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Box Office Update: 8/5-7

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August is dragging on, kids are starting to dread the coming of school in less than a month, and there is less competition at the box office. The big budget blockbusters have proven to be mostly bust. Nothing, outside of Star Wars, has really torn up the box office this summer. There have been a few that made good money, and a few more which surprised with how much they did make. The money seems to be pretty evenly spread, with a few films showing some good legs.

This week the brothers Duke ruled the roost, taking in over $30 million. I have to be honest, that surprised me, I had pegged it at or around $20 million. I did contribute to thats gross, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, it was definitely dumb, but still a lot of fun. Following right behind it Wedding Crashers and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, both still pulling decent numbers in their 4th week of release.

On the other side, there are Stealth and The Island, both of which are sinking like stones. In the case of The Island it’s too bad, as it is a decent film, it is derivative, but it is a fun ride with some good performances. Then there is Stealth, it deserves what it gets, it is a very bad film.

The brightest spot would have to be March of the Penguins. The little documentary that could. After 2 weeks at the number 10 spot, it’s release has widened and it has climbed up to number 6. It is a wonderful little film that the entire family can go to and enjoy. Go, see it, love it.

Now for some non-Top Ten notes. Batman Begins held it’s ground at number 13, it has taken in just over $199 million, and should be crossing the $200 mark sometime this week, I am looking forward to congratulating it next week. This is the one film that I wished good box office for, looks like it is paying off, it is a great movie. The Devil’s Rejects slipped a couple more slots to 14, those who like the films gritty, this is for you, go see it. It deserves better than it is getting.

This Week Last Week Title Wknd Gross Overall Week in release
1 N The Dukes of Hazzard $30,675,314 $30,675,314 1
2 1 Wedding Crashers $16,035,177 $143,634,354 4
3 2 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $10,968,363 $169,426,750 4
4 3 Sky High $9,005,945 $32,009,202 2
5 5 Must Love Dogs $7,357,405 $26,220,397 2
6 10 March of the Penguins $7,117,206 $26,414,009 7
7 4 Stealth $5,923,794 $24,581,921 2
8 6 Fantastic Four $4,266,519 $143,990,723 5
9 9 War of the Worlds $3,548,295 $224,615,038 6
10 7 The Island $3,117,486 $30,944,371 3

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  • claire

    Glad to see charlie doing well!!!!

  • Me too, it’s a wonderful movie.