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Box Office Update: 9/30-10/2

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The movie I was most looking forward to seeing this weekend came in second with a little over $10 million. That film is Serenity, based on the short lived television show Firefly. I have to recommend this film to all of you. It may be a science fiction based film, but there is something for everyone, humor, action, drama, a touch of romance. Plus, you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy it. Let’s give this some legs.

The top spot was retained by Flightplan. The Jodie Foster thriller held on despite little competition. Corpse Bride dropped to third coming in just behind Serenity.

I think the best news of the week would have to be the showing of David Cronenberg’s History of Violence. It is a wonderful film featuring Viggo’s best work. Easily one of the best of the year.

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 1 Flightplan $14,805,739 $45,912,018 1
2 N Serenity $10,086,680 $10,086,680 2
3 2 Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride $10,033,257 $33,188,109 2
4 18 History of Violence $8,103,077 $8,871,781 1
5 N Into the Blue $7,057,854 $7,057,854 3
6 3 Just Like Heaven $6,128,180 $38,424,283 2
7 5 The Exorcism of Emily Rose $4,380,280 $68,502,023 6
8 4 Roll Bounce $4,029,257 $12,677,124 4
9 N The Greatest Game Ever Played $3,657,322 $3,657,322 4
10 7 The 40 Year Old Virgin $3,120,045 $101,405,778 2

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  • You’d have to that Serenity‘s $10 million rates a solid “not to bad,” eh? I think there’s a chance it will stay strong at the box office due to the nearly universal positive buzz / word-of-mouth.

  • Lost my bet — BUT for the number of theatres Serenity opened it, I read that it had great returns per theatre.