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Box Office Update: 9/16-18

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Reese Witherspoon comes out on top this week with her latest romantic comedy, Just Like Heaven. It opened to relatively good reviews, but it also did not have a heck of a lot of competition. It is followed by Exorcism of Emily Rose, which while taking a near 50% drop, hans on for second place.

Lord of War opened in third. I wish this movie well because it is actually quite good. I am not really a fan of Cage, but he does a fine job of creating this image of an arms dealer. Another new entry this week, Cry Wolf, was pretty much DOA.

There is a film I’m glad to see still doing well, March of the Penguins. It is clinging to that number 10 slot, and has been suffering very small losses in it’s weekly revenue. A documentary doing this well and taking in over $70 million is a wonderful thing to see. Does the rise of the documentary have anything to do with Michael Moore’s controversial successes?

How about some non-Top Ten notes? Corpse Bride opened on 5 screens and raked in over $385,000. That averages over $77,000 a screen! By comparison, Venom opened on 489 screens and barely averaged over $1,000 per. A Sound of Thunder is sinking like a stone, just like it deserves, it’s taken in under $2 million on a budget of $80 million.

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N Just Like Heaven $16,408,718 $16,408,718 1
2 1 The Exorcism of Emily Rose $14,851,719 $51,561,110 2
3 N Lord of War $9,390,144 $9,390,144 1
4 2 The 40 Year Old Virgin $5,967,005 $90,726,553 5
5 N Cry_Wolf $4,428,209 $4,428,209 1
6 3 Transporter 2 $4,012,866 $36,495,152 3
7 4 The Constant Gardener $3,618,254 $24,289,337 3
8 5 Red Eye $2,859,529 $55,185,874 5
9 8 Wedding Crashers $2,527,642 $203,620,728 10
10 10 March of the Penguins $2,518,327 $70,393,482 13

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  • I highly recommend Lord of War!

  • As long as it’s better than Sweet Home Alabama

  • Any movie named after a Cure song that features it so prominently in ads gets points with me since that’s my favorite Cure song, but the reviews indicate that it’s really pretty bad.

    That is all.

  • Pretty non-thrilling time to head down to the movies, no?