Emily Rose $30,054,300 $30,054,300 1
2 2 The 40 Year Old Virgin $7,717,530 $82,126,560 4
3 1 Transporter 2 $7,389,470 $30,321,471 2
4 3 The Constant Gardener $4,726,644 $19,017,317 2
5 4 Red Eye $4,470,741 $51,174,155 4
6 N The Man $4,065,014 $4,065,014 1
7 5 The Brothers Grimm $3,343,644 $33,295,113 3
8 7 Wedding Crashers $3,252,154 $200,021,913 9
9 6 Four Brothers $2,946,003 $68,271,343 5
10 8 March of the Penguins $2,639,936 $66,979,768 12

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